RELEASED: April 19, 2019 – Review written by Michael Grant – C.E.O. of RePPiN4U and UK Ambassador for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition

“Someday there will be a time for us…”

You gotta love surprise gems. Four months into 2019, the world has been up in arms about Robert Kelly. Michael Jackson’s poor soul gets dragged into this, a landmark in Paris gets burned down with no casualties while lesser countries gets no news coverage, Hip Hop suffers a loss in Nipsey Hussle and suddenly half the world act like they knew who he was and Kodak Black decides to take controversy way too far. Mad Skillz and Uncle Murda have more than enough content to wrap up 2019 in just four months… Erick Sermon Verniameanwhile, The Green Eyed Bandit was quietly in the shadows unleashing his eighth studio album Vernia, the follow up to the slept-on ‘Erick Sermon’s Perception’ with the help of nearly 600 Kickstarter supporters, and dedicated to his grandmother no less. So with all these ‘distractions’ going on, Someday there will be a time for us… and by us, I mean REAL HIP HOP.

“…none of this skinny jeans tight shirt cute sh!t, this is that ski mask hoodie, timberland boot sh!t!” (Keith Murray, Culture, Erick Sermon’s Perception 2015)

Thirteen tracks of quality starting with the intro provided by RJ Payne. Now this is what history sounds like in the making. Payne’s vicious delivery warns us of the second coming of Def Squad… because we now know both Keith Murray & Redman are on the horizon with new projects.

That’s just enough to have Sermon Wake Up with No Fear which is such an epic way to start the album with signature Sermon production sounds which are instantly hypnotic. The results should be instant goosebumps..

“ODB wherever you at in the world homie come see me…E!”

Sermon keeps the funky sounds going with ‘Da Wave’. I don’t know how you see it, but this particular track is just begging for a remix with Redman and Method Man blessing the track. Maybe E thought Red & Meth were taking too long with ‘Blackout 3’ and took the beat for himself.


E looks for Styles P & AZ and discuss where did Da Game go… in this zoned out vibe, E hits back at the ignorant folk who called him washed up, Styles P chimes in describing the millennial rap generation as sounding the same. Then in ‘Go’, Kaelyn Kastle channels her inner Lauryn Hill for the hook while E speaks the truth… “…you still wanna blame it on the system/that’s played out now ain’t nobody listening/mad information all across the nation/all over the TV, all over the station/……………..coz Trump just a man, he’s human/he can’t stop nuttin that God is doing/y’all keep pursuing, and go be the spirit/tell a hater sit down, be humble word to Kendrick!”


Erick becomes mad soulful on ‘My Style’ with Raekwon & Noreaga, here he takes his own advice, sits down, humbles himself as he pays respect to his fellow featured MCs. Let us not forget he actually produced on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2. Then he turns his attention on the southern girls and appreciates the way they carry themselves along with Big K.R.I.T. He also explores the women who have to strip to feed the families and then face the harsh reality explaining later in life.

Ever wondered what would happen if Erick Sermon toppled the ‘evil Trump’ and took his rightful place in the White House? He names Hip Hop artists and assigns them to his cabinet, and you cannot argue with his choices either. What’s interesting here is he names Jay-Z as Secretary of State… not sure how Hov would take that whereas Dr.Dre would be vice president…

“…That Kill Zimmerman, and bring Trayvon back, this is that I wont accept less give me all of that respect sh!t…” (Keith Murray, Culture, Erick Sermon’s Perception, 2015)

E returns to his signature sounds and brings forth an unexpected sequel to his No Pressure classic – Stay Real… and this time Nature & Keith Murray join him. Murray claims America likes a good come back story… lets hope this is the case for Def Squad…


At this point it seemed as though E travelled to LA to finish up the rest of his album according to the album sequencing. He meets up with Xzibit and David Banner for ‘Zion’. We also see a surprise element appearance in Shaquille O Neal, who most of us thought hung up his mic since the days of ‘What’s Up Doc’ and ‘No Hook’…

Considering this album is dedicated to his grandmother, this ‘May Sound Crazy’, but this might be too explicit for Vernia’s ears… it flows well with the album but I’m not sure Battlecat, Too Short & Devin The Dude got the memo, and then E decides, if I slide this tune here maybe Grandma won’t notice… if this album was not titled Vernia, this would not sound out of place.

‘300 E’ starts off with a dreamy orgasmic backdrop, and then morphs into a cruisin’ anthem. You can imagine the visuals already. Driving in the Mercedes, with that Hollyoaks chick who has the same name seducing you as you drive… (oh that’s just me? Oh okay then!)

Finally the album’s close has Apathy on the production boards… and it’s arguably the best ode to Grandma since DMX & Faith Evans. It could well be inspired by that classic. Here Erick Sermon reveals that it’s because of Vernia how he and Parrish Smith came together. Not sure about how Apathy abruptly ends the track but I’d rather it fade out or let the beat just ride out.

