RePPiN4U YoutubeThe RePPiN4U Administration, have come together to make RePPiN4U THE PLACE  to be for the freshest sounds, news across the board, events and gigs to look out for and exposing new artists that can take the art-form into the future. Together they share a common goal for one common cause: To wake up the ignorant and mentally dead. Down with the myth is ‘Hip Hop is Not On The Radio’, Down with the memes around social media saying ‘Hip Hop was better before’. We believe those people are trapped in a moment in time. We don’t promote negativity like other media outlets do, we focus on what deserves to be the forefront.



MZA: The Infamous..GRANT BODY-P!

The Founder & CEO of RePPiN4U, Grant began writing articles and creating blogs in his spare time on Hip Hop, wrestling and video games. He went on to achieve a Foundation Degree in Broadcast Journalism and he now studying on BA Hons level in the same field. He conducts interviews and writes for Unique Heat & Wargwarn UK, also likes to take photographs at events, create DVD presentations and is a radio presenter for BDSIR NETWORK & Wild1 Radio.












J-Law is the events promoter of the administration. She has a vast knowledge of the culture and has a keen eye for events around the UK that she feels heads should check for. No more complaining that there is nowhere to go in your part of town – J-Law got you covered.











Big Pun

Not to be confused with the late rapper, Big Pun is our social media promoter of the administration. Not only does he help spread the word about the RePPiN4U Radio Show but he’s also part of our cousin organisation ‘FATP’ (From Across The Pond), a radio show on Wild1 radio exclusively focussed on UK Hip Hop.











PC The Producer

The man call PC The Producer is Grant’s right hand man when it comes to live shows and the great mind of the administration. He has visonz that will rock the very foundation of RePPiN4U and is the founder of the Wu-nited Kingdom facebook group and the C.E.O. of FATP (From Across the Pond. You can find their past shows on Mixcloud elsewhere on this blog. He has sharp eyes and ears for local artists and helps encourage people to support homegrown talent.










DJ Miss C Brown

DJ Miss C Brown

Miss C Brown is the Midlands #1 Female Hip Hop DJ and has created mixtapes for RePPiN4U. You can find them on this site under ‘Mixtapes’. She was featured elsewhere on this site (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT) and has played at venues that feature performances from the likes of Slum Village and Inspectah Deck. Miss C Brown has a keen interest on the state of UK Hip Hop and has held successful events to help elevate the UK music industry.






James Henson

James Henson

His identity is shrouded in mystery, he is only known by the name James Henson. He is the news ninja of the administration. He seeks the latest news, interviews, and discoveries in the world of Hip Hop and has connections with artists. He is also a pro-wrestling enthusiast so check out his FB page – WrestleTown.










Introducing the Shadfather a.k.a. Freddy of Rap, this up and coming artist as been influenced by wrestling and horror films which explains his rhyming style. But he’s also a West coast enthusiast. He could go on Mastermind and win in his specialist subject – West coast music. For the latest goings on in Californ.I.A, Shadfather is your man.









Andy Nichols

Andy Nichols

Where RePPiN4U’s Ninja scopes out all the news from the better known artists, Andy Nichols discovers all the alternative rap and unsigned talent from his side of the pond. He also has his own wrestling promotions that he occasionally posts to the FB page so keep an eye out if you’re a hardcore pro-wrestling fan.








Lynne GeddesLynne Geddes is the newest member to join the RePPiN4U administration. Massive Wu-Tang fan, but she also has a good ear for up and coming UK talent. Lynne promotes the RePPiN4U Hip Hop show in various FB groups especially to those said artists who want a break into the industry and want to promote their music and helps get them featured on the show.






You can contact anyone of us by simply sending a message or hitting ‘Like’ on our FB page RePPiN4U: Hip Hop Radio Show & Blogsite


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