FINALLY, THE GRANT, HAS COME BACK…. to talking sh!t about pro wrestling and your favourite wrestlers!

I took a short hiatus when I took up a Christmas job, but Christmas is over, and so is that job. I am GRANT BODY-P! Music Journalist, a proud UK Ambassador for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition and a proud wrestling fan who doesn’t take wrestling seriously, and neither should you! That job was beneath me! It was like being Prince of Zamunda, then traveling to Queens to flip burgers, the difference was, there was no hottie there to make my queen!


I have been asked by request to write my thoughts on the ting call Wrestle Kingdom.. this is that sh!t that jumps off every January in Japan, and has gained more popularity among wrestling fans, particularly those dissatisfied with the World Wrestling Federation and how they treat their stars.

Consider this ‘losing my NJPW Virginity…’ Outside of AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakumura which I watched a few years ago, I’m not that dude to sit down and watch this pro wrestling extravaganza.

This is the ‘grown man’s big BIG WrestleMania’… Let’s get into it!


DISCLAIMER: My thoughts are based on the highlights from the official NJPW YouTube channel. Forgive me in advance as I am a busy muthaf***a…

I see Hiroshi Tanahashi has a IWGP briefcase with a cheque inside… aiiight cool!

Look pon Kenny Omega! Looking like a Tekken Character and sh!t! I’m very surprised he’s not in the game as a secret character (I wonder if Harada is reading this!)

I remember now… Omega has a move called the V-Trigger… flying knee to Tanahashi’s chin bone – BLAOW!!!

Damn homie – how many knees is Tanahashi gonna take? Finish him off already Omega! Use the sword you brought to the ring do something!

BUMBACLAAAAT! Omega hit the Super Tiger Suplex off the top! Tanahashi dead now! COVER HIM! GET THE POINTS!

The Elite are at ringside – they don’t need to teef! Omega got this surely!


WTF WAS THAT? I told Omega to finish him – but what does he do – he dily daly and then Tanahashi hits the counter technique! If Omega doesn’t win now – it’s his own fault – I don’t see Omega f**k!n about on Street Fighter V!

See now I’ll never know who won that sh1t – the highlights cut to Jericho with his Liontamer/Walls of Jericho to the man call Naito…

Is Jericho telling the ref ‘ASK HIM!’ in Japanese?

Considering Naito was in that move for ages – it’s either the adrenaline or he has a body like a shield of steel – and comes back with a tornado DDT!

Naito tried to finish Jericho – but Jericho got him again with the Walls of Jericho! I think he’s too close to the ropes though…

Aaaah sheeeeet – Jericho clocked his ring awareness and drags Naito to the middle of the ring!

Now I understand – NJPW won’t let me know who won the matches – I have to watch in full to find out…

Right guys help me out here – the dude with the short hair just hit the TOMBSTONE!! TOMBSTONE!! to the dude in the white wrestling tights! You know I will back any wrestler who uses the Tombstone, the Chokeslam, or any strong style maneuver! What is his name??? The dude with the short blonde hair?? Answers on a postcard please – tweet me – @MZATheInfamous!


His opponent, as I understand by my sources, goes by the name of Jay White. Backing Okada all day long!

This wrestling sh!t has made me hungry, let me grab a pot noodle y’all!

I’m seeing a maaaad sequence of counter techniques here!!! Come on Okada… GET HIM!

Nothing against you Jay White – but Okada used the TOMBSTONE! You have to understand – as Undertaker goes into the darkness forever… I will need a new hero to back!

Next match – Timesplitter Vs Bone Soldier – I don’t know who is who so you will have to help me out here!

These guys got counters for days as well! Hold up – The dude in white threw the dude in black’s legs into the referee as if it was set up for a hurricanrana and then proceeded to kick him in his head! How about that for creativity! I have lived on this earth for nearly 39 years – I have NEVER seen that before! Not even Eddie Guerrero or Kofi Kingston would have thought of that sh!t!

That move was maaaaad! That was like a tombstone flipped up into a GTS!

Oh dear! Why did the woman dressed like Jade from Mortal Kombat attack that Juice Robinson? Did he do an Eric Benet?  GRANT WWDJC2

HOLD ON – THAT’S Cody Rhodes wife isn’t it???? GOD DAYUUUUUUM! Ok Juice – what did you DOOOOOOOO??? Did you feel on her booty? Did she catch you jerking off at her bikini photos?


I don’t even know what the rarse is going on in this next match – suplexes off the top, one big dude in a sweater acting like the big he-man, a referee begging one competitor to take the kendo stick… it looks like a clusterf**k at a glance but obviously you guys know better than me.

Now I’ve really lost track of what is going on! We got er…. bear with me here… (you can tell NJPW is not my strong suit!) Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado Vs Sho Yoh Vs Bushi & Shingo Takagi…I believe it is for the IWGP Tag Team Championships… er yeah anyway…

I have it on good authority that this match right here was crazy – referring to Will Ospreay Vs Kota Ibushi…

BUMBACLAAAT! If Ospreay’s Roundhouse kick clocked Ibushi he would be in a box by now! HOLY SMOKES!

This is fast and furious in the ready money round! Shout out to Roy Walker… for no reason!

As my moms would say – TWO BAD BULL MEET UP!!!! 

As Ibushi drop kicked Ospreay out of the ring did he look up and wave to his moms just then??!!!!

HOLY F**K did you see that? Ibushi went for the reverse Moonsault of the top – and Ospreay side-stepped and kicked him in his face! CALL THE AMBULANCE!!!

..and then Ospreay is like – let me show you how to do it – bounces off the ropes, a handstand, and a flip out of the ring catching Ibushi!

Somebody give that muthaf***a the belt from now!

OH MY DAYS – WHO IS THAT?!!!! She’s like wearing a catwoman like – carnival outfit!! Suddenly I’m not interested in whatever this next match is!

I will say this – New Japan will NEVER be in Saudi Arabia!! I’m seeing women wearing thongs and everything out here!


Haha she nearly dropped in her heels too! Actually she reminds me of somebody I know quite well…

grant zahra wynta

Aaah the good ol days of being a ‘pimp’…I was the baddest muthaf***a in the Purple Suit!

All I know is it looked like teams of three ready to cause a ruckus, and one dude who cannot throw an American Football into the audience properly…



Gauntlet to be No. 1 Contender for NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Championship: 

Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb and David Finlay def. Hangman Page, Yujiro Takahashi and Marty Scurll 

Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb and David Finlay def. Hirooki Goto, Beretta and Chuckie T.

Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr. def. Yuji Nagata, Jeff Cobb and David Finlay

Togi Makabe, Toru Yano and Ryusuke Taguchi def. Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Will Ospreay def. Kota Ibushi—NEVER Openweight Championship 

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Bushi and Shingo Takagi) def. Suzuki-gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado) and Roppongi 3K (Sho and Yoh)—IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Zack Sabre Jr. def. Tomohiro Ishii—British Heavyweight Championship 

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Sanada and Evil) def. Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) and The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)

Juice Robinson def. Cody Rhodes—IWGP United States Championship 

Taiji Ishimori def. Kushida—IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship 

Jay White def. Kazuchika Okada 

Tetsuya Naito def. Chris Jericho—IWGP Intercontinental Championship 

Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Kenny Omega—IWGP Heavyweight Championship 


The word on near every wrestling fans lips – is this AEW thing poppin off, and where Kenny Omega is gonna go from here… is he headed to WWE? is he headed to AEW? Will he stay put? I’d rather be that dude to be left in suspense to be honest… but if you want my honest opinion? I think he will go the AEW route. If he goes to WWE I will be shocked as a muthaf***a…I love the fact that he’s keeping fans guessing without effort… the other dude is Chris Jericho… that dude can end up anywhere at any given time. He keeps you guessing and I love and respect that dude for that. The first chance WWE gets, they will HOF his @$$. Cody Rhodes – he gonna grow to be his own promoter. Cody has realised long time that the world is bigger than the World Wrestling Federation Championship. From what I saw of the highlights… Will Ospreay Vs Kota Ibushi SMASHED IT… some of those moves – good lord – it would be instant hospital or worse if those moves are done incorrectly… now I know why muthaf***az get mad at things like Nia Jax tumping Becky down by accident or Brie Bella kicking down Liv Morgan or Ryback botching like a muthaf***a…

Can I see myself watching NJPW more on a regular? Even I cannot answer that… I barely have enough time for WWE as it is these days. I haven’t watched properly since the Survivor Series… just know this – The Infamous Informer is BACK… but for how long? It’s up to fate.











Reaction blog written by Michael Grant, C.E.O. of RePPiN4U and UK Ambassador for Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition, OCTOBER 16, 2018!

For those who don’t know, The Infamous Informer is the wrestling fan alter ego of Grant Body-P! He loves his WWE but with a striking difference: Unlike most wrestling fans in the internet, he DOES NOT take WWE seriously, he takes everything make joke,  and he gets under fans skin a little bit because he hits back at them for stupidity! Oh one other thing – he declares WWE Superstar Naomi as his ‘Wife who got away’, a.k.a. his Mint Aero, a.k.a. his Nubian Queen! and if you look at the pic below, well they make a lovely couple… too bad Jimmy Uso saw her first!


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GRANT & NAOMI Perfect match


Has John Cena done something even The Rock ‘seemingly didn’t have time to do’? Send a message via satellite? Aaaah Rock!!! Tell me it’s not so! Did you at least send a tweet? Let me check…

Screenshot_2018-10-17 Dwayne Johnson ( TheRock) Twitter

Now if I was a regular hardcore wrestling fan, I would be cussing The Rock at this point for not turning up…but come next year I would still roll into the cinema with my brothers, pay my money to watch ‘Hobbs & Shaw’. So NO, I’m not cussing the man! Sorry to disappoint you!

(There’s still the Smackdown 20th Anniversary next year!!!)

Oh DAYUUUUUUUUUUM!!! CARMELLA!!! Sometimes, your Beckys, your Charlottes, your Mandy Roses of the World Wrestling Federation often overshadow Carmella for sexiness but OWWWWWWWWW! Look what Carmella have on! Like – GUUUUURRRLLL!!! Yo R-Truth talk to me – you speak the truth -you’re tappin that @$$ aren’t you!


Stephanie on TRUTH TV????!!! I would have thought she would have chosen Miz TV! I see wrestling fans complaining about Stephanie on Smackdown… yeah the same muthaf***az jerking off when they saw this scene back in the day…


Why are you booing this woman? Last time I check, she was a GOOD general manager! So good Vincent Kennedy forced her to quit literally in a match, see this is why I cannot connect with a lot of so-called fans! You don’t know your history!

YES SHANE-O! Both McMahons on Truth TV! I bet the Miz is not happy about this!

NO SHANE-O! Those pink Nike Sneakers??? JUST NO! Don’t use Susan G Komen as an excuse either! I could donate to that – and I don’t have to wear those hellish things on my feet!

I did like when Shane told Stephanie -‘Welcome To the A-Show!’ lets be real – Smackdown was the A-show from say hmmm…Stephanie was the GM of Smackdown?!!! YOU THINK ABOUT IT! When Steph was running the dance – Eric Bischoff was on RAW and that dastardly Triple TEEF was your champion!

OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!! VINCENT KENNEDY!!!!! And the crowd are loving this! I’m loving this! Please – do the walk!!!!

“You see the E in WWE stands for Entertainment!” Straight away I can hear the internet crying out ‘The Second W in WWE stands for Wrestling’! Oh f**k off will you – this is not for you! Bound For Glory is THAT WAY!

DANCE BREAK??!!! Look at Vincent Kennedy! Look at him go!!!! STAND BACK!!!!

And JUST LIKE THAT – This is better than RAW 25 back in January!!!

Ok let’s get into some WRASSLIN’! The Uso Brudda vs AJ Styles & Danny Bryan! Hey what a powerful tag team!

SHEEEEEEEEET AJ Styles got the Calf Crusher on one and Danny got the YES Lock on the other! This is baaaaad! Good thing it’s not for the tag team titles!

See Brie? THAT’S THE WAY TO DO IT! Use the YES Kick and connect on the chest like your husband is demonstrating right now! How you manage to hit Liv Morgan’s headtop?!!!!

WHOA! Mis communication by Styles & Bryan enabled The Usos to send them to the USO penitentiary and lock that sh!t down!

Rusev Vs The Miz – Crown Jewel World Cup qualifying match! Still not cancelled then? Sorry wrestling fans! Offer Vincent Kennedy 20 BILLION and he MIGHT consider it…

Another American heads to Crown Jewel World Cup in THE MIZ! Er… is it too late to change the name to King of the Ring???

Aiden English baited it up, he sees Lana, his d!ck gets hard, then Lana kicks him there HARD! That is PAIN right there! Never mind the beat down Rusev was giving him!

Look at Jerry Lawler & Booker-T at commentary eating pancakes! Er wrong segment guys! I understand it’s New Day Vs The Bar for the tag team championships but I would be eating that while Eve Torres and Layla be in the ring… oh crap it’s not 2009 anymore….. awww shucks…

This makes no sense! Why would The Big Show interfere? To quote Gorilla Monsoon ‘What business does he have down there?’

Maybe he’s bex that The Bar threw all the pancakes one side and all over the floor!

A WHA DE? CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! The Big Show! Chokeslammed Kofi Kingston through the table!

Yes boy s and girls that was the 1,325th heel turn from Big Show! YOU LIKE HEEL TURNS DON’T YOU?

EDGE is growing his hair back! You know what that means – RETURN CONFIRMED! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Actually I shouldn’t laugh…given Danny Bryan & Shawn Michaels recently…)

Now – as you look at Becky Lynch close up – you can see that is a pretty girl, a sexy girl, the type of girl, you wanna bring home… and play this as you get busy!

Unlike Alexa Bliss – who is PLASTERED with make up and foundation – sorry guys – she just ain’t pretty!

I don’t know if Edge is giving Becky words of wisdom or he’s actually thinking ‘damn if I held out I wouldn’t have settled for Beth Phoenix’!


“You’re right… I don’t like myself… I LOVE MYSELF!”

YES BECKY! I love you too! She has the right attitude! You see if you LOVE YOURSELF, others will love you! It’s the truth!

“You love what you’ve become? Then you gonna luuuurve what I do to you!” I knew it! Even Charlotte wants to get in Becky’s pum-pum! I’m telling you – Becky just oozes sex appeal right now!

Look at Finlay and Jamie Noble trying to split them up – more like getting a sneaky feel of those breasts! I don’t trust either of them! Jamie Noble used to f**k his sister ‘Nadia’ and Finlay looks like a dirty old man! He wants to use his… shillelagh!!!!!


Rey Mysterio Vs Shinsuke Nakumura – winner goes to Crown Jewel! This is a heartbreak either way!