“This ain’t that pretty boy Floyd this be the ruggedness, this be the real deal, that there be some other sh!t, but this ain’t that, because that can’t f**k with this…” (Keith Murray, Culture, Erick Sermon’s Perception, 2015)

At this point I could point the finger to Redman, ask him what is taking so long with Muddy Waters Too, and ask why he wasn’t on this project when E does it just three years after his last album, however this is a well received blessing. This could well be the blueprint of what Muddy Waters Too will be whenever that drops, and for that, Erick Sermon gets maximum praise.  Thankfully heads have woken up to the media distractions that are happening as of late. The question remains – are there enough sufficient funds left in the kickstarter to produce visuals to some of these great tracks?

Erick Sermon



RELEASED: February 7, 2019, Review written by Michael Grant, C.E.O. of RePPiN4U and UK Ambassador for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition

“Babylon is the most famous city from ancient Mesopotamia whose ruins lie in modern-day Iraq 59 miles (94 kilometres) southwest of Baghdad. The name is thought to derive from bav-il or bav-ilim which, in the Akkadian language of the time, meant ‘Gate of God’ or `Gate of the Gods’ and `Babylon’ coming from Greek”.

WelcomeToBabylon-Front-Final“The term is a reference to the fact that in the Torah (AKA the Old Testament) the Babylonian Empire forcibly relocated the Jews from the Land of Israel to the city of Babylon, where they were forced to stay for around 50 years. This situation is seen as analogous to the forced deportation of Africans to the Americas by Europeans”.

Now you see the similarities and the breakdown of the term that Leicester City MC, and friend of the program Loaneski has taken on for his latest EP. Five tracks spanning subjects of Self Confidence, Capitalism, Democracy, God and Education, all of which allude to both terms of the word. All inspired by some of his favourite anime films, they maybe come across as mere cartoons by the ignorant eye, but contain so much knowledge behind the entertainment.

The EP kicks off with Air Force 1s…at a glance, one would think that Loaneski is glorifying the sneakers he wears on his feet, but rather, tackles the doubts of making it big caused by voices in his head, (indirect wrestling reference as he reveals he’s a bit of a WWE fan in this track.) Those thoughts flow nicely into the ‘Thoughts of Many’, provided by haunting production by Radiohead Beats which will make your mind zone out more and more after repeated listens.

“In the Book of Genesis, chapter 11, Babylon is featured in the story of The Tower of Babel and the Hebrews claimed the city was named for the confusion which ensued after God caused the people to begin speaking in different languages so they would not be able to complete their great tower to the heavens…”

The behind the scenes story with this track which Loaneski explained to us on our show is a fascinating one. Imagine that the title track wasn’t meant to sound like what you hear now in terms of production. It is loosely reminiscent of Big Punisher’s The Dream Shatterer, in which the album version is actually an ‘experimental remix’ which Pun had subconsciously envisioned. Loaneski does the same here, with a biblical cinematic epic backdrop from producer Jedi and could well be his finest moment to date. Most of us claim the 90s as the greatest era, and social media technology was not even prominent and so dominant, now we act like the world has ended if the ‘gram or the book of faces goes down for a few hours.

‘Dear Lord’ is Loaneski’s letter to who he calls ‘BIG MAN’, with another set of handwriting provided by the EP’s only feature – Jay P. The pair cleverly make this a universal anthem for all religions (and maybe even atheists) to connect and relate. Finally the Dialect Architect speaks on the misled education system and how they want to teach ethnic minorities one way of thinking.

At this point, the Lone Wolf sees himself as his own competition and strives to become better and it really shows in this project, and you owe it to yourself to indulge in some great sounds… you can catch the full interview in the video above where Loaneski breaks down the entire EP and a whole lot more.




I have been a Flipmode Squad fan since Busta Rhymes founded it in 1996. I loved the animated characters, the distinct rhyming styles, the crazy beats to make head nod til you break your neck, and of course… the funniest skits since De La Soul – (You Want A Box skit is synonymous with Flipmode and has gone down in history as arguably the funniest skit in hip hop history.)

Fast forward to September of 2018, the 20th Anniversary of the Flipmode Squad album, RePPiN4U had the honor & privilege of having the Lyrical Lieutenant himself – Rampage on the show, and he gave us one of the most memorable interviews in the show’s history, especially dropping the bombshell exclusive to the show that the Squad have come together to record a new album…

…a month or so later… this happened…

…so in the few months of the Flipmode re-emerging from the shadows, Brixton’s World Famous Chip Shop took advantage of a situation, and announced earlier this year the Rah digga Chip shop 2first female and only female of the Flipmode Squad would be performing there… as a Flipmode fan I was mind blown.


This is the part where I have to give props to Uniqme, Elizmi Haze, Verity Crane & her sister Deb, Kemetstry, Shakezpeare, Starrlight, the International Underground Hip Hop & Rap Connexxion and the Chip Shop staff and management, had it not be for that initial meeting back then, whether I would have been apart of this show would have been under question. Put it like this: I know numerous artists who I am a fan of who have performed at The Jazz Cafe, but I have never been there.


