Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

  • Monday Night Raw #1329, November 12, 2018!!!



I think the world stood still. I feels like… we lost a grandfather. I won’t lie to you – I am not much of an emotional guy, and I gotta keep it 100. 95 years old people. He lived a fantastic life, don’t feel sad. Let’s continue to uphold his legacy. They say nothing lasts forever – that is WRONG. Stan Lee is Forever, Wu-Tang is Forever, and WWE is Then, Now and Forever!


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RAW 1329! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! Where’s my coffee and malted milk biscuits? LET’S DO THIS SH!T!

Oh I forgot! Corbin is still overdue to get BUSS ARSE by Braun!!! Come on Corbin! Let’s get this over and done with!

Stephanie??? Well she knows she can GET THESE HANDS ALL DAY! With Triple out the game (no pun intended) with a pectoral muscle… she should look at her man and say – bye bye! Look at him and say it’s a wrap – BYE BYE!

Well according to Shadfather of the J.A.M.M.S. Podcast, that’s what Natalya should DEFINITELY DO!

You think Stephanie is gonna slap Braun? I can feel it – it’s coming!!!!

So wait – if RAW wins the Survivor Series… Braun gets anther title shot against Brock Lesnar???? Y’all know if Roman Reigns said the same thing (Take the leukemia out of the equation) y’all would be complaining on the internet by now! That’s how FOOL some of you are!


Before that, if RAW wins… Braun gets Corbin! And Stephanie said DONE!!! Ok so maybe he won’t get slapped!

Stephanie is agreeing to everything! And so she should! She saw what happened to her man last year!


Hold on – if he doesn’t get what he wants… he’s gonna destroy WWE Headquarters??? And you know he can do it!!!

Clearly I should have watched RAW live because the YouTube edits chopped out a chunk – why did Ronda Rousey come out to Stephanie anyway? Can somebody fill me in like Craig David? (By the way – that song is wack!)


I think Ronda has an obsession with destroying Stephanie’s arm??!!! Stephanie is like – NO PLEASE!!! I sign your cheques with this arm!!! I’m not left-handed!!!!!

Look at Braun as Corbin comes out – he wants to f**k him up BIG TIME! You know what – I’d be like – f**k a title shot – let Bobby Lashley get that honor – Corbin yuh goose cook!

How dare he put his hands on Ronda! BREAK HIS ARM RONDA! DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!

Corbin turn around after he got dropped – there he is! Stephanie tryna restrain order!!! It’s times like this you wished it was Stone Cold Steve Austin because he never gave a f**k! He was straight gangsta!

I’m glad Tamina and Nia realised that blood was thicker than water… but now they fighting Ember Moon! Stop this madness!!!

Ember Moon hit the suicide dive and Nia didn’t budge an inch! UH-OH!!! Ember…. girl… RUN!!!!

Happy that my girl Tamina got the win with the Superfly but damn why has it gotta be Ember Moon??!!!!! Ok match is over – walk away now!

Nope – Nia ain’t listening to me!!! GURL STOP IT!!!!

OH NO! Dean Ambrose said The Shield made him weak! He took The Shield vest and bunn it up!!! You can’t be mad at Alundrya Blayze now – all she did was throw the women’s title in the trash BUT she took it back out and cleaned it up! She never threw it in the fire!

The only thing I like about Drew Wackintyre is his ‘Undertakerery’ like cloak he have on!!! My guess is Undertaker himself would wear it better!


Yes Finn Balor!!! Teach this muthaf***a some manners! Dissing Kurt Angle like that! You might have to turn into the demon king though… because this Drew Wackintyre has the power to be the #1 heel on RAW!

What a pu$$y… Drew Wackintrye with that classic heel trait – not quick to step in the ring with Finn Balor but instead sends Ziggler to fight him… KMT!

“Maybe I’ll consider lowering myself to your level…”


Do you know who Balor is Drew? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DOES???? You DUMB F**K!

Then he goes for a cheap shot! Now THAT is how to be a heel and be hated for it! Y’all muthaf**az don’t know what a heel is in this day and age!


Finn Balor is KILLIN’ these muthaf***az! GET THEM!!!!!

Balor got him!!!! He got Ziggler! Now KILL WACKINTYRE!!! KILL HIM NOW!

