“One Won’t Do, Two Is Not Enough For Me No…” (J Dilla, 2006)

That track still stands as one of my all time favourite tunes… and yes, I was that guy who had a habit of partying with so many women so that track embodied what I was about. But today I can apply this to the shows I go to. The first time I saw them, was in 2013 in London with Busta Rhymes. Absolutely amazing. The second time, was 2014 in Nottingham with M.O.P. The party was so ruff rugged and raw (pun intended) my illness took effect mid-way… you would think I would have learned my lesson…

“That’ll do but, I need another one
Yeah, and another one…” (J Dilla, 2006)

RED METHThat’s how I felt upon hearing the news of Method Man & Redman coming to Birmingham O2 Institute… this makes the third time I would see them. Great chess move by the promoters after the earache they received from disgruntled Hip Hop fans in the West Midlands over the past few years. Finally their prayers had been answered. On this night, Birmingham were ready to get high…the O2 Institute was filled to capacity in record time.

What better person to host the event than none other than the man call VJ EdoubleD! The Voice of Birmingham! Who else could bring such charisma to the stage and give that perfect party vibe! He announced that Meth & Red will be on at 9:00pm… just as he said that it hit me where I was, and remembering how shockingly early Talib Kweli & Joey Bad@$$ ended. As it hit the top of that hour I expected the pair not to show up on time, but I didn’t expect them to appear on stage at 9:07pm… then the fear began to creep in yet at the same time, excited to see them blaze the set as they always do.


Big shout out to the DJ for providing the crowd with those hip hop classic anthems to hype the crowd up, and in light of the recent passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, went into a short set of the late singer’s classics.


This time I took the unconventional way of not being at the front of the crowd, well it was not possible anyway due to capacity crowd. I’m not that guy to push my way in, asking for a beatdown in the process. It looks suspect if a man was to do such a thing particularly at a Method Man show… put it that way.

It’s also not wise to have your iPhone out in the first few minutes of Red & Meth appearing on stage… because as they start the show with ‘Err’Body Scream’, those bottles of water on stage are NOT for the guys to drink…

For the Birmingham crowd, they don’t know what is about to happen when the blunt brothers take them back to 1992 or 1994, but I do… but it doesn’t stop me and my people beside me jumping up frantically to ‘Time 4 Sum Aksion’ & ‘M.E.T.H.O.D. Man’…timeless classics. Redman’s running bounce during the hook of ‘City Lights’ is hysterical every single time.

Other highlights were the ‘unofficial DJ clash’ between Allah Mathematics and DJ Dice, who wasn’t at the last two Meth & Red shows I attended. The creator of the clan logo took it to another level by ‘throwing off his shoes’ during his scratching set! The Das EFX DJ responded by using his lips on the decks to showcase his talent!

Mosh Pit moments go to the traditional Ol’ Dirty Bastard tribute of Shimmy Shimmy Ya and it was great to hear Redman performing ‘Let’s Get Dirty’. Here’s hoping the groupies in the building were ‘disappointed’ because Christina Aguilera didn’t come out as a surprise…what happened to her anyway? Answers on a postcard please or tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

Other nice touches were Red & Meth stepping back for a bit and letting Street Life take the stage. If there is one thing these guys love to do, is push their proteges and their upcoming artists not only in their projects but on stage too, and great chess move by Meth by testing to see who the real heads were by performing ‘Straight Gutta’ from The Meth Lab album. Personally I was hoping for ‘The Purple Tape’ to be performed… but unless Streetlife & Redman knew Raekwon and Inspectah Deck’s verses respectively, I couldn’t be too mad. Even better, my fear of the show finishing early was happily taken away – finishing around 10:30pm was good enough for me.

The first time, you have the time of your life. You relive the greatness the second time. But by the third time, as much as you enjoyed the show, you do want to see something a bit different, yet I understand why Method Man & Redman stick to the tried and tested formula in their party. Two head scratching things about the night was Redman’s promotion of his CD which was exclusive and couldn’t be found anywhere else and he had them on sale for £20. I heard people screaming ‘Give it us for free’ and that’s a perfect example why we as a people do not support our artists properly. In Redman’s defence, maybe he didn’t know the power of the British pound, however saying that, even if he did successfully sell off the CDs, it was only a matter of time before someone uploads the whole CD to YouTube.

The other head scratching thing was Red & Meth asking the crowd for a How High 2… sorry guys, have to break it to you, but you asked me that the first two times I saw you going back to 2013. I fear that How High 2 the movie might end up like RZA’s ‘The Cure’ or Dr Dre’s ‘Detox’ or Ice Cube’s ‘Last Friday’…

Last thing worth mentioning was Method Man planting one on the lips of a lucky female of the night… I know who she is and she knows who she is… if I was her, I’d keep my identity secret, and ladies – do not bribe me with money or even your ‘womanly ways’ to get me to reveal the identity… I’m a changed man in a happy loving relationship! Rest assured Birmingham… if you missed the show for whatever reason, shame on you…but they will be back!

Red Meth cover O2

Just for the record… J Dilla’s ‘Won’t Do’ is still my joint – ain’t nothing changed!