Life is good when you can chill in a ‘Chip Shop’, vibe out to some great Hip Hop Music, classics and gems provided by DJ Shorty and tuck in to some good sweet potato chips and some Korean Chilli Chicken Wings which I was recommended and I recommend to you if you were to ever visit there (which should be on your bucket list if you are a true hip hop head). I nearly turned it down in favor for some chilli prawns (I am a fiend for prawns).

Massive props go out to the opening act – Jaz Kahina… I hope she doesn’t get offended when I say this but she reminded me of one of those characters in Kidult/AdultHood…but in a good way though! Very attractive girl, who would be quick to throw fists should you get on her bad side, based on how she presented herself.

Jaz Kahina chip shop

Jaz Kahina: Photo courtesy of Chip Shop Instagram @chipshop_bxtn

Once she shook off the initial nervousness, the East Londoner was wildin’ out on that microphone, performing her hits from her School Run EP  including Dope MC and  Round Ere, her highlight was a track entitled ‘Quitter’ where she pokes fun at herself for bailing out of everything she tries…excluding Hip Hop which was a beautiful thing… her delivery was reminiscent of classic 1999 Slim Shady. Another highlight was ‘Fatal Attraction’… in which she told the crowd that they need to log in to their YouTube account to view the content because it may be of an adult nature… been as she is attractive as stated earlier, she was quick to point out that she meant VIOLENT nature and not sexual to which she was received with a chorus of playful boos…

Props to the man call Curoc for keeping the crowd hype with the big tune and busting a few 16s of his own before the Harriet Thugman herself graced the stage. Big ups to the ladies in attendance who made sure they didn’t let the thirsty guys overpower the capacity crowd…

The first thing she put out there – was that she may need a chair to stand on and perform… the Chip Shop failed to fulfill Rah’s needs but the show went on and blasted off with a clever version of her verse of Cha Cha Cha over Jay-Z’s Public Service Announcement instrumental. She keeps the crowd rocking over some classic Dirty Harriet classics, but when she performed ‘Break Fool’ the crowd went OFF calling for a Pull up but the DJ looked clueless as to what a Pull Up was… very disappointing. ‘Curtains’ was another surprise highlight, as halfway through that track the DJ made up for his ‘particular lack of skills’ and switched the beat into a Pusha T instrumental which got a great ovation from the crowd since Daytona was considered on e of the best albums of 2018.


Moving on, Rah goes in to her later tracks which she believed the Brixton Crowd would not be familiar with… how wrong was she! Performing tunes like ‘Classic’, ‘Who Gonna Check Me Boo’ and ‘I Ain’t Never Lied’…the crowd was with her all the way, especially as she performed ‘Angela Davis’, which had capacity crowd with their fists in the air on some ‘Fight The Power’ vibe. This is an aspect of what I love when attending a gig, I am always interested to see if the people have kept up with the later tracks instead of being trapped in the 90s.

I felt kinda bad for the Female Flipmodian though when she mentioned her podcast with Lord Jamar… it sounded as if not more than five people (including myself) knew of that… either heads are sleeping or they have a lot of respect for Eminem because we all know how Lord Jamar feels about white people and Hip Hop… Rah digga teases Flipmode reunion

She moved on swiftly to some more classic hits including the collab with Talib Kweli (Down For The Count) and Black Rob’s WHOA! Remix in which the capacity crowd forgot they had phones in their hands because they were so caught up in the vibe.

It was an hour set from the one who writes her own rhymes… and after she paid homage to all the female MCs who have gone before, adding that nice touch of the Sean Price interview he had on Vlad where he speaks on female rappers but only had ratings for Digga which had the crowd chanting ‘SEAN PPPPPP!!!’ and announcing to the crowd that a new Flipmode Album is on the way which was met with a response of roars of anticipation, she closed it out with the epic Touch It Remix…in true Flipmode fashion, Digga Digga had capacity crowd getting low and turning it up into a mosh pit. The Chip Shop venue was not built for that! That was a SHUTDOWN! Busta Rhymes must feel proud of his Flipmode sister!


This was my fourth appearance in the Chip Shop, and although none of the aforementioned were in attendance the first time I was there, this was my most enjoyable experience. A place where a who’s who of artists and legends have graced their stage, the management may seriously need to consider expanding, especially when I caught a comment from the Chip Shop on Rah Digga’s instagram, tagging Busta Rhymes and asking him when the Dungeon Dragon would grace the establishment with his animated presence… going by my past experience… there will definitely be no Chip Shop left if that man appeared let me tell you.

The capacity crowd (especially the guys) let Rah Digga know they loved her in more ways than one and she was only happy to bring the love back… but when I got to meet her… she told me she loved her time here in the UK and then told me something so promising and exciting…let’s just say…UK – STAY TUNED! FLIPMODE IZ DA SQUAD!!!




