MZATheInfamous Wargwarn UKMichael Grant became a fan of hip hop in 1990, he began listening to it on the radio when various artists such as N.W.A. EPMD, and Eric. B & Rakim were in rotation. His first true favourite artist/group was Onyx, he loved the rowdy sound and their take no prisoners style of delivery. Over the early years he became a fan of such artists like Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Naughty By Nature, Das Efx and Lords of the Underground but it wasn’t until 1993 where his interest in martial arts films became relevant in hip hop. That was when Wu-Tang Clan burst on to the scene. Grant could identify with this group so much that he devoted his teenage life around this group as did his peers. Though he had copies of these albums on cassette tape it wasn’t until August 1, 1995 that hip hop and Grant made history as he purchased his first album: Raekwon- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. From that moment he started building his collection of albums to this present date. He still feels that having an album on CD is important because it is supporting the artist. He doesn’t support downloading full albums.

If you saw Grant on the street, 9 times out of 10 he would be in his own world, with his earphones in rocking his favourite tunes, and was not afraid to show his appreciation by boppin his head on public transport, he never cared what people thought of him. You would think that if Grant loves hip hop so much that he would become a rapper or producer, he did mess about writing rhymes at some point but never took it seriously, but he knew that he wanted to become involved in hip hop in some way or another and it has brought him to this point. Today he lives in a town where most of the community are into different genres of music which causes the local clubs to not support the real hip hop anymore.  He has grown tired of going out to clubs and he only goes to gigs now.

Welcome to RePPiN4U. This is a blog site/hip hop online magazine where we review the most anticipated albums of the year, we showcase  the hottest gigs and jams, while the RePPiN4U administration provide news, information on events we recommend, and for you WWE fans, there is a section where Grant takes on the role of ‘Infamous Informer’ and gives his weekly Raw blog complete with links to join the hottest wrestling movement on Facebook  WWE smack talk centre.

Below is the track that inspired Grant to create this site. He says it makes him ‘zone out’ and look at the current state of music as Black Milk states: “One day, this dude asked me, what’s the answer to this hip hop cancer, I’m so hungry for real sh!t it feels like I’m fasting, they told me, stop living in the past, get past it, the golden era it will never come back…” Black Milk realises that his contribution alone is not enough to bring the realness back, and so Grant along with many real hip hop fans around the world want to help out. This is the official theme song for this site.

This track is from the album ‘Tronic’, available now in all good music stores and various online sites.

Grant believes that hip hop is not dead, it’s the radio and the media that makes it look that way and they lead the people in the wrong direction. Grant wants to help put people back in the right direction just like he was about a decade ago when even he was straying away from the realness because he didn’t know any better. He has now took it upon himself to expand the brand and now has a radio show on the BDSIR NETWORK and also aired on Wild1 Radio via iHeartRadio. This is his contribution. This is Grant representing the real hip hop. This is Grant RePPiN 4U.

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