KUPID THE KING: Lost Boy LIVE @ The Robin 2, Wolverhampton Sep 15, 2018 (PREVIEW)

Preview Article by GRANT BODY-P! UK Ambassador of the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition

Hip Hop has just celebrated its 45th Anniversary. When DJ Kool Herc held that historic and iconic block party in The Bronx, 1520 Sedgwick Ave, did he ever think that he would start a culture that would become so global and dominant? To the point where poor Noel Gallagher of Oasis had a bit of a cry about Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury, the former President of The United States (Obama) using Hip Hop culture to express his thoughts in speeches, and now this…

Kupid Lost BoyThe Robin 2, situated in Bilston, Wolverhampton has been renowned for hosting tribute acts, showcasing 60’s rock n roll, jazz, and music of that nature. But The Robin cannot stop the juggernaut that is Hip Hop, as friend of RePPiN4U and Wolverhampton’s own Kupid The King and his soulful crew will be performing his debut album ‘Lost Boy’ with a full live band ‘Music Til Midnight’ before a capacity crowd, not to mention previous hits such as ‘The Fall’, ‘Sellotape Kisses’, ‘Mom’s Heart’ and ‘Letter To My Ex’, all of which have featured on RePPiN4U Hip Hop Show at some point.

Hosted by Cassandra Maria & Roberto Vegatelli, supporting Kupid on the night includes Rais at Night (fronted by Birmingham’s Tarju Le’Sano & Wolverhampton’s Ayy), conscious lyricist – Infamous Dimez, and powerful songstress Priscilla Cameron. DJ’s on the night are DJ Dan Smila & Selekta Hype.

The venue has been ranked 13th in the UK according to PRS For Music, but Kupid and his crew are out to get the venue in the top ten… and rightfully so. The CEO of PRS – Robert Ashcroft made the following statement: “It’s an enormous accomplishment to run a successful live music space and, in spite of economic challenges, the British music scene is still strong.” In my opinion, the British music scene is the strongest we have ever seen it, ask our partners FATP HIP HOP SHOW UK.

Be sure to tune in to RePPiN4U HIP HOP SHOW on B.D.S.I.R. NETWORK: The Best Damn Show In Wild1 Radio on September 11, 2018 where Grant Body-P! of the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition will be interviewing Kupid The King on the lead up to this mammoth event at the very place where the new album was produced – BeatsABar Music Project. Expect this show to be filmed for YouTube also.

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