FINALLY, THE GRANT, HAS COME BACK…. to talking sh!t about pro wrestling and your favourite wrestlers!

I took a short hiatus when I took up a Christmas job, but Christmas is over, and so is that job. I am GRANT BODY-P! Music Journalist, a proud UK Ambassador for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition and a proud wrestling fan who doesn’t take wrestling seriously, and neither should you! That job was beneath me! It was like being Prince of Zamunda, then traveling to Queens to flip burgers, the difference was, there was no hottie there to make my queen!


I have been asked by request to write my thoughts on the ting call Wrestle Kingdom.. this is that sh!t that jumps off every January in Japan, and has gained more popularity among wrestling fans, particularly those dissatisfied with the World Wrestling Federation and how they treat their stars.

Consider this ‘losing my NJPW Virginity…’ Outside of AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakumura which I watched a few years ago, I’m not that dude to sit down and watch this pro wrestling extravaganza.

This is the ‘grown man’s big BIG WrestleMania’… Let’s get into it!


DISCLAIMER: My thoughts are based on the highlights from the official NJPW YouTube channel. Forgive me in advance as I am a busy muthaf***a…

I see Hiroshi Tanahashi has a IWGP briefcase with a cheque inside… aiiight cool!

Look pon Kenny Omega! Looking like a Tekken Character and sh!t! I’m very surprised he’s not in the game as a secret character (I wonder if Harada is reading this!)

I remember now… Omega has a move called the V-Trigger… flying knee to Tanahashi’s chin bone – BLAOW!!!

Damn homie – how many knees is Tanahashi gonna take? Finish him off already Omega! Use the sword you brought to the ring do something!

BUMBACLAAAAT! Omega hit the Super Tiger Suplex off the top! Tanahashi dead now! COVER HIM! GET THE POINTS!

The Elite are at ringside – they don’t need to teef! Omega got this surely!


WTF WAS THAT? I told Omega to finish him – but what does he do – he dily daly and then Tanahashi hits the counter technique! If Omega doesn’t win now – it’s his own fault – I don’t see Omega f**k!n about on Street Fighter V!

See now I’ll never know who won that sh1t – the highlights cut to Jericho with his Liontamer/Walls of Jericho to the man call Naito…

Is Jericho telling the ref ‘ASK HIM!’ in Japanese?

Considering Naito was in that move for ages – it’s either the adrenaline or he has a body like a shield of steel – and comes back with a tornado DDT!

Naito tried to finish Jericho – but Jericho got him again with the Walls of Jericho! I think he’s too close to the ropes though…

Aaaah sheeeeet – Jericho clocked his ring awareness and drags Naito to the middle of the ring!

Now I understand – NJPW won’t let me know who won the matches – I have to watch in full to find out…

Right guys help me out here – the dude with the short hair just hit the TOMBSTONE!! TOMBSTONE!! to the dude in the white wrestling tights! You know I will back any wrestler who uses the Tombstone, the Chokeslam, or any strong style maneuver! What is his name??? The dude with the short blonde hair?? Answers on a postcard please – tweet me – @MZATheInfamous!


His opponent, as I understand by my sources, goes by the name of Jay White. Backing Okada all day long!

This wrestling sh!t has made me hungry, let me grab a pot noodle y’all!

I’m seeing a maaaad sequence of counter techniques here!!! Come on Okada… GET HIM!

Nothing against you Jay White – but Okada used the TOMBSTONE! You have to understand – as Undertaker goes into the darkness forever… I will need a new hero to back!

Next match – Timesplitter Vs Bone Soldier – I don’t know who is who so you will have to help me out here!

These guys got counters for days as well! Hold up – The dude in white threw the dude in black’s legs into the referee as if it was set up for a hurricanrana and then proceeded to kick him in his head! How about that for creativity! I have lived on this earth for nearly 39 years – I have NEVER seen that before! Not even Eddie Guerrero or Kofi Kingston would have thought of that sh!t!

That move was maaaaad! That was like a tombstone flipped up into a GTS!

Oh dear! Why did the woman dressed like Jade from Mortal Kombat attack that Juice Robinson? Did he do an Eric Benet?  GRANT WWDJC2

HOLD ON – THAT’S Cody Rhodes wife isn’t it???? GOD DAYUUUUUUM! Ok Juice – what did you DOOOOOOOO??? Did you feel on her booty? Did she catch you jerking off at her bikini photos?


I don’t even know what the rarse is going on in this next match – suplexes off the top, one big dude in a sweater acting like the big he-man, a referee begging one competitor to take the kendo stick… it looks like a clusterf**k at a glance but obviously you guys know better than me.