Look w’happen now! Finn Balor is in the RAW Survivor Series team! Drew Wackintyre ain’t gonna like this!!!!

Tag team Battle Royal! Winner becomes captain of Survivor Series RAW tag team! Oh look there’s Rhyno and Heath Slater! Remember them???

Oh dear they got eliminated… I was hoping they would be captains but ah what luck…

WOOOOOOOIIII look at the agility by the Lucha House Party! Fantastic! they wanna be captains for sure!

Oh sh!t – the B-Team are there! If they win this sh!t… Oh dear!

I’m impressed with the Ascension! These muthaf***az usually get taken out first!

Thank goodness – B-Team are eliminated… Bobby Roode & Chad Gable alongside the Ascension are left!

What a move! Bobby Roode set up the neckbreaker – Chad Gable comes off top ropes with a moonsault!

They deserve to be captains word up! But with the team they got… oh dear… Smackdown gonna wipe the floor with em surely!

“Becky’s good at dishing it out but she’s not good at taking it…”

Believe me Ronda… Becky is gonna learn to ‘TAKE IT’ if she sees me GOD DAYUUUUUUM!

Talking of Becky lynch… she’s trending on the twitter…What did she dooooooooo?

OH SH!T!!!!! Is Ronda implying that Becky Lynch likes TRAP MUSIC & MUMBLE RAP?

“You’re not just THE MAN, you are the MILLENNIAL MAN… you’re the skinny jeans wearing, V-neck sporting, avocado toast munching, wind shoe wearing, millennial man…”

Please Becky tell me it’s not true! GURL I thought you were into real hip hop!!!

Uh-Oh! Tamina and Nia wanna wish Rousey luck! Look at Tamina! She looks like she wants to sexually assault Rousey! I say LET IT HAPPEN!

Don’t forget – Nia got back her title shot at the Evolution didn’t she!!!!

Dayuuuum Stephanie really hates her brother doesn’t she? I mean, I love all three of my sisters!


And for the record – anyone of my sisters would f**k up Alexa Bliss!


They’re not chanting Suuuuuuplexxxxx City this time! They chanting AJ Styles! And Brock loves it!

Wait a minute where is Jinder Mahal going? He must be still bitter that he couldn’t get to fight Brock Lesnar… he should be happy the damned fool!!!!

Hold on – he wants to show Brock his ‘mantra’??? I don’t think Brock curves off like that Jinder! You’ve seen his wife haven’t you???

Hold on – Brock’s gonna speak! SSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!

Brock says ‘Come On In’! WHOA!!! Jinder it’s a trick!!! DON’T DO IT!

Brock’s going with it!!! He’s breathing in! He’s breathing out! SHAAAANNNTIIII! Uh-Oh, I think he’s having trouble with the SHAAAAANTIII part!

LAAAAAAAWWWWWD!!!! That clothesline was personal! so was that suplex! Brock has just gone KRATOS on these guys!

F5 to Mahal on the concrete floor!!!! Now Brock should take the mic and say – SHAAANTI!

The official Survivor Series RAW women’s team then…

Dayuuuuum Mickie! She knows she fine look at her!

Nia Jax… I still want her to brukk up Alexa!!! Sheeeeeeeeeet!

Tamina…the baddest b!tch before Ronda came along! She likes that ruff neck n!&&@ who can satisfy her! Tamina Howard! That’s her new name from now on!


Natalya has to fix up! About she’s barling over a pair of glasses…. silly girl go stroke your cat!

Once again Alexa Bliss wukkin brain – Sasha & Bayley has to fight each other if they want in the team!

Renee points out that Bayley is wearing her Survivor Series gear from last year! I’m sorry you gotta have a crush on Bayley or something to notice that!

OH SHEEEEEEEEEEET! Bayley hit the Belly 2 Bayley supermove to Sasha on the hardest part of the ring! SPINE BRUKK!

Hold up – Mickie and Tamina baited it up! Why did they do that? Maybe they have someone else in mind?

RUBY RIOTT is in the team! Nah that’s f**kery – Tamina – I love you but Smackdown got this in the bag again – they got Naomi, Carmella, Sonya Deville, Asuka and maybe Charlotte – RAW has no chance! RAW’s team is corrupted – they’re not gonna win!

