Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

  • Monday Night Raw #1376, October 7, 2019!!


You guys are 100% right – WWE F**KED UP. But they did the moment they made this a Universal Title match knowing FULL WELL they were not trying to give the belt to Wyatt. I don’t think there should have been a title on the line. It would have been so much easier for creative. On top, maybe they SHOULD have given Braun Strowman the title as well. That way, he could fight a more relevant match. On top, AEW brukk up NXT in the ratings, but that was only because that was AEW’s debut, so OF COURSE they were gonna beat NXT that week. You think Triple is worried? Don’t be stupid man!


REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A TRAGEDY LIKE…WWE. If even the mighty Mike Knoxxx has to lock off – YOU F**KED UP!

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RAW #1376! Despite all that, I STILL don’t complain on the internet you know why? I just found out that DAS EFX are coming out to the UK. I STILL WIN!

wwe raw grant naomi

Digestive chocolate chip fused with caramel biscuits and a coffee… LET’S DO THIS SH!T!

Interesting – knowing that the fans are pi$$£d about the Hell In A Cell… they decided to recap what happened with Bobby Lashley, Rusev & Lana.. VOLUMES!

How the f**k is Lashley wearing Rusev’s robe? Meanwhile I’m tryna figure out if Lashley upgraded from Kristal – his former wife because she was baaaaaaaaaad! In fact – what went wrong?

How the f**k is ‘Rusev’s house being shown on WWE’s titantron? Oh my sh!t Lana got on lingerie, she has succumbed to the sexual chocolate… a wheelchair is on order as we speak! have you still got Summer Rae’s number Rusev????


LAWWD HAVE MERCY she’s taking off her bra…look at Lashley killing full set of teet!

Oh snap she’s feeling his tingz as well…

Randall and Corbin are DEDDIN!

Rusev has gone KRATOS on Randall and Corbin!

Hey Lacey – if you’re gonna take out the trash (in your case Natalya)… don’t you want to do it properly like Vincent Kennedy did?


Look a Lacey sitting down crossing her legs while the ref counts to 10 on Natalya…. God Damn Lacey! Just give me ONE NIGHT with her…

No way there was real trash in that can! Aaaah man can you imagine the smell?

They’ve took it to the stage, after all that beaten… Natalya manages to powerbomb Lacey through the table off the stage! BLAOW! That has GOTTA BE IT surely!

OHHHH SNAP!!! TYSON FURY UP NEXT! Let’s start building those big BIG WrestleMania storylines from NOW!

Hold on a second – Tyson Fury says Braun will get these hands if Braun doesn’t apologise? A wha di rarse?!!!!

The arrival of Tyson Fury and Cain Valasquez has officially put me off getting WWE2K20… ok the truth is I can’t afford it!

Do you know what amuses me? The way WWE make out that USA Network & FOX want the best superstars on their roster… if WWE REALLY want to convince me – they should have the executives of the networks be live on the show and do their draft picks!

Aleicester Black amuses me – he wants to know who wants to pick a fight with him…. you do know that Tyson Fury is in the house don’t you?

WTF? The Singh Bros? They look like a pair of battyman! I seriously considering taking a power nap y’all… I’ll be back in an hour…

OH NO! Braun says the same thing about Tyson Fury! All we need now is Vincent Kennedy in the middle screaming “YOU RUINED IT!!!”


So Cain Valasquez is some sort of relative to Rey Mysterio & Dominik?! MI RARSE! You learn something new everyday!

Can’t believe I’m saying this but The Miz has actually dressed proper this time!

Look pon 10-time women’s champion Charlotte Flair.. she may have no batty and fake t!TT!£$ but I bet she is flexible as f**k in the bed!

As for sexy Lynch – I give her ratings because she understands the Japanese language… I sincerely hope she doesn’t let Asuka spit the poison mist in Becky’s sultry face!

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Becky had the dis-arm-her locked in on Kairi Sane! And Asuka used the poison mist! This is a saaaad day…Becky’s sexy face is ruined! Can you imagine when she rides on top? OH LAWWWWWWWD!

So it looks like The Kabuki Warriors have turned heel, it’s just that the fans aren’t getting used to that fact!

NOW they are showing the highlights of the Hell In A Cell match…worst ending ever? Not sure about that but as soon as you put a title in the equation you have essentially f**ked it up.

OH SNAP! TYSON FURY! This is gonna be good!

Let’s run the Floyd – Big Show storyline again! I’m with it! Tyson got Braun though! “I’m the heavyweight champion of the world… how many titles have YOU WON?”

HERE WE GO!!!! Security won’t be enough! Just waiting for the rest of the locker room to come out now!

The whole of security got spark out! Aaaah sheeeeeeeet!!!


If all this is for the Crown Jewel joint, I’m gonna say this – I’m looking forward to this sh!t!


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21 responses to “Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

    • Agreed. I see why he’s the ref, but yes, the focus and spotlight is now on him. Before I was 100% certain it will be 20-0, now I am 200% certain it will be 20-0.


      • ok just read your awesome blogg now i have subscribed to wwe2k14 on youtube and mike keep up the good work as you are doing it does,nt matter who,s on the cover off wwe2k14 just as long the game is good and got the attiude era in it


      • Thank you for the support! I am really fed up with the wrestling community right now. They have took b!tching to a whole new level. Makes me feel embarrased to be a fan right now that’s why I haven’t posted on the page or anywhere wrestling related. is this what it’s come to? Seriously?

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx my ninja!!! I have only seen pics of the parade…If anyone tells you that the grass is greener in England, believe me, it is NOT. We don’t have those honeyz over here!


  1. Great review, this was an overall dull show with a few good matches. The Cesaro match shldve been 4 the U.S belt to make that belt more credible. Shout out to M.O.P where the new music at


  2. Great review, Layla’s fine ass was surely missed. A few good matches tho. Cesaro shld have put the belt on the line to give that belt more prestige. Rosa on the other hand damm, she badd as fuck. Shout out to M.O.P. where the new music @??


    • Thanks for the support! The group has become ‘secret’ by Admin Jazz. reason being we are very concerned about the loss of members and continuous weird looking profiles wanting to join. If you add me as a friend on facebook (Michael Grant (MZATheInfamous)) I can put you on the group.


  3. I’m glad they saved the Lesnar segment for last. If you a real fan, as hard as it is stay off the dirt sheets. All that been said great review and damm did anyone happen to get a freeze frame pic of Naomi’s fine ass tonight? Lawd that woman’s backyard is bangin


    • Haha no one in STC gonna freeze frame Naomi’s fine @$$ – two reasons – one, they will be in BIG TROUBLE with me and two, they all love Paige…and even I don’t really know why! Paige = YAKK!

      Dirt sheets are the reason why fans are what they are today. Miserable, always complaining about what they want. If it comes true, it’s ‘predictable’. If it doesn’t happen, ‘the product sucks’.

      Dirt sheets are the DEVIL. Straight up and down!


  4. Great episode tonight, dope storytelling and it’s always cool to see Vinny Mac. And once again as usual Lillian was looking fly as hell….


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