Now I’ve really lost track of what is going on! We got er…. bear with me here… (you can tell NJPW is not my strong suit!) Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado Vs Sho Yoh Vs Bushi & Shingo Takagi…I believe it is for the IWGP Tag Team Championships… er yeah anyway…

I have it on good authority that this match right here was crazy – referring to Will Ospreay Vs Kota Ibushi…

BUMBACLAAAT! If Ospreay’s Roundhouse kick clocked Ibushi he would be in a box by now! HOLY SMOKES!

This is fast and furious in the ready money round! Shout out to Roy Walker… for no reason!

As my moms would say – TWO BAD BULL MEET UP!!!! 

As Ibushi drop kicked Ospreay out of the ring did he look up and wave to his moms just then??!!!!

HOLY F**K did you see that? Ibushi went for the reverse Moonsault of the top – and Ospreay side-stepped and kicked him in his face! CALL THE AMBULANCE!!!

..and then Ospreay is like – let me show you how to do it – bounces off the ropes, a handstand, and a flip out of the ring catching Ibushi!

Somebody give that muthaf***a the belt from now!

OH MY DAYS – WHO IS THAT?!!!! She’s like wearing a catwoman like – carnival outfit!! Suddenly I’m not interested in whatever this next match is!

I will say this – New Japan will NEVER be in Saudi Arabia!! I’m seeing women wearing thongs and everything out here!


Haha she nearly dropped in her heels too! Actually she reminds me of somebody I know quite well…

grant zahra wynta

Aaah the good ol days of being a ‘pimp’…I was the baddest muthaf***a in the Purple Suit!

All I know is it looked like teams of three ready to cause a ruckus, and one dude who cannot throw an American Football into the audience properly…



Gauntlet to be No. 1 Contender for NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Championship: 

Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb and David Finlay def. Hangman Page, Yujiro Takahashi and Marty Scurll 

Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb and David Finlay def. Hirooki Goto, Beretta and Chuckie T.

Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr. def. Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb and David Finlay

Togi Makabe, Toru Yano and Ryusuke Taguchi def. Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Will Ospreay def. Kota Ibushi—NEVER Openweight Championship 

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Bushi and Shingo Takagi) def. Suzuki-gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado) and Roppongi 3K (Sho and Yoh)—IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Zack Sabre Jr. def. Tomohiro Ishii—British Heavyweight Championship 

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Sanada and Evil) def. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) and The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)

Juice Robinson def. Cody Rhodes—IWGP United States Championship 

Taiji Ishimori def. Kushida—IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship 

Jay White def. Kazuchika Okada 

Tetsuya Naito def. Chris Jericho—IWGP Intercontinental Championship 

Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Kenny Omega—IWGP Heavyweight Championship 


The word on near every wrestling fans lips – is this AEW thing poppin off, and where Kenny Omega is gonna go from here… is he headed to WWE? is he headed to AEW? Will he stay put? I’d rather be that dude to be left in suspense to be honest… but if you want my honest opinion? I think he will go the AEW route. If he goes to WWE I will be shocked as a muthaf***a…I love the fact that he’s keeping fans guessing without effort… the other dude is Chris Jericho… that dude can end up anywhere at any given time. He keeps you guessing and I love and respect that dude for that. The first chance WWE gets, they will HOF his @$$. Cody Rhodes – he gonna grow to be his own promoter. Cody has realised long time that the world is bigger than the World Wrestling Federation Championship. From what I saw of the highlights… Will Ospreay Vs Kota Ibushi SMASHED IT… some of those moves – good lord – it would be instant hospital or worse if those moves are done incorrectly… now I know why muthaf***az get mad at things like Nia Jax tumping Becky down by accident or Brie Bella kicking down Liv Morgan or Ryback botching like a muthaf***a…

Can I see myself watching NJPW more on a regular? Even I cannot answer that… I barely have enough time for WWE as it is these days. I haven’t watched properly since the Survivor Series… just know this – The Infamous Informer is BACK… but for how long? It’s up to fate.











Reaction blog written by Michael Grant, C.E.O. of RePPiN4U and UK Ambassador for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition, OCTOBER 16, 2018!

For those who don’t know, The Infamous Informer is the wrestling fan alter ego of Grant Body-P! He loves his WWE but with a striking difference: Unlike most wrestling fans in the internet, he DOES NOT take WWE seriously, he takes everything make joke,  and he gets under fans skin a little bit because he hits back at them for stupidity! Oh one other thing – he declares WWE Superstar Naomi as his ‘Wife who got away’, a.k.a. his Mint Aero, a.k.a. his Nubian Queen! and if you look at the pic below, well they make a lovely couple… too bad Jimmy Uso saw her first!


If you want to become an intelligent wrestling fan, hit us up on the links below…

REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO – Don’t be a tragedy like…Nikki Bella. Even Brie takes back the ‘cyber bullying’ statement she made after she saw her sister get ‘Kratos’ like that by Ronda Rousey!