Hold on a second – Rey advances! The question remains – does that technically make Rey a #1 contender for the U.S. championship????

Ok – TIME TO FIND OUT…WHO I AM!!!!! Will these guys make a cameo appearance at the all women’s PPV?

YEAH YEAH WE KNOW – Evolution was a RAW STABLE – WE KNOW! Just be f**k!n happy we are seeing Batista & Ric Flair! Triple had his Smackdown moments, Batista & Randall had crazy Smackdown success.. so to that I say this –


Look at Triple Teef while Batista is bigging Randy Orton up! That dude makes me laugh so much! Sometimes I forget why I hated him back in the day!

Ric Flair is IMPOSSIBLE to hate! Even after his alleged racist remarks at certain points in his life! Hip Hop clearly doesn’t care about that so why should I?

Wait a minute I know WWE edited this for YouTube but I heard when Batista said to Ric ‘ keep it in your pants’! and was swinging the mic around making reference to Ric’s…er… moving on!!!



Batista just went Kenshiro Hokuto Shin Ken on Triple! I hit a secret power point!!!!

I was hoping for Rock Vs Triple H at WrestleMania 35 but hey, I don’t complain on the internet!

FINALLY! the DON OF DONS! the conscience of Smackdown! The man who was there before AJ Styles built that house! The man who was there before the Doctor of thuganomics was all about that Ruthless Aggression, the man who was there before the next big thing, the man who was there from Smackdown Episode 1!

Simply put – DX – You’re going in that box Undertaker made for you both 20 years ago! And take your hammer with you!

In retrospect, maybe they didn’t need to go 3 hours… it would have been nice though… The Rock’s absence might be unforgivable to some wrestling fans though! Nah Rock you gotta free up some of your schedule homie! But saying that – when you do appear at a random RAW or a Wrestlemania with that flame thrower you had, they complained on the internet so F**K EM!



STC 2018 logo3








SAM_3844Allow me to introduce my wrestling alter-ego – The Infamous Informer, a.k.a. Grant Body -P! You can find my weekly WWE RAW blogs elsewhere on this site, or the Cage Amateurs UK website, or the BDSIR NETWORK website. This other side of me is a wrestling fan, but sometimes I’m not always proud to be one, because of how fans can act sometimes. I will tell you straight – I DON’T take wrestling seriously, but smart enough when it comes to common sense. I hate dirt sheets, because half the time they talk sh!t, and I think they are the cause of wrestling fans being so critical. I am a proud admin of FB group ‘WWE Smack Talk Centre’, you can request to join – http://www.facebook.com/groups/smacktalkcentre – but DON’T BE A WEIRDO, by that I mean someone who spams sunglasses in groups, somebody who posts endless rants about John Cena in a negative, or somebody pretends to be a sexy woman who claims to love wrestling on some fake profile sh!t… Follow Us – Pon Di Twitta @stc_wwe. That’s how the f**k we roll!

But enough of that sh!t! This blog is a response by STC member @kingvaughnjr720, who recently wrote his Fantasy WrestleMania 32 Match card, he broke down the rivalry, stories, the match and it’s outcome. You can check it out HERE. Remember the key word is FANTASY, meaning NOT REAL, meaning his imagination ran wild. So I decided to write mine, which won’t be as detailed, biased in places, but will be more realistic and still has that comedic fantasy element that only the Infamous Informer knows well. So let’s get into it…

Big BIG WrestleMania 32 LOGOSinging America The Beautiful: Heather Victoria.

Good chance is you don’t know her. The Grant says – GET TO KNOW! By this time she will have an album out called Black Girl Story on 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records. I’m in love with this woman in many ways, her appearance, her humbleness, her music, and appeal.

heather victoria nobodyRecommended tracks: Nobody, Not Taking You Back featuring Rapsody, Don’t Take Your Love Away… YOUTUBE EM!


I mean… come on… Chilli is an official wrestling fan. I remember making a suggestion to WWE on twitter saying that Chili should host WrestleMania and Chilli herself re-tweeted it and it went viral.

Chilli TLCIntercontinental Title Jump Off: Dolph Ziggler Vs Hideo Itami

No secret: I DON’T LIKE Dolph Ziggler. I never will, He will NEVER become World Wrestling Federation Champion, but I respect his fighting style. By this time, Ziggler has returned to his true HeelZiggler roots. F**k all this fan favourite sh!t… it’s getting him nowhere. Hideo Itami, was in the battle royal at WrestleMania 31, now he’s made it to the main roster. Should be a fantastic opening wrestling contest, and fans are still wanking because Itami dropped his GTS (the SUPERIOR version) on Ziggler and beat him.


Featuring a lot of mid-carders. I ain’t tryna name em all here f**k that! Just like it was when Crash Holly won the title and said it should be defended any time, anywhere, let’s bring that sh!t back with Dean Ambrose as the holder. Defend that sh!t for 20 mins all over the AT&T stadium!


I was gonna put Sheamus in Bray’s place, but I think Bray Wyatt would fit the storyline crazy. The Wyatt family reforms, Finn Balor got his wild body paint going on, it would be a battle of mind games and ruckus (and entrances) but I don’t think my dude Finn Balor is sweating a reformed, badder than ever Wyatt Family…


Yeah I WROTE IT!!! Say what you want… this says DREAM (or NIGHTMARE) match depending how you look at it! Check it 119_WM32Press_01202015ej_1583 out – these two have been bredrin for a minute now, you see pics with them together and all that posted all over the net, it would be on some ‘match you would never see sh!t’, generations collide sh!t… Hulk Hogan just can’t help himself – he just have to be apart of big BIG WrestleMania in some capacity. So he trains up crazy, took his vitamins, drank his milk and all that, either Hogan dons the red & yellow and Cena turns evil, or Cena is his usual fruity pebble self, and Hogan sends for his NWO threads. A friendship gone sour if you will…


I hear some of the jabronies out there: ‘the divas title should be defended…’ The Grant says shuddup. Next, SHUDDUP. Third, go to the toilet, because that’s what you do when diva matches come on… you worse than the gyal dem – that’s a female trait – 5 women going to the bathroom together at a club to take a p!$$, running down guys, doing make up, taking selfies… yeah I said it – you wrestling fans are worse than b!tches!


040615-UFC-Ronda-Rousey-and--Stephanie-McMahon-PI.vresize.1200.675.high.65This sh!t has been building up or months, through the twitter, while Rousey fights in the UFC, Stephanie running her mouth outside the Octagon, they were once friends and sh!t, but Stephanie too outta order and bright! But you saw Stephanie’s fighting style at Summerslam last year – the girl can fight! Rousey gets ‘additional training’ by the likes of Paige and Charlotte Flair, you got divas supporting Rousey, then you got divas supporting Stephanie because they feel Rousey ‘stole their spot’ on some #GiveDivasAChance sh!t… imagine Rousey coming down the ramp like she does at UFC all bex and sh!t!!! Stephanie goose cook!

Still going to the toilet???? HA! HA! HA! HA!!!!


I’m sick of all that Machine Gun Garbage and all that Flo-rida sh!t WWE tries to call hip hop to the fans… bring some REAL HIP HOP to the AT&T stadium… I can see STC’s Anthony Cardenas and BDSIR Network’s Mike Knoxxx wilding in that capacity crowd right now! Method Man & Redman are genuine Wrestling fans… so why not bring them in? Keep it real huh?!


