The RePPiN4U Administration and it’s affiliates have come together to make RePPiN4U Copy of Bottle Green Jeweler Store Advertisement Offe - Made with PosterMyWallTHE PLACE  to be for the freshest sounds, news across the board, events and gigs to look out for and exposing new artists that can take the art-form into the future. Together they share a common goal for one common cause: To wake up the ignorant and mentally dead. Down with the myth is ‘Hip Hop is Not On The Radio’, Down with the memes around social media saying ‘Hip Hop was better before’. We believe those people are trapped in a moment in time. We don’t promote negativity like other media outlets do, we focus on what deserves to be the forefront. We have since expanded into Reggae Dancehall and RnB featuring guest interviews. Our aim is to make our platform the ultimate centerpiece for good music, taking elements of Yo! MTV Raps, The Breakfast Club (DJ Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamagne Da God), and various pirate radio with a mainstream seasoning.




The Founder & CEO of RePPiN4U, Grant began writing articles and creating blogs in his spare time on Hip Hop, wrestling and video games. He went on to achieve a BA Hons. Degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Wolverhampton.  He conducts interviews and writes for Unique Heat, also likes to take photographs/video footage at events, create DVD presentations and is a radio presenter for BDSIR NETWORK , Wild1 Radio  and WeRocx R920.




Introducing the hottest co-host in the game not wearing your chain! Onni D is the key to ONNI D THINKERtaking The Best Damn Show In Wild1 Radio to a whole new level, but she is so much more. She is also a clothing model for Femme Luxe Finery and is responsible for bringing on some of the most controversial guests to the show. A word of warning to some of you…. in the words of Tony Montana… HEY! You stay away from her… you hear? SHE’S NOT FOR YOU!




Megaboss WIPThis multi-talented man is DJ, artist, radio presenter, artist manager and A&R for Fantomusic records headed by Haas G of  The uMCs. He can be found Every Wednesday on The Real Recognize Real Show on and also on Unity Radio1 throughout the week. You can book him for various parties and events. Head over to his Facebook page for more details. Megaboss and Grant are in talks of holding live events which will feature local, national and international artists on one card every other month, bringing Wolverhampton back on the map.


He is an undisputed legend within the Wolverhampton community..produced music for

spock legend aps


artists from unsigned to well established, and he is the engineer behind The Best Damn Show In Wild1 Radio. He goes by the name of Spock, others know him as Kae Dee, and girls scream like he’s Keith! Artists can book him for sessions at APS Studios at this website.





FATP FRIDAYFATP (From Across The Pond) UK HIP HOP SHOW is RePPiN4U’s cousins based in Leicester. Comprising of PC The Producer & Big Pun and endorsed by Indelible Conscious (who also support us) they showcase the best in homegrown Hip Hop talent and their desire is to spread their music to the world, attend festivals continuing to prove that the UK has a thriving Hip Hop scene and not just the ever-growing Grime scene. You can catch them every Friday on Wild1 Radio 10pm UK Time.


DJ Miss C Brown

DJ Miss C Brown

Miss C Brown is the Midlands #1 Female Hip Hop DJ/VJ and is occasionally a co-host on major RePPiN4U Radio Shows. You can find her early mixtapes which she has done for us on this site under ‘Mixtapes’. She was featured elsewhere on this site (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT) and has played at back 2 back A3C Atlanta shows and showcasing UK talent to the US of A. Miss C Brown has a keen interest on the state of UK Hip Hop and has held successful events to help elevate the UK music industry. To that end, she is the founder behind Tapes UK, a new way of connecting and networking with artists from around the world.


James Henson

James Henson

His identity is shrouded in mystery, he is only known by the name James Henson. He is the news ninja of the administration. He seeks the latest news, interviews, and discoveries in the world of Hip Hop and has connections with artists. He is also a pro-wrestling enthusiast so check out his FB page – WrestleTown.








Introducing the Shadfather a.k.a. Freddy of Rap, this up and coming artist as been influenced by wrestling and horror films which explains his rhyming style. But he’s also a West coast enthusiast. He could go on Mastermind and win in his specialist subject – West coast music. For the latest goings on in Californ.I.A, Shadfather is your man. He also like to get behind the ones and twos himself with his reggae dancehall mixes which feature once a month on RePPiN4U Hip Hop Show… you can catch them here on mixcloud.





Lynne Geddes is an admin of FB group and RePPiN4U affiliation ‘Strictly Rap & Hip Hop’. Boasting over 20,000 members, many of them undiscovered artists, Lynne promotes the RePPiN4U Hip Hop Show to artists who want a break into the industry and want to promote their music and helps get them featured on the show, however Lynne adheres to the same code – NO TRAP – NO MUMBLE RAP.





IsaFixThe International Underground Rap & Hip Hop Connexion are proud partners of RePPiN4U. They are responsible of bringing some of the hip hop legends to RePPiN4U, which further solidifies the show as ‘The Best Damn Show In Wild1 Radio’. These guys can give you maximum exposure with reasonable affordable rates. Additionally, they have designed some of RePPiN4U’s best flyers over the years.




Screenshot_20160709-140710We are pleased to announce that RePPiN4U’s founder GRANT BODY-P! is now a UK Ambassador for the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition, yet Grant doesn’t consider himself a DJ, but rather – a journalist. The Coalition is fronted by DJ JAY U ICE, and boasts some of the best DJs around the world such as Kane Cut, DJ Donor, Flipcyide, Kenni Starr, Iceman and others. These guys work closely with Wu-Affiliates and the movement (or Wu-vement) is endorsed by The RZA himself.



MJ Hip Hop Connex 2

Marissa MJ Savino

Marissa MJ Savino first approached Wild1 Radio to build a working relationship to get her clients to be featured across the #1 DJ Station. However RePPiN4U was the only one which stepped up to take on the guest interviews. Now MJ has become a fantastic RePPiN4U affiliation, who continues to bring great artists to the show. Artists can contact MJs Hip Hop Connex for prices on services and packages. The combined support of MJ, the Wu Coalition and The International Rap & Hip Hop Connexion has made RePPiN4U the most in-demand platform for artist interviews.



Wargwarn UK is RePPiN4U’s reggae dancehall element headed by NTG. He is a specialist Wargwarn UK 2020at photoshoots and filming dancehall events. You can check how he gets down right here, hit a like, subscribe on the official YouTube channel and keep ahead of the dancehall scene and how the Caribbean culture is adapted in the UK how goes out every week. This partnership is going to see more dancehall artists showcased on RePPiN4U and conversely, We will be featured on Wargwarn UK’s media. Consider this Distant Relatives… The Best Of Both Worlds.


Kip Townsend

Kip Townsend

Kip Townsend works closely with some of the legends in the game and occasionally joins Grant during live shows particularly in Leicester. Kip has a very underground orientated mind when it comes to Hip Hop and is an addict for Hip Hop gems. Kip assists Grant in conducting live face to face interviews with artists. He can be found on FullHundredRadio.




You can contact anyone of us by simply sending a message or hitting ‘Like’ on our FB page RePPiN4U: Hip Hop Radio Show & Affiliates

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