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GRANT & NAOMI Perfect match


Has John Cena done something even The Rock ‘seemingly didn’t have time to do’? Send a message via satellite? Aaaah Rock!!! Tell me it’s not so! Did you at least send a tweet? Let me check…

Screenshot_2018-10-17 Dwayne Johnson ( TheRock) Twitter

Now if I was a regular hardcore wrestling fan, I would be cussing The Rock at this point for not turning up…but come next year I would still roll into the cinema with my brothers, pay my money to watch ‘Hobbs & Shaw’. So NO, I’m not cussing the man! Sorry to disappoint you!

(There’s still the Smackdown 20th Anniversary next year!!!)

Oh DAYUUUUUUUUUUM!!! CARMELLA!!! Sometimes, your Beckys, your Charlottes, your Mandy Roses of the World Wrestling Federation often overshadow Carmella for sexiness but OWWWWWWWWW! Look what Carmella have on! Like – GUUUUURRRLLL!!! Yo R-Truth talk to me – you speak the truth -you’re tappin that @$$ aren’t you!


Stephanie on TRUTH TV????!!! I would have thought she would have chosen Miz TV! I see wrestling fans complaining about Stephanie on Smackdown… yeah the same muthaf***az jerking off when they saw this scene back in the day…


Why are you booing this woman? Last time I check, she was a GOOD general manager! So good Vincent Kennedy forced her to quit literally in a match, see this is why I cannot connect with a lot of so-called fans! You don’t know your history!

YES SHANE-O! Both McMahons on Truth TV! I bet the Miz is not happy about this!

NO SHANE-O! Those pink Nike Sneakers??? JUST NO! Don’t use Susan G Komen as an excuse either! I could donate to that – and I don’t have to wear those hellish things on my feet!

I did like when Shane told Stephanie -‘Welcome To the A-Show!’ lets be real – Smackdown was the A-show from say hmmm…Stephanie was the GM of Smackdown?!!! YOU THINK ABOUT IT! When Steph was running the dance – Eric Bischoff was on RAW and that dastardly Triple TEEF was your champion!

OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!! VINCENT KENNEDY!!!!! And the crowd are loving this! I’m loving this! Please – do the walk!!!!

“You see the E in WWE stands for Entertainment!” Straight away I can hear the internet crying out ‘The Second W in WWE stands for Wrestling’! Oh f**k off will you – this is not for you! Bound For Glory is THAT WAY!

DANCE BREAK??!!! Look at Vincent Kennedy! Look at him go!!!! STAND BACK!!!!

And JUST LIKE THAT – This is better than RAW 25 back in January!!!

Ok let’s get into some WRASSLIN’! The Uso Brudda vs AJ Styles & Danny Bryan! Hey what a powerful tag team!

SHEEEEEEEEET AJ Styles got the Calf Crusher on one and Danny got the YES Lock on the other! This is baaaaad! Good thing it’s not for the tag team titles!

See Brie? THAT’S THE WAY TO DO IT! Use the YES Kick and connect on the chest like your husband is demonstrating right now! How you manage to hit Liv Morgan’s headtop?!!!!

WHOA! Mis communication by Styles & Bryan enabled The Usos to send them to the USO penitentiary and lock that sh!t down!

Rusev Vs The Miz – Crown Jewel World Cup qualifying match! Still not cancelled then? Sorry wrestling fans! Offer Vincent Kennedy 20 BILLION and he MIGHT consider it…

Another American heads to Crown Jewel World Cup in THE MIZ! Er… is it too late to change the name to King of the Ring???

Aiden English baited it up, he sees Lana, his d!ck gets hard, then Lana kicks him there HARD! That is PAIN right there! Never mind the beat down Rusev was giving him!

Look at Jerry Lawler & Booker-T at commentary eating pancakes! Er wrong segment guys! I understand it’s New Day Vs The Bar for the tag team championships but I would be eating that while Eve Torres and Layla be in the ring… oh crap it’s not 2009 anymore….. awww shucks…

This makes no sense! Why would The Big Show interfere? To quote Gorilla Monsoon ‘What business does he have down there?’

Maybe he’s bex that The Bar threw all the pancakes one side and all over the floor!

A WHA DE? CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! The Big Show! Chokeslammed Kofi Kingston through the table!

Yes boy s and girls that was the 1,325th heel turn from Big Show! YOU LIKE HEEL TURNS DON’T YOU?

EDGE is growing his hair back! You know what that means – RETURN CONFIRMED! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Actually I shouldn’t laugh…given Danny Bryan & Shawn Michaels recently…)

Now – as you look at Becky Lynch close up – you can see that is a pretty girl, a sexy girl, the type of girl, you wanna bring home… and play this as you get busy!

Unlike Alexa Bliss – who is PLASTERED with make up and foundation – sorry guys – she just ain’t pretty!

I don’t know if Edge is giving Becky words of wisdom or he’s actually thinking ‘damn if I held out I wouldn’t have settled for Beth Phoenix’!


“You’re right… I don’t like myself… I LOVE MYSELF!”