The Ascension (Champions) Vs Lucha Dragon Vs New Day Vs Uso Brudda

F**k splitting up tag teams after 3 months and sh!t! Remember back in the days? Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian were teams for years! F**k that – go further than that! LOD! Rockers! Earthquake & Typhoon! Rock & Roll Express! Harlem Heat! Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas! Keep the tag team division thriving! I think this match would be WILD! You put them four teams up in there… think of what the Ascension can REALLY DO…. WROOOOOY!!!!


Check it out, What if Danny Bryan was gonna win the Rumble a THIRD TIME, but this time Shawn Michaels pops out of nowhere and super kicks Danny out the rumble, leaving Uhaa Nation to win the rumble? (at this point, Uhaa is booed because he came up to the main roster too quick and was shot up to the main event because he was hand-picked by both Triple and Vincent Kennedy… and I’m jumping up and down saying #WhoeverLosesIWin)

If Danny can’t main event WrestleMania because Triple told HBK to do that, then Danny goes off the edge… continuously attacks HBK until HBK is forced to come out of retirement for one more match.

Before you jabronies try to stone me for HBK’s happy retirement, let me remind you that this is a FANTASY card, half this sh!t may never happen, and this ain’t a serious blog. Look at King Vaughn’s blog! Half the card he wrote has dead wrestlers on it! And yet he made it sound like an incredible card!

THE ROCK Vs TRIPLE TEEF (Austin as Special Referee)

Rock Vs Triple WM32 They teased it on Smackdown last year, they mentioned 100,000 people… think about it, where else can this match happen? Both of em can still go…. I see no problem in it – LET IT HAPPEN! One more time! Yes! Let’s do this! Their rivalry in the attitude era – I was so invested… Triple was so EVIL… The Rock was that dude that they tried to keep down, usually The Rock does his usual comedy promos, but Triple set off an angry side of The Rock… THAT’S how to be a HEEL!

As far as Austin… Fantasy or no fantasy – Austin might wanna go again in the ring, but CM P**k loves his time in the UFC, win or lose! That match ain’t happening! Sure I would love to see Austin drop 10 stunners on that ungrateful brat… sh!t can’t he go to the UFC and do it in the octagon! Hey it’s a fantasy right?


Somehow the mayor of Suplex City came back with a vengeance! Seth Rollins got hurt…. and so did Roman Reigns…Brock’s being putting muthaf***az on the shelf for joke! Brock never lost that title! He wasn’t involved in the decision! Now, it IS a fantasy card, so #BlackWrestlersMatter… imagine this: Suppose Uhaa Nation becomes the World Wrestling Federation Champion??? Does the unthinkable? Out wrestles Brock to the point where Brock has to send for the shooting star press to try to defeat Uhaa? Don’t take this for a Brock/Goldberg match! Have you seen what Uhaa can do??? You better look on YouTube!!!

Brock Lesnar didn’t sign a new deal for nothing yo!!!!


I told you this was biased!!!! F**k all that 15-20 years too late sh!t, Sting held his own against Triple, and Undertaker showed Wyatt that bad man move in silence…

sting_vs_the_undertaker_wrestlemania_32_by_sebaz316-d8noopxIn fact this has been 15-20 years in the making! Look how WWE did that Monday Night War episode where they made these careers parallel to each other, all the legacy, all the loyalty… but there can only be one! Sting wanted this match, the WWE Universe wanted this match, some of the IWC does NOT want this match… who wins???? ME!!!!!! Entrances phenomenal, Record setting crowd on their feet, IWC B!tches doing research saying there was really 80,000 muthaf***az up in the AT&T stadium… I don’t know why they are concerned about that sh!t… I mean, when I watch WrestleMania, do i suddenly pause the action and think…”I wonder how many muthaf***az are up in here??? 1,2….(pointing with my finger)” EXACTLY! Yeah you forgot who I am didn’t you!


Imagine RAW the next day. A farewell ceremony to both Sting & Undertaker… by that time I would have reached my milestone 36 years. I have never had a tear in my eye watching this wrestling sh!t… I suppose there’s a first time for everything… at the same time, I got all this Undertaker DVD selection, all this WWE Network sh!t…. plus both would make appearances here and there…. yeah I’ll quickly wipe the tears now!

Big ups to @KingVaughnJr720 for inspiring me to write this. Clearly a lot of this sh!t wouldn’t happen but I can assure you of this, come that time, I will be hype as a muthaf***a, (what if Ziggler is in the main event Grant?) Let’s be real. I don’t give a damn! If he was, more power to him! I just hope whoever his opponent was, he would BRUKK HIM UP! To me when it goes down to it, it’s all about one man: UNDERTAKER. That’s the truth! F**k all this complaining online – I ain’t got time for that!

MIKE KNOXXX: Legend of a Championship Belt King

581647_10200431230641559_2041328582_nIn sports you have great major events, the World Series, the Superbowl, The World Cup, and the Olympic Games and so on. In the world of pro wrestling, the most recognizable main event is WrestleMania. Casual and hardcore fans around the world gather to watch the spectacle and watch their favourite stars or in some cases, celebrities rumble in the squared circle.

It is an exciting time for fans this year as WrestleMania marks its 30th Anniversary, and an even more exciting time for US Radio Personality Michael Pearman or better known by his presenter name Mike Knoxxx, whose successful blog talk radio show is celebrating five years of broadcasting. So we go inside the mind of Mike Knoxxx as he shares his secrets to his success and his relationship with God.

One doesn’t simply want to become a journalist as a child. Yes these days children are bright but a journalist won’t be their first choice, so what did Mike dream of being?

“As a child I wanted to be a baseball player. Ya’know, You have child dreams of what you see on TV and, being a black kid growing up in a… you know pretty much in a white world, baseball was still my favourite sport, and the best athlete at the time to me in baseball, you know like Darryl Strawberry (pre-drugs) and guys like that so I thought that I’d actually be a baseball player, up until my senior year in high school I thought I was gonna play baseball, I had no doubt in my mind besides in my senior year around about the time (the film) Jerry Maguire came out, and I began to think oh – I could do something in sports as far as talking and things like that but I didn’t react on it, I was too much in the streets at that point…”

You wouldn’t think that a simple film such as that would actually plant a small seed in the mind of Knoxxx that would grow and manifest into the success he has become now. As babies we don’t remember a lot and it’s not until around our 3rd birthday that our memory cells fully develop. The same holds true for Knoxxx’s career change.

“I don’t where it (the career change) came from, you know what it is, it came to me working for a glass company, and I did a lot of driving around, and all I would hear was Sports Talk Radio, you know what I mean? I’ve always debated; I’ve always had the gift of gab, but listening to these so-called experts, knowing their background they are getting paid millions of dollars a year, like I’m talking about some of the best in the world, people like Jim Rome, who I admire a lot, not slaying their credentials, but mostly Philadelphia sports talk people, I hated how they talked about me as a fan, you as a fan, that you got no intelligence to the product that we’re watching on television and they would make fun of us, so I say well, who are they to do that? So I’m gonna do a show to give to people like myself to have a voice.”

