DISCLAIMER: The following content in this album does not necessarily reflect the views of Primal Winds… B.U.T… THEY UNDERSTAND!

CYD CoverCome on now we are all intelligent Hip Hop Heads here! If anyone here really thinks that Primordial Emcee and Iron Wind really walk the streets of Toronto swinging Samurai Swords or organizing shoot outs in the wild wild west… then you’re reading the wrong blog! Go over there and walk it like you talk it!

What Primal Winds take pride in, is emphasizing on their album concepts, and the result is a solid piece of work. They hope to keep the consistency going on their latest offering, taking it to the Wild Wild West. 16 tracks of the Spaghetti Western style fused with Hip Hop, further proving how versatile and adaptable this art-form truly is.

The album kicks off with the title track of the same name, the duo pay homage to Johnny Cash with their rendition. Unless your music taste is eclectic, you may not appreciate the direction these guys are going in as this track sets the tone of the album. Luckily for wrestling fans like myself, we will instantly recognize it from the latest promos from WWE superstar – The Undertaker who has taken a ‘Johnny Cash’ like approach to his character now.

Imagine, a Hip Hop house party in the Wild Wild West… apparently it’s a ‘Bush Party’ at the trailer park… it’s going to be interesting what visuals Primal Winds will do going forward.

Dead To Rights is a sure-fire album highlight. Only three tracks in, and the listener starts taking notice of the female vocalist appearing in the hook. She goes by the name of Alexa Ourania whose Instagram has some quite interesting images to say the least…

The only drawback being… that track ends a bit too quickly, but already, like the next skit says, this album starts to grip your ears and pull tight with the next banger ‘Hang Em High’. The homages continue in ‘Fistfull of Dollars’, where Primoridal claims to take heads of the wack rappers who run their mouth telling lie to the people on wax, otherwise they’d feel the wrath of a ‘Rattlesnake’ like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

‘Buckle Bunnies’ is a certified infectious banger with the subject matter directed at the

Alexa Ourania


cowgirls, once again Alexa Ourania steps in playing that role, and rightfully so. This is the part where I suggest to the Primal Winds that this should be a future video, with Alexa in it…cowgirl gear and all…

WWE should seriously consider using the next track as some sort of future promo for The Undertaker…best do it now while Undertaker is still active. Entitled ‘Tombstone’, the gunslinging pair are prepared to take this rap game to the end. Talking of gunslingers…

This is the latest lyric video featuring Madchild. Let’s keep in mind right at the beginning of this review, that Primal Winds do not necessarily promote gun violence, rather this is lyrics, over backdrops that fire like guns blazing on the set of Back to The Future in 1885.

The homage doesn’t stop there with The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly , which is closer to the concept than Consequence’s offering back in 2004, which was in itself a fantastic display of wordplay, but this doesn’t compare to the album’s arguably #1 highlight…

‘War Cry’ takes sonics most recognized from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and looped into epic fashion, and maybe, just maybe, if the album ended here, it would have been in a blaze of glory. But the duo felt confident they can go another five rounds, surviving a ‘Mexican Stand Off’, and celebrating in a ‘RoadHouse’… again, these are hot tracks, but the album is struggling to follow ‘War Cry’.

At this point the album is suffering from the ‘Stillmatic’ effect… by that I mean the album could have ended at Track 10/11, and any track that followed sound more like bonus tracks due to the track sequencing. But we always welcome back Alexa… she is the ‘Smokin Ace’ up their sleeve so to speak… great recovery!

‘Cowboy Up’ might be the most rock sounding, mosh pit infused track on the album, but these few tracks only prepared us for the album’s true ending – ‘Rising’… which pretty much silences any criticisms, albeit minor, found within the project.

Nit-picking aside, Primal Winds are truly becoming masters of their creativity, to take a different subject matter and make a body of work out of it, and at the same time keeping it true to them. If you ever wondered what Hip Hop would have been like in 1885, this is a true embodiment of that.







Eric B & Rakim. EPMD. Havoc & Prodigy. Method Man & Redman. Raekwon & Ghostface. M.O.P. Capone ‘N’ Noreaga. Skyzoo & Torae. Conway & Westside Gunn. Some of the Hip Hop duos that have stood the test of time through the annuls of Hip Hop history.



Iron Wind, more known for his detailed stories of Feudal Japan in his albums, has once again entered the battlefield, this time bringing along Primordial  a.k.a. District Prime who  won’t hesitate to engage in battle rap and explore the sciences. Having both appeared on each others separate projects, it was only right that the next logical step was to come together for a collaborative album.

2017 sees the pair come together  and become ‘PRIMAL WINDS’ in ‘T.Dot Stand Up’ which takes them both away from their comfort zone, and they are kind enough to bless RePPiN4U with an exclusive advanced copy of the album before it touches down to an iTunes store near you.

