DOOM Vs Ghostface: Lex Records 10th Anniversary @ The Roundhouse, London Nov 5, 2011

DOOM &Ghostface Killah Live London 5 Nov 2011In the  Marvel comics, Victor Von Doom and Tony Starks were sworn enemies, but what if they actually came together for a common cause? This is what Metal Fingers DOOM and Ghostface Killah had always wondered. The pair have been collaborating on several tracks in the last decade, most notably on DangerDoom and on the critically acclaimed Fishscale album. The rumours of them actually making a joint project is finally coming to fruition, and so they celebrate this moment with a toast as Lex Records celebrate their 10 year anniversary as they go on separate but parallel tours, but coming together in London for a special show.

Because The Roundhouse was a large, spacious multi entertainment complex full of bars and a main arena, I didn’t get to see any DJs warming up the set. When I got there I found out two things, the first: was that Jneiro Jarel was the supporting act, and second, was that both Doom and Ghostface were performing separately as opposed to a joint performance which I thought was going to take place. Either way it was bound to be a great show.

Jarel opened up the set with a half an hour show rocking remix versions of his infectious hits such as ‘Lock Down’, ‘Big Bounce Theory’ and ‘Do Your Thang’ from his album Three Piece Puzzle. Now I have been to a few gigs now as of late, and it is rare that I want the supporting act to actually stay on stage longer I because I really enjoyed his set. Maybe it was part of the plan to not only keep the show going but to make Doom/Ghost fans wanna hear more of him especially if they had never heard of him.

Big ups to The Roundhouse venue for not keeping the fans waiting too long, Jarel bigs up Doom for inviting him out to perform, introduces him to the stage in the process and it was about 15 minutes later a large figure with camoflauge warfare gear on with leaves hanging from him steps on the stage with a shiny silver mask. In the background was a screen visual of the Doom mask menacingly piercing his eyes into the crowd.

Doom gets the crowd rocking as he goes through his plethora of hits including ‘All Caps’, when the crowd say the man name, ‘Sofa King’, ‘Deep Fried Frendz’ and ‘Rap Snitch Knishes’. Unfortunately Doom only had 45 minutes to squeeze all his hits in. Highlights of the night has gotta be when performed ‘Hoe Cakes’, where half the capacity crowd knew word for word, meanwhile the other half chanted ‘SUPER’!!!! Halfway through the set the production team in the back finally got the screen projector in full effect with various MF DOOM videos to compliment Doom’s ‘Rhymes Like Dimes’. When there was only ‘One Beer’ left, the Roundhouse capacity crowd started acting a fool all singing at high pitch to the beat. By around 10pm, even though the crowd’s bellies were full, They wanted more of that MM Food. At the same time people were putting their W’s up and the Wu-Tang chants began and getting louder and faster each time.

I began to doubt if the show would end at 11pm, as it was approaching 10.15pm and Ghostface Killah wasn’t even introduced, but signs of prescence were definetley ther when DJ J Love was setting up and playing Cappadonna’s ‘Milk The Cow’ instrumental. Something about that beat while not a major hit with the Wu, it builds up the anticipation and excitement among the fans in the arena. Then as the famous quote from the classic film ‘Scarface’ echoed through the arena, the crowd went crazy hype….here comes a turbocharged Ghostface Killah armed with the Theodore Unit as Ghost kicks his half of the show with ‘Criminology’, the track that many argue was the key moment of his career.

Ghostface continues to go through his whole catalogue of tunes minus the GhostDini album, including ‘Metal Lungies’, ‘Be Easy’ & ‘We Celebrate’, even as far as letting his main Theodore member Trife go in with ‘The Drummer’. Later Ghost turns to the crowd and asks if they have each solo album he has released thus far, deliberately missing out his most successful album Supreme Clientele, where the crowd go insane when he performs ‘Nutmeg’, Mighty Healthy, Child’s Play and Apollo Kids’, before going back to the Ironman album, and even though he performed the female verbal assaulting ‘Wildflower’ and the epic ‘Black Jesus’, J Love abruptly cuts the tracks,  confusing the fans and Ghostface himself. Wu fans were chanting for ‘Winter Warz’ but unfortunately it wasn’t declared.

The highlight of the night was when Ghostface told the London crowd that he was in Budapest a few nights before and they know how to go buckwild when THAT tune drop….so London up their game when J Love pulls up the track for a second time. Then suddenly The Roundhouse was in for a surprise when Killah Priest made an appearance to keep fans in the 4th Chamber! The capacity crowd became a mosh pit as ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’, and ‘Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin to F**k Wit’ followed, and what was unique was the Theodore Unit performing ‘Triumph’, and even MF Doom joined in on that one! Ghost also made a special shout out to Amy Winehouse, the songstress who died earlier this year. He appeared on the remix of Amy’s hit single ‘You Know I’m No Good’ from the More Fish album.

To summarise, it was a great show where every artist squeezed everything they could in short sets and while it was a success, it left fans satisfied yet still hungry, like that feeling where you enjoy a meal so much you could eat it all again moments later. My gripe was I actually thought that Doom and Ghost was actually going to perform their tracks what they did TOGETHER, like ‘The Mouse & The Mask,  ‘Murder Goons’ or ‘Chinatown Wars’, however Ghost re-assures fans that the project is definitely on its way, as well as Supreme Clientele II: Blue & Cream album next year. But for Lex Records, that was a 10 year anniversary well celebrated.

(Mike Dogg)