YES BECKY! I love you too! She has the right attitude! You see if you LOVE YOURSELF, others will love you! It’s the truth!

“You love what you’ve become? Then you gonna luuuurve what I do to you!” I knew it! Even Charlotte wants to get in Becky’s pum-pum! I’m telling you – Becky just oozes sex appeal right now!

Look at Finlay and Jamie Noble trying to split them up – more like getting a sneaky feel of those breasts! I don’t trust either of them! Jamie Noble used to f**k his sister ‘Nadia’ and Finlay looks like a dirty old man! He wants to use his… shillelagh!!!!!


Rey Mysterio Vs Shinsuke Nakumura – winner goes to Crown Jewel! This is a heartbreak either way!

Hold on a second – Rey advances! The question remains – does that technically make Rey a #1 contender for the U.S. championship????

Ok – TIME TO FIND OUT…WHO I AM!!!!! Will these guys make a cameo appearance at the all women’s PPV?

YEAH YEAH WE KNOW – Evolution was a RAW STABLE – WE KNOW! Just be f**k!n happy we are seeing Batista & Ric Flair! Triple had his Smackdown moments, Batista & Randall had crazy Smackdown success.. so to that I say this –


Look at Triple Teef while Batista is bigging Randy Orton up! That dude makes me laugh so much! Sometimes I forget why I hated him back in the day!

Ric Flair is IMPOSSIBLE to hate! Even after his alleged racist remarks at certain points in his life! Hip Hop clearly doesn’t care about that so why should I?

Wait a minute I know WWE edited this for YouTube but I heard when Batista said to Ric ‘ keep it in your pants’! and was swinging the mic around making reference to Ric’s…er… moving on!!!



Batista just went Kenshiro Hokuto Shin Ken on Triple! I hit a secret power point!!!!

I was hoping for Rock Vs Triple H at WrestleMania 35 but hey, I don’t complain on the internet!

FINALLY! the DON OF DONS! the conscience of Smackdown! The man who was there before AJ Styles built that house! The man who was there before the Doctor of thuganomics was all about that Ruthless Aggression, the man who was there before the next big thing, the man who was there from Smackdown Episode 1!

Simply put – DX – You’re going in that box Undertaker made for you both 20 years ago! And take your hammer with you!

In retrospect, maybe they didn’t need to go 3 hours… it would have been nice though… The Rock’s absence might be unforgivable to some wrestling fans though! Nah Rock you gotta free up some of your schedule homie! But saying that – when you do appear at a random RAW or a Wrestlemania with that flame thrower you had, they complained on the internet so F**K EM!



STC 2018 logo3







GZA Live @2Funky Music Cafe, Leicester, August 31, 2018!


February 2012: I had seen a number of Wu members live in a solo set. (I’m unsure whether to include Method Man in that list… every time I saw him he was with Redman) but GZA was the most surprising… this is a man who has been known to be more ‘laid GZA Instagramback’ in the crew… what he did blew me away. If you want to know what that was… you might wanna click here…

So upon hearing the news that he was returning to the UK, most notably the 2Funky Music Cafe, a place where I have become very familiar with over recent years, I knew history was going to be made. AGAIN.

In past reviews, I made the statement that too many opening acts may be a bit tiresome… I still stand by that. 2 opening acts should be the maximum for any gig, and yes it may be tiresome for those who are unfamiliar, but on this night, 2Funky have stuck to their formula, tweaked it, and the result is a stacked line up, the best I have ever seen. Each artist knew who they were opening for, and went all out on stage.

Strizzy Strauss opened up the night, featuring a new track and always dropping the Leicester Champions anthem as they did last time around. I was so glad to see Big Beasy out there to perform for the first time, especially after he came through in the 11th hour of the special RePPiN4U Show back in June. The only drawback there was he only performed one track in ‘Unstoppable’…but considering it was a Wu-Tang show, Beasy should have hit the crowd with ‘On My One’… the crowd would have went CRAZY with him flowing over the Wu Gambinos beat…

It could be time constraints or him being a late addition to the line up… but I believe Beasy dropped the ball there.

I want to take this time to apologise to Asterix and Dark A Brown as I missed most of their sets, but I also want to commend Leicester for their honesty and integrity… I actually lost my phone during that time before I realised… turns out – somebody handed it in. For that I cannot thank Leicester enough…

Loaneski turned it up a notch or two on his set, he clearly had more time this time around which gave him the opportunity to unleash – Welcome to Babylon… a scathing track which saw Loaneski as the relentless, cocky but respectful MC his fans know and love.