MIKE KNOXXX HOFListeners of Mike Knoxxx’s shows will tell you that it sounds like a hilarious debate in a barbershop and you have a slight fear that the barber will mess up your hair because you all there in so much laughter. This is the unique reason that keeps the interest of listeners. Generally listeners have a short attention span, and in wrestling, the stars usually have gimmicks. So Knoxxx explains how the barbershop gimmick came about and breaks down the initials B.D.S.I.R.“There’s an American sports show, called the ‘Best Damn Talk Show Period’. They had like Rodney Peete was on it, NBA player John Salley, Tom Arnold was one of the hosts, and I actually loved the show, and I said well ‘damn that was the best damn sports show’, so I’m gonna be the Best Damn Show In Radio, so the initials B.D.S.I.R. came from that…” Realizing that the more known sports shows covered wrestling on Monday nights or Tuesdays, Knoxxx took a calculated risk to begin airing his shows on a Saturday evening because he thought that was missing in the market. It could make or break him but with passion and faith he would succeed. “I’ve always had the passion, to just talk and do sports and to me that’s what sports talk is and that’s what wrestling talk is –it’s a bunch of your friends talking like you’re in a barbershop and if anybody’s familiar with ya’know going into an urban barbershop, if anybody has seen Coming To America with Eddie Murphy you will see that the conversation that was going on was in the barbershop, and if you saw the movie ‘Barbershop’ so that’s how my people talk, so I decided to make a show just like that hence the acronym ‘Where Barbershop Meets Talk Radio’ came into play because that’s who we are, we on the radio but it’s a barbershop feel and so it became a career choice, no longer a hobby once people told me I was getting good at it and I look to a way to make my wife proud to do something in my life, you know most people decide ‘I’m gonna be a rapper’, or ‘I’m gonna get into real estate’ or ‘I’m gonna make a barbershop’ but hey – I decided I’m gonna do what I’m good with, and that’s using my mouth, no broke-back…(laughs)”

With that passion and a loving wife, those were the main driving forces for Knoxxx to keep going and work hard. The responses he got from the people made him look to study and get the qualifications he needed to become as great as his idol Jim Rome.

“It’s actually been a long grind, this Saturday will be 5 years since we started, and itMIKE KNOXXX CHAMPIONSHIP BELT KING just started on Justin.TV just talking to people on Facebook saying hey go do a half time show, I think the (L.A.) Lakers were playing the (Orlando) Magic in the play-offs, and at that point in time,  as I was making a career, taking the steps to make my family proud and make my wife proud, my mother proud, I thought that the best idea was either school, or there’s a program out here called the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, is where instead you go to college for 4 years, you go to learn this trade on how to do radio talk and talking to a lot of people I get a lot of different advice on which one to take, both needing to be done than rather putting one before the other, I thought OK, at my age I don’t have time to look at a lower entry job. If I can have a degree, or once I do make it and it gives me more money because they see a degree, then that’s the one I’ll have to take because that’s what my family needs, I can’t I can’t start off at 30, $50,000 a year, I gotta start off with somewhere between 50 and $75,000 a year, so that’s why I chose to get my degree. Now turning it into business just sorta happened because people became fans of the network and it grew to such a big thing at the time, one show wasn’t enough. And as I sit here like I said, coming from the streets, having a family, wanting to provide, who better to lead than me? I always use The Rock’s words ‘Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth’, if you Know Your Role, you could play it very well. If you Shut Your Mouth, you can listen to people that’s around you and do what you have to do to get by, and you go by that things will happen so turning it into a business it has been a slow grind, it’s been a steady grind, at one point having nine shows on the network to now we have four, because of people having a passion for what I do. People like Smack Talk Centre in the UK, I think they are coming up to their second year, and that’s impressive, just guys who have a passion to do it. So at this point just getting my degree, and doing what I have to do like you see with hip hop artists and actors and actresses, I gotta start sending demo reels to people, I gotta do the necessary steps to get myself out there. If B.D.S.I.R. blows up it’s great but Mike Knoxxx needs to blow up bigger.”

In those five years, Knoxxx has conducted interviews with some of the most high-profile wrestlers in the business such as Bret Hart, Tully Blanchard of the 4 Horsemen, Rikishi and Ahmed Johnson. Some of which were so controversial it found its way into top wrestling media outlets including the Bleacher Report. Knoxxx gives his praises to the most high, puts it down to fate and admits to being positively arrogant… “I like to say that I’m the above the intelligent wrestling fan. So to put that in radio terms – I am above the intelligent radio personality, I am more – I’m not 16 years old, I’m not 25 so I have to do different things. I have become friends with these guys, so finding them through social networking; I became friends so I’ve been highly blessed by God to get those interviews.”
Can anyone just go on radio and present a show? The real answer is not really. There is an art to this. Just as any career path, Michael Pearman had to endure obstacles.  It was more trying to find people of equal passion as him to help run the network and not take it as a hobby. Mike takes pride in what he does and keeps striving. “I take this seriously, and like Shawn Michaels I lost my smile for a second there, (referring back to when Shawn controversially relinquished the WWF title in 1997) but I got my smile back, this is not Summerslam, Street Fighter – this is REAL LIFE, so if y’all think five years has been good, by the next five it’s gonna be even greater.”
On subject of the next five years, Pearman is not one who puts out long-term goals. He goes day-to-day, week to week, month to month, year to year, but as a Christian and a firm believer, he puts all his faith in the hands of God. Ideally he wants to be living out in California, and further expand the network. Knoxxx celebrates his five years on the network by recognizing a woman’s worth in announcing the annual Top 25 celebrity women on Saturday March 22 6:30 EST which he calls the Instagram edition because of the craze of ‘selfie’ photos. Knoxxx makes a bold claim: “I will be as big as the pictures I picked off Instagram that gets 157,000 likes just because a girl bent over…! How about that??!!!”
So if this is not is hobby, what is? Some people collect comic books, action figures, rare artifacts, or an addict for sneakers. All wrestling fans have one thing in common: They all wished they could hold a championship belt. But Mike Knoxxx is known as the championship belt king. He is an addict for championship belts. Even wrestlers that are and were in the business wish they had as many belts as Mike Knoxxx. When asked about his ‘obsession ‘ Knoxxx responds like he’s about to jump in the ring preparing to defend his titles… Mike Knoxxx championship belt king 2“What do you mean where did it come from??!! Are you not a wrestling fan?!! Were you not a child making cardboard wrestling belts?!!! You grabbed the aluminium foil; once you had a cardboard belt it wasn’t good enough! You put the aluminum foil on there, you won’t believe this but this is a true story – they had gold aluminum foil – I know that doesn’t make sense because aluminum is silver, but it was gold in colour! And that was the next step and as I became an adult I saw people with (championship belts) and I just don’t know how they got em so I thought ‘well they must got some money…
Jay-Z’s first album was ‘Reasonable Doubt’, which he regards as his ‘baby’. The same holds true for Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘Enter the 36 Chambers’, they hold that in regard as their baby… we always remember our first experiences (and in some cases we want to forget them) but Mike Knoxxx’s belt is definitely one to be remembered but a unique one at that… how many people can say their wife brought them a championship belt for Father’s day? Namely – the WWE Undisputed title that was held by the likes of Brock Lesnar, JBL, and the late Eddie Guerrero to name a few.
“My favourite title of all time is the television title from NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) more synonymous with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Magnum T.A. guys like that, so I’ve always loved belts with colour. I got the Million Dollar Belt, the Intercontinental belt the list goes on and on y’all seen the pictures… I like to collect wrestling belts I know NOBODY that have more belts than me, I know that people do, I’ve just been profiled higher so my love for wrestling belts came from being a wrestling fan…”

They say that the internet killed wrestling, at the same time made it even bigger. While we have things like the WWE Network which initially had its minor bugs at launch, but it has received positive reviews from the fans, at the same time we are in an era where people voice their opinions on the internet, it is clear that wrestling has changed a lot over the years. Mike Knoxxx gives his thoughts on the current state of pro wrestling.