The way Lio Rush is talking about Bobby Lashley – I dunno man!! Suspect Chin Music yo!

Is it me, or was Renee Young impressed by Lashley’s physique????? Yo Deano – talk to your girl!!!!!

Aaaah this ain’t right – is Impact still open? I like Bobby Lashley but what the hell is this? Bending over and sh!t? I’m here for the women!!!


Elias has phoned the NSPCC!!! Oh no!!! They should take Lio away! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

Hey Lio Rush TEEEEEEEEEEF! he was hiding underneath the ring, held Elias legs and he couldn’t get back in the ring for the 10-count! Bobby Lashley advances! Well I can ride to that at least…

Survivor Series

How the f**k did Becky get in the building and catch Ronda Rousey like that??? WHOA!!!

The crowd has gone crazy! Maybe she should start rocking Austin 3:16 T-Shirts!

Is that CHARLOTTE I see too???? Let me look GOOD…

THAT IS CHARLOTTE!!!!! WHOA! When did she and Becky reconcile???? It doesn’t matter my team – the Smackdown team have gone in and brought the ruckus like it’s 1993 all over again!

Wait – Naomi baby NOOOOOOOO! That’s your cousin! That’s your family! STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! Blood might be thicker than water, but it seems Brand is thicker than blood!

Ronda Rousey licking down anything that’s moving! Look at Becky Lynch with the steel chair!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!

Becky is so over that the crowd are chanting for her and this is RAW!!!

Steel chair to Rousey – BLAOW!!!!!

Lana talking Russian! WOOOOOIIIIIII!!!! Holy smokes!!!

When did Becky get busted open? WHO DID THAT???? INSTANT BAD BOOKS!!! I know it wasn’t Tamina… I know that much!

Alexa Bliss took foot a run!!! The pu$$y!!!!

Are you sure the world is talking about Ronda… Mr Cole? All I hear is Becky chants!

Suddenly I think the women’s Survivor Series matches should main event!!!


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21 responses to “Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

    • Agreed. I see why he’s the ref, but yes, the focus and spotlight is now on him. Before I was 100% certain it will be 20-0, now I am 200% certain it will be 20-0.


      • ok just read your awesome blogg now i have subscribed to wwe2k14 on youtube and mike keep up the good work as you are doing it does,nt matter who,s on the cover off wwe2k14 just as long the game is good and got the attiude era in it


      • Thank you for the support! I am really fed up with the wrestling community right now. They have took b!tching to a whole new level. Makes me feel embarrased to be a fan right now that’s why I haven’t posted on the page or anywhere wrestling related. is this what it’s come to? Seriously?

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx my ninja!!! I have only seen pics of the parade…If anyone tells you that the grass is greener in England, believe me, it is NOT. We don’t have those honeyz over here!


  1. Great review, this was an overall dull show with a few good matches. The Cesaro match shldve been 4 the U.S belt to make that belt more credible. Shout out to M.O.P where the new music at


  2. Great review, Layla’s fine ass was surely missed. A few good matches tho. Cesaro shld have put the belt on the line to give that belt more prestige. Rosa on the other hand damm, she badd as fuck. Shout out to M.O.P. where the new music @??


    • Thanks for the support! The group has become ‘secret’ by Admin Jazz. reason being we are very concerned about the loss of members and continuous weird looking profiles wanting to join. If you add me as a friend on facebook (Michael Grant (MZATheInfamous)) I can put you on the group.


  3. I’m glad they saved the Lesnar segment for last. If you a real fan, as hard as it is stay off the dirt sheets. All that been said great review and damm did anyone happen to get a freeze frame pic of Naomi’s fine ass tonight? Lawd that woman’s backyard is bangin


    • Haha no one in STC gonna freeze frame Naomi’s fine @$$ – two reasons – one, they will be in BIG TROUBLE with me and two, they all love Paige…and even I don’t really know why! Paige = YAKK!

      Dirt sheets are the reason why fans are what they are today. Miserable, always complaining about what they want. If it comes true, it’s ‘predictable’. If it doesn’t happen, ‘the product sucks’.

      Dirt sheets are the DEVIL. Straight up and down!


  4. Great episode tonight, dope storytelling and it’s always cool to see Vinny Mac. And once again as usual Lillian was looking fly as hell….


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