I may have lost count of how many times I have seen Shakezpeare perform. This time he put on an incredible homage to the Wu-Tang Clan in his own way – he had all his people up on stage just like the Clan would, all of them who he grew up with from childhood. Not only that – the lighting visuals were next level – the green lighting set off the atmosphere giving Shakezpeare and his crew that element of mystique, and each MC took the mic and rocked it like ‘Triumph’ was the instrumental track. Once again big ups to G’Mas catering for helping make 2Funky so homely with their authentic Caribbean cuisine. Why have greasy kebab and chips that may be under-cooked at 2am that may upset your stomach in the early hours of the following morning when you can have rice and peas, fried fish, jerk/bbq chicken, fried dumpling,  coleslaw, which will make your belly say THANKS?! I know which one I’d pick.

There was one thing I noticed at 2Funky that I hadn’t seen since the Onyx show… barricades. Right now you might be scratching your heads of what I mean. By that I mean the venue has never sold out that much to the point where the owner is now contemplating a bigger venue… like the big clock in the Liquid Swords video… the timing was perfect. It was pay day for many, it was the weekend, it was the last week before new school/college/university term starts, the weather was pleasant, and GZA only had limited dates, which meant fans from all over the UK came to Leicester to see Wu-Tang’s most lyrical swordsman.

In his 70- minute set (yes he stepped on stage at 11:50pm and stepped off at 1am) – GZA has this way of captivating the audience simply by standing there, with one hand in his pocket, and yet giving off so much energy. Had that be anyone else like a lesser known artist… he would be booed off stage surely.

Performing his big tracks across his entire catalogue, but it was his unique (no pun intended) tribute to Ason Unique himself which was the highlight. Instead of asking the crowd to put up their lighters or phones up… he jumps into a story of Dirty’s life, name dropping past hits just like he did with Labels, Publicity & Fame… absolutely amazing.

However GZA surprised me just like he did the first time I saw him live – but in reverse – this time he did NOT leave the stage and join the crowd while performing the 36 Chambers hits, there were moments where it looked like he was going to do just that… but it didn’t happen.

Shakezpeare GZA Words From the Troubled Genius

Photo courtesy of Shakezpeare

Despite that, GZA rocked Leicester down with minimal effort. Some may say that Shakezpeare may have out-performed GZA on this night, and that is an arguable point, but if you’re supporting an artist as high as a calibre in the ‘head of voltron’ himself, you better bring it, and that’s what exactly Shakezpeare, Strizzy Strauss, Asterix, Loaneski, Dark A Brown, and Big Beasy did.

The 2Funky Music Cafe has become more than a venue for not just hip hop but for all genres, it has evolved into one of the biggest and best hip hop communities in the UK today. Where does the 2Funky Music Cafe go from here? Only one way – UP!

KUPID THE KING: Lost Boy LIVE @ The Robin 2, Wolverhampton Sep 15, 2018 (PREVIEW)

Preview Article by GRANT BODY-P! UK Ambassador of the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition

Hip Hop has just celebrated its 45th Anniversary. When DJ Kool Herc held that historic and iconic block party in The Bronx, 1520 Sedgwick Ave, did he ever think that he would start a culture that would become so global and dominant? To the point where poor Noel Gallagher of Oasis had a bit of a cry about Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury, the former President of The United States (Obama) using Hip Hop culture to express his thoughts in speeches, and now this…

Kupid Lost BoyThe Robin 2, situated in Bilston, Wolverhampton has been renowned for hosting tribute acts, showcasing 60’s rock n roll, jazz, and music of that nature. But The Robin cannot stop the juggernaut that is Hip Hop, as friend of RePPiN4U and Wolverhampton’s own Kupid The King and his soulful crew will be performing his debut album ‘Lost Boy’ with a full live band ‘Music Til Midnight’ before a capacity crowd, not to mention previous hits such as ‘The Fall’, ‘Sellotape Kisses’, ‘Mom’s Heart’ and ‘Letter To My Ex’, all of which have featured on RePPiN4U Hip Hop Show at some point.

Hosted by Cassandra Maria & Roberto Vegatelli, supporting Kupid on the night includes Rais at Night (fronted by Birmingham’s Tarju Le’Sano & Wolverhampton’s Ayy), conscious lyricist – Infamous Dimez, and powerful songstress Priscilla Cameron. DJ’s on the night are DJ Dan Smila & Selekta Hype.

The venue has been ranked 13th in the UK according to PRS For Music, but Kupid and his crew are out to get the venue in the top ten… and rightfully so. The CEO of PRS – Robert Ashcroft made the following statement: “It’s an enormous accomplishment to run a successful live music space and, in spite of economic challenges, the British music scene is still strong.” In my opinion, the British music scene is the strongest we have ever seen it, ask our partners FATP HIP HOP SHOW UK.

Be sure to tune in to RePPiN4U HIP HOP SHOW on B.D.S.I.R. NETWORK: The Best Damn Show In Wild1 Radio on September 11, 2018 where Grant Body-P! of the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition will be interviewing Kupid The King on the lead up to this mammoth event at the very place where the new album was produced – BeatsABar Music Project. Expect this show to be filmed for YouTube also.

Tickets are available NOW! Click on the flyer below to GET YOURS!

Kupid Robin Flyer 1