“My state is…. (Pauses) what age are you….??? Are you 6 like my son? He sees wrestling differently, and then some kids I drive on a school bus, that maybe 10-12, think differently from a 15-18 year old, different to the 18-25, and so forth being myself being 39… that’s where wrestling is, wrestling is where you grew up at, how much you can tolerate and much of an adult you can be. How much you can separate, you being what you want, to watching what the package is. I’ve said on my show several times that I am desensitized from wrestling. Wrestling doesn’t disappoint me at all because I’ve seen all the disappointments. All they can do for me is excite me, when they do something That I’m of doing, I’m fortunate enough to have a son that loves it like I did as a child. So it even brings more joy to my heart when I see my little son, as soon as he hears John Cena’s music he runs and get his brawling buddy, you know what I’m saying or not like guys that I want him to like, because he’s not just watching it for me even though he is, I say ‘hey you don’t like this guy? Like Big E Langston?’ I’m like ‘nah you gotta like Big E Langston!’ you know what I’m saying he’s like ‘nah! I like the Big Show!’ things like that so you know wrestling today, people are so angry it’s like; I hate to put it this deeply, Mike Knoxxx Cenawrestling fans is like, the segregation… is like, and that’s how far apart what we call the Internet Wrestling Community Vs what I rename – the ‘Mark universe’… because you got guys like myself who just wanna watch the product, we could care less if this guy gets over or that guy gets over, we might say, ‘hey man that should’ve happened’ but for the most part we’re like ‘well hmmm…whatever..’ You know you got the other guys that live in that ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) world – grew up in that universe obsessed with this guy, it happened to be realistic, when wrestling has always been storyline, if you ever watched wrestling from a child to an adult like most people will have, some become a wrestling fan as a teenager you become a wrestling fan your whole life. So you grow up watching wrestling you realize… what can it do anymore? So for me wrestling is still good. I wouldn’t watch it every week or have a talk show about it, I wouldn’t do reviews about ‘em, you know what I’m saying? I wouldn’t collect belts, wrestling is big as it’s always been but is it what it was? Of course not but I’m also grown now, so It can’t be what it was because it’s years later, you know what I mean wrestling moves through so I say take a chill, erm, they hate us saying this and they know who they are, they hate us saying this: ‘You wouldn’t watch Twilight, because you said, you didn’t like it…’ right I always say to people you saw Twilight, you can tell me if Twilight was bad or not but if you watch a trailer of twilight and say ‘that’s the worst movie ever?’ Then you have no knowledge to have that opinion. People say ‘you cannot knock a person’s opinion’, I can knock your opinion if it’s biased without any kind of knowledge, where’s the knowledge to your opinion. Not just giving me some… ya’know, I don’t like you because you gotta du-rag on your head, that makes no sense – like you don’t even know me but you don’t like me because I gotta du-rag on my head! What if I’m tryna grow waves? What if I gotta head sore? What if I’m Muslim? You don’t know why I’m wearing a du-rag? It’s just on my head, that’s wrestling fans… so I enjoy it through my son and as an adult, I enjoy it! Whereas wrestling, wrestling is always gonna be what it is in my heart… – a male soap opera you know you’re a wrestling fan – how about this: You know you’re a wrestling fan when you’re DVR, and you don’t even watch the matches!!!”

Ceo Mike Knoxxx

The one quality in Michael Pearman is that he is an optimistic person, to the point where fans may mistake him for a WWE fan boy. He has become someone who can be the voice of reason and can give knowledge, wisdom and understanding to aspiring journalists while he is still a student of the game himself.

“Don’t do what I’ve done, and take time off. In five years, I should have done more, and if you have faith in God you have to know that you have to have faith. My son is six years old and he said, ‘Dad I don’t see God…how do I know he’s there?’ and I said ‘you have to have faith’. You have to know that he’s there you have to talk to God and feel his presence. That’s what you gotta be to me when it comes to your career. It can apply to anything not just radio just have faith, don’t worry about the negatives. If you don’t take the risks, you don’t know nuthin… I take the line from After Earth from Will Smith when he says ‘are you scared? Are you afraid or are you fearful?’ because if you’re afraid that means you’re telling the future, you’re not a fortune teller you don’t know what’s gonna happen, you’re not God you don’t know what’s in the future. So have faith and go all out. Don’t take breaks, and be unique. I say this and it’s the truth, I’m not just saying it, everybody has experiences in some sort of fashion, if you are a leader, I have done so much in five years that’s been ripped off. I know for a fact I was the first person doing promotional ads with other people and having commercials and things like that, that can be played and people have seen it. I was the first one to have a unique theme song not just music ripped off from somebody else. You know what I mean? Be unique, be the next person. And those of you that are tryna be like me, you will not be me because every time you take one step forward, I’ma take three more! So keep that in mind… a pastor came to my church one time and said, ‘you cannot come to my house if you’re not a trail blazer.’ Hence I had a show called Young Trail Blazers once b
Lexy Panteraefore… I might actually re-hash that show – that was a good show. I’m a walking contradiction – One of the things that bothers me is… I don’t wanna die, and no one come, no one knows anything about me, I haven’t made a mark. Make a mark on this earth, whether it’s in your life, whatever it is, I wanna pass away and give my kids a legacy to live by. My kids have something to tell their kids and so forth and go on. So be somebody, God put you here for a reason. Figure out what that reason is and go for it.”

The BDSIR Network 5th Anniversary Top 25 Celebrity Women guest stars Lexy ‘Twerkout’ Pantera and it airs Saturday March 22, 6:30pm EST, 10.30pm GMT.  Download link available on iTunes or stitcher after the show. Click on Lexy (pictured left) to go straight to the link!



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SABU: Meeting a Hardcore Legend

Promotional Flyer courtesy of Iron Skull Productions

Promotional Flyer courtesy of Iron Skull Productions

There is a saying that goes: ‘There is a first time for everything…’ I cannot lie to you, I am a lucky person when it comes to ‘first times’… My first concert I ever went to was Kanye West (pre Graduation)… The first stag/bachelor party – I was the best man, my first album purchase was Chef Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… my first WWE star I met was Melina… it’s an impressive resume/CV of first times… (what about the first time you had se-) Yo that’s personal..! I’m not telling you about that!!! But since you are too nosey and really wanna know, this is how it went down…

This ain’t Wendy Williams – we don’t do that over here!!!

But I can add another first time to the list, the first time I went to a live pro wrestling event, and I was asked to be the ring announcer. Not only that, but to meet the TNA/WWE/ECW Legend Sabu… and carry out an exclusive interview with him. How many wrestling fans can say they have done that???

August 23, 2013, Worcester UK would be my moment. The wrestling promotion named themselves after my favourite hip hop group of all time – (Wu-Tang Clan), and has that blend of pro wrestling and hip hop and so to be asked to be the ring announcer was an honor and privilege. Knowing that I’m about to share the squared circle with a hardcore legend, yes I had butterflies, yes I had goosebumps, yes, I was starstruck, but I knew I had to shake all that off and get the crowd hype.

