Wolverhampton. A UK City that doesn’t have the best reputations in the public eye. Always in statistics in the media for anything negative. But what the media will fail to point out that this city has seen some the greatest UK talent to ever impact the industry, from Goldie to Beverley Knight to Denise Lewis….

Enter the hottest music producer to come out of Wolverhampton. Mr Keyes has been producing hit records for talent across the country and across the atlantic and is ready to break out on his journey to become a super producer.

In his early years of growing up in the late 70s, 80s and early 90s, Keyes had always had a keen ear for good music. Then in ’93-’94, Keyes wanted in and gets hands-on the boards and create great music. This is where it all began for the Groove Resurrector. Musical talent runs through his family, he hooked up with his cousin who was a member of the group ‘4Sure’ and took his beat making abilities that he used to make on his Atari ST to the next level. In this golden era of hip hop, artists and groups always had one producer throughout their albums which made for consisting flows. Keyes was that producer for his group named the ‘Drunken Munx’, by their dark style and the name alone had that influence from the east coast that dominated the US hip hop scene at that time. The Drunken Munx got their big break when they were a supporting act for Luniz when they were on their UK tour in ’96.

The years that followed were a bit of a blur in his career, but in ’98 Keyes stayed in contact with some of his original Drunken Munx members, most notably Jo Shimo and they became Da Groove Resurrectors. It was at this time that the music was showing a decline in quality and become diluted, and fashion sense was beginning to change for the worse, hence why Shimo & Keyes chose the name. They wanted to bring that groove back.

Fast forward to 2012, Mr Keyes has become more diverse and broadened his production styles, ranging from Hip Hop, Electronica, Swing, and Soul, he now sports a more mellow vibe in his tracks as opposed to the darker sound he had in the 90s. He has a sound reminscent of A Tribe Called Quest and the late great J Dilla. He has worked with artists such as Duust, Sarah Winton and Precise Hero. As a result he has become one of the most sought after producers- at time of writing this, he is currently #4 in ReverbNation. Keyes has since released Keyes Beats Vol 1 and he is heavily featured on the Precise Hero full length album ‘Later Recollection‘ which is available now.

Keyes later plans to re-release his Keyes Beats Vol 1 to iTunes and Band Camp with exclusive extra tracks. Also in the pipeline are Keyes Beats Vol 2, and a Keyes/Duust NY to UK album coming soon.