I drew my energy from my inspirations, one of them, The Rock. There has been many wrestlers past and present that has held the mic and cut promos and captivated the crowd, but none of them… has done it like The Rock. To me, he changed the mic game. Usually the heel commentator is supposed to support the heels (bad guys) and say anything negative about the babyfaces (good guys), but The Rock’s mic skills were so gripping, funny and revolutionary that the heel commentator (in this case – Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler) couldn’t say anything bad about him. I never thought that I could grip the audience like that, and being the Wu-Tang fan that I am, used the traditional WU-TANG!!! chant and switched it up. Gripped the crowd instantly and got them hype for the matches and made them extra magical.

The other inspiration was Bruce Buffer of the UFC. Michael Buffer may be the original voice of ring announcing but Bruce took voice hyping to a new level. I have seen MMA fighters really get fired up hearing Bruce introduce them and actually become fans of Bruce himself. Michael is known for his saying ‘Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!’ Bruce is known for his saying ‘It’s TIME!!!!’ and has written a book with the same title. I combined that with Wu-Tang’s classic track and said ‘It’s Time To Bring The RUCKUS!!!’ for the main event. Once again, it worked, and the more hype the fans were, the more the wrestlers put in that extra energy for their performance. To hear the fans chant for Sabu, his opponent Mark Haskins who was the hometown hero, the ECW chants and ‘THIS IS AWESOME!!’ chants were just amazing. There was that hilarious moment where Sabu was reaching out for the steel chair to use on Haskins, and my co-host Jazz Kumar (pictured below, centre with Sabu) acted like he was Sabu’s manager and sneakily handing him the chair! How the crowd did not see that and not boo him was beyond me!

Gotta give it up for the other wrestlers on the night; Tukay, El Ligero, Big Grizzly, Richtor, Slade Mercer, Sam Wilder Barnsley, Rik Van Damage, Mad Man Manson, Dan Maloney, T-Bone and Dave Mastiff (I botched his name and he told me how to pronounce his name correctly, he looks more intimidating than Fandango I can tell you that!) They all put on an amazing performance as they fed off the energy of the crowd.

Photo courtesy of Michael Beckley & Jazz Kumar

Photo courtesy of Michael Beckley & Jazz Kumar

Sabu himself is a great guy. As he walked past us at first, our legs turned to jelly and was like 7 year old boys all over again seeing a larger than life character saying hello to us and remembered us from social media, even buying him a drink at the bar was a big deal – how many fans can say they shared a drink with a superstar like Sabu? I’ll give you a hint: NOT MANY! The interview me and  Jazz Kumar conducted was a surreal moment, we learned who he rates as the best wrestler ever, the origin of his ring name and his feelings towards WrestleMania 28 & 29 main eventers The Rock & John Cena in which he felt highly of. Understand what I’m telling you here, this is the same man I watched on TV bounce off the ropes, jump on a chair, on the top ropes, and leg dropped John Cena through the announce table, and I’m sitting next to the guy having a laugh like he’s long time friends with me and Jazz… taking pictures with him pointing to the sky…. I WANT THE SKY BABY!

Let me tell you something, I can compare this experience to the first time I went to a strip club… you can feel the addiction instantly… I’m already itching to go to the next live pro wrestling event, now I understand why fans stop at nothing to get their hands on tickets to attend these events…I dread to think what a WWE experience would be like… I have that feeling that it won’t be long before my opportunity comes… you see in the UK it is not often we are in the presence of greatness, superstars like Sabu and the WWE/TNA stars come to the UK like twice a year… and if you want to meet your favourite stars, you grab that opportunity by the throat and squeeze the life out of it. That’s what me, Jazz and our friend Rich did (pictured above, right with Sabu) and I just want my fellow wrestling fans to lead by example. I just can’t help thinking that they missed out majorly on an opportunity like this. This was also Jazz’s first pro wrestling event as well and it meant a lot to him as it did me, going all the way back to Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior, in a world where we never thought that we would interview and talk to these guys we grew up with, let alone shake their hand and get an autograph!  The other thing I have to say is I am humbled by the feedback by the crowd and the wrestlers… I have never done ring announcing before, and I helped make the crowd go home happy and wanting more, I have my inspirations to thank for that. It was an anticipated event that the promotion dubbed : ‘The Moment Of Truth’,  and I think they achieved that.


Opening Match: Slade Mercer Vs Tukay

Winner: Tukay

Big Grizzly Vs Richtor
Winner: Richtor

Dave Mastiff Vs Mad Man Manson

Winner: Dave Mastiff

Three Way Dance: Sam Wilder Barnsley Vs ‘Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero Vs Rik Van Damage

Winner: ‘Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero

Dan Maloney Vs T-Bone
Winner: T-Bone

Main Event: Mark Haskins Vs ‘The Genocidal, Homicidal, Suicidal, Death Defying’ SABU
Winner: Mark Haskins


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Peace Smack Talk Centre. After all the hype, the promos, the anticipation, as you may have heard, In the eleventh hour I got denied the chance to watch Raw 1000 live at The Dog & Partridge due to unforseen circumstances. It was like the powers that be turned heel against me, like I could taste the WWE title and I got it with a sledgehammer, like JR was cussing like “Why?? Tell Me Why??” Like I was sitting next to Randy Orton on the bench, like the moment when you were a child and got denied the chance to see Jimmy Superfly Snuka (Shout out to Referee Tonya Stevens). Like Will Smith found out at the last-minute that he couldn’t join his family on the Oprah Winfrey Show (remember that Fresh Prince Of Bel Air episode?) Yes STC, I am not in the best of moods, which means the Infamous Informer is gonna take it out on your favourite superstars (this blog will get ugly…)

“See when the rain comes down, I know it’s falling for me, and only for me…and when the pain comes around, there’s nowhere else I rather would be, I know what I’ve done, Please forgive me…” (Jean Grae, My Story)


What an opening to Raw 1000!!!! Here’s me thinking I did a good job with the 45 minute STC Raw 1000 promo, these guys did it in 3 and a half minutes!!!! Moments spanning all eras of the WWE, even though I would have taken out those puppet business of the PG era – I hated that sh!t! One thing worth noting, in this edit, they didn’t include CM Punk’s Pipe Bomb…which was funnily enough, edited out of the STC version simply because YouTube kept banning my sh!t…other than that great job fellas, very good piece of work! And We see a new Raw stage as well!!!! It was only right!!!

First victim to receive the Infamous cussing is Jerry The King Lawler… I sorry Jerry, you are a don and all that, but you stated that ‘ALL OF DX’ will be present at Raw 1000, now I saw Triple H and Shawn Michaels say that there was ‘something missing…next minute Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac come through on the DX Tank…reminciscent of when they attempted to invade WCW…but didn’t I remember two women up in that crew??? Namely Chyna and Tori???? So that means NOT ALL OF DX were reunited, that’s like saying the Whole Wu-Tang are on stage and only 3 members of the original 9 turn up…at the same time Jerry I understand, what with Chyna showing her pum-pum on video and I ain’t tryna see that sh!t…plus her bitterness with Stephanie as well. So Jerry, I’ll let you off this time…don’t let it happen again!

Next to feel my wrath: Chris Jericho: Maybe Dolph Ziggler has a point, in fact he DOES have a point, when it comes to the big events, you lose, and Raw 1000 come, in a 6-man tag team match w’happen? YOU LOSE AGAIN!!!! You let Sheamus kick you down, man I liked the Chris Jericho who used to cuss Stephanie every week, not this blubbering mess!!! Dolph Ziggler is gonna brukk up your clart at Summerslam, and he might do it wearing pink trunks as well…you said that after Raw 1000, you are gonna be the only person everyone be talking about, well I’m talking about you muthaf***a, and it ain’t the way you like either!!! You DYAM ARSE! Dude you wack, and you wack at singing…Fozzy don’t make any noise over here, and that’s the rock/metal crew telling me that! You make me sick…step back…

OH MY GOD LOOK AT CAMERON & NAOMI!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! And I’m from the UK!!!! In fact f**k that, ALLAH BLESS THE BLACK WOMAN!!!! Yo! Black Men Magazine/King Magazine is calling you women!!!! You look so fine I’m not even gonna talk about Wack Swagger, Dude Love or Broadus Clay!!!! LIFE IS GOOD!

Daniel Bryan, do you take AJ to be your lawfully wedded wife? “YES! YES! YES!” AJ, do you take Daniel Bryan to be your lawfully wedded husband? “NO! NO! NO!” Record skip- AJ is the new General Manager by Vincent Kennedy?????!!!! HOLY CRAP! WHO SAW THAT COMING!! Certainly not the Yes-Man!!! Hell yeah I’m loving this sh!t!!! Well we have complained that WWE has been predictable lately but AJ DEFINES UNPREDICTABLE!!! Talk about new era, it is the CRAZY CHICK ERA!!! I support this, LET’S GO!! As for Daniel Bryan, tissues and lubricants are available at all good pharmaceuticals…

…and it’s bad enough me cussing your clart Daniel Bryan, it’s bad enough AJ shutting you down at the altar, but to have the Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment cuss you as well??? Now we know Bryan’s parents: A hopeless lumberjack and a ummpa-lummpa! (Is that how you spell it??) As CM Punk tries to hold the laughs in, he claims he will still be the champion by the Royal Rumble when The Rock will fight for the WWE title….Once again, Team Bring It ALL THE WAY BABY!!! But The Rock did have a wedding gift for Daniel Bryan….. ROCK BOTTOM!!! ROCK BOTTOM!!!

Unfortunately I have a problem with Rock’s announcement: See I don’t know if the STC clocked this, but The Grant believes that The Rock will WIN at the Royal Rumble, only to have a rematch with John Cena, defend the title and LOSE at WrestleMania XXIX…Not liking that picture at all…nothing against John Cena, but I don’t fancy seeing a rematch between the two as it takes away the whole ‘Once In a Lifetime’ concept…

Big up the man call Bret Hart! I loved his role as the ring announcer, I loved how he bigged up Christian, and then announced The Miz like he was a f***!n nobody… record skip- The Miz is the new Intercontinental Champion???? DAMMIT!!!! Now we gonna see this @$$hole at Summerslam… Er word to Michael Cole, the same applies to you, tissues and lubricants are available at all good pharmaceuticals, you and Daniel Bryan can go shopping together!!!! Ah what a lovely couple. You both then can watch DVDs or magazines of AJ, The Miz, and Vickie Guerrero and have a ripping good time!!!!


After Paul Heyman tell Triple seh ‘No, Brock nah fight yuh pon Summerslam’, Triple calls Brock a coward…Heyman goes below the belt and starts talking of Triple’s kids…Stephanie comes out and brings da ruckus to Paul Heyman!!!! GWARN Stephanie…b!tch slapping muthaf***az!!! Brock comes out trying to rush Triple, but gets beaten to the punch and fails to apply the Kimura Lock pon Triple! WROOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!! Summerslam it’s going off RUDE BOI!!!!

Shout out to Howard Finkel!!!!! Hold up…how come I haven’t seen my baby Lillian Garcia yet??? A wha de rarse????!!!!

I told that Heath Slater not to come to Raw 1000…and what da bwoy do? Him wann challenge somebody inna de back to a No DQ match….Lita???? oh word???? So The one Man Dyam Arse gets confident now…but Lita tell him seh she got some ‘protection’…UH – OH!!!! Here comes the APA to deliver some attitude beatings! Slater try fe run garrne, but the LOD’s music hits…OOOOOOOOOOOOOH WHAT A RUSH!!! Here comes Animal, and all his bredrins! Sycho Sid! Vader! DDP! Bob Backlund! Rikishi! Doink The Clown! Sgt. Slaughter! Rowdy Roddy Piper! And yes I did say APA, which means that Ron Simmons has the mic and looking at this imbecile for about 10 minutes before he gives his thoughts……………………………………………………………………………………………………. “DAMN!!!!” That’s what you get for disrespecting the legends of this business…you stupid muthaf***a!!!! You ain’t a Legend Killer! I can’t even cuss Randall because he’s here sitting next to me in the ‘You missed out’ section…

Next to feel my wrath… The UNDERTAKER HATERS….see it would have been these six jabronies who came out cussing that it’s the 1000th show and they don’t get no shine, so they wanna beat up my hero Kane… but I feel you Undertaker hating muthaf***az are gonna get got here… Now the unwritten golden rule in wrestling is, that if you see both The Undertaker and Kane in the ring together, your common sense tells you to leave the muthaf***!n ring. Not these guys, they feel it is power in numbers, which is usually true, but we talking Undertaker & Kane here!!!! Now you Undertaker hating b!tches talking about – ‘Undertaker is gonna announce his retirement at Raw 1000’ First of all, Shut the f**k up. Next, SHUT THE F**K UP. And finally, SHUT THE F**K UP PUT A SOCK IN IT PA, BE QUIET!!! Damn that track by Nas on the Life Is Good album is in my head…”Some say hating is confused admiration…” (Nas, Stay, 2012)

What a waste of a cash in with that Money Inna De Bank briefcase…In the contest between CM Punk and John Cena, The Big Show tries to bait it up for Cena (Just like I predicted last week) by P.unching him T.hrough S.chool B.uses…CM Punk didn’t really want to win that way but he thought f**k it…I’m gonna cover this dude…but Cena must have toughened up, because he got up after Big Show’s P.T.S.B. Realising that Show’s move didn’t work, Big Show comes back and then deliberately disqualifies CM Punk…but watch the twist…as Big Show continues the assault CM Punk actually turns his back… Show’s all time nemesis, The Rock comes through to lay the smackdown on the 441lbs, 7ft2 piece of steaming monkey crap…but then, CM Punk turns evil against The Rock!!!!! Was this a surprise? Was this a shock? Well I can’t lie, I checked through the STC and I saw a debate whether it was or not so The Grant says this…it was AND it wasn’t. You see when CM Punk dropped the pipe bomb last year he was a HEEL cussing The Rock about jumping into main events. A LIE ME A TELL? Check back in the YouTube archives. Furthermore, look at The Rock/Daniel Bryan/CM Punk segment…The Rock took centre stage and basically out performed him lyrically. The look on CM Punk’s face told the story. A LIE ME A TELL? Once again, look back at it. Of course Punk could have challenged The Rock as a face at the Royal Rumble but once again I pin it down to one person…that selfish @$$ John Cena who WON’T TURN EVIL…it would be an even more shocking moment if Cena turned evil, and it shakes up the storylines. With this direction now, admittedly I don’t know where the WWE is going from here especially with AJ running the dance…and plus the man who brought the most viewers to Raw – Stone Cold Steve Austin wasn’t even in effect!!! But wait….I just thought, maybe CM Punk’s heel turn is a move by WWE to build the epic confrontation between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin himself for WrestleMania XXIX….Well STC, what do you think about that????? The Grant says this: WrestleMania XXIX – Rock Vs Cena II for the WWE Title, CM Punk Vs Austin – grudge match, and Brock Lesnar Vs Undertaker – 21-0….