The album kicks off with ‘T.Dot Stand Up’ and  it’s their anthem praising the capital of the Maple Leaf country and how the city embraces the true essence of hip hop, and letting the world know that Toronto has been on the map way before he who just wanted ‘One Dance’ and a ‘controller’…

…so with that in mind they turn their attention to those who are ‘trapped in the 90s’ with ‘Bring It Back’, and then bless their ears into 2017 by flipping the sample Pete Rock used for ‘Straighten It Out’ in ‘Our Generation’. My guess is their first track will wind up being a video but this should get the visual treatment too. I believe with this, not only do they have a highlight on their hands, they will attract a wider audience instantly.

The pair remind us that they are just like us normal folk, no different, we gotta pay those ‘Bills’. Four tracks in and I strongly suggest that you go out and support this project. I give these guys props because their track sequence is on point in terms of track titles. Bills



need to be paid so they must go ‘On The Grind’ complete with classic scratches used as the hook which are so relevant., and of course, if you are on your grind, and the bills are paid, you can approach the opposite sex with confidence and let her know how she is ‘So Sexy’ over a nice Motown like beat you would hear somebody like the Temptations harmonize over.

Seven tracks in and the realization sets in that this project could be up there with the best of underground projects this year. It’s not easy in the ‘Concrete Jungle’ though. Here you see Primal Winds flowing effortlessly over a sonic which sounds like it should only be played at night while cruising in a convertible.

Primal Winds are very proud of their home of Toronto…however they make it painfully clear that Toronto is not all roses and  green pastures.



They align themselves with Cuban Pete on the track – ‘City Pulse’, with a backdrop sounding like an episode of CSI giving vivid storytelling on what happens when the sun goes down in Canada’s capital. This is complemented by ‘The Stakes’, where we see the two hit the casino and do just that – raise the stakes on their rhyming skills against any challenger.

‘Tonight’ features the sultry vocals of model Lucy Lovesick who presumably takes the role of ‘Hip Hop’ (as we like to refer to the culture as ‘H.E.R.’) but can also be seen as a double meaning as this sees the two take a slightly smoother approach in the music.

In ‘Making Moves’, the duo will do what it takes to get great reviews. (well almost… they won’t pay you to play their records or threaten to chop your head off or anything like that!) If you are not convinced then see the last review of Iron Wind’s The Warrior Inside on this site. Heads would have realised that this was the next logical chess move for the two emcees.

Die-hard Wu-trainspotters will recognize the beat that’s flipped here in ‘Afterparty’. This is some feel good vibe compared to the grim and awareness the Sunz of Man portrayed in ‘Israeli News’. The album closes out so soulful as the duo give their ‘Ode To Hip Hop’, as they tell their heartfelt stories of their hip hop journey, you cannot help but nod to it in celebration. These guys have a great ear for beats and this project is sure to get regular spins.



This is quality music that shows versatility and a different side to the emcees that we have known to love over the past decade, which is always good because you don’t want 10 albums from the same artist saying the same things and no growth. Stay tuned on RePPiN4U later this year and on our show on as we are sure to be playing these tracks and hearing in more depth from Iron Wind and Primordial.







“A samurai fears not death.

Struggles to triumph over evil.

And lives for one purpose –


THE WARRIOR INSIDE 2Gamers may recognise that quote from the video game Samurai Shodown, but to Canadian MC Iron Wind it means so much more. While his inspirations – the almighty Wu-Tang Clan have based their music around Shaolin Kung Fu, Chess, comic books and the like, Iron Wind has taken the samurai code. he has done a unique thing of taking the Japanese martial arts culture and combining them into real life philosophies. Iron Wind wants to take his listeners into the samurai way of living on his sophomore album and allows you to explore The Warrior Inside: a 21-track deep feature film with the Wu-Tang sound which fans will love.

Throughout the album the majority of the tracks has wise words from a samurai master and sets the tone of the album. Iron Wind has mastered the art of merging the hip hop drum with authentic Japanese instruments better than any hip hop producer, dare I say better than the clan’s Abbott himself. It is not to be seen as an insult by any means, but Iron Wind has fully immersed himself with everything Feudal Japan.

The album boasts many highlights that will leave a lasting impression. Wu-Tang trainspotters will instantly recognize the sample used in ‘The Soldier and the Samurai’, featuring Warrzone. Both MCs mercilessly assault the track which was used by Ghostface Killah in the track ‘Purified Thoughts’. ‘The Sound Of The Battlecry’ might be the most smooth sounding track. Here, Iron Wind tells the tale of the Battle of Nagasaki, and the historical figure of Nobunaga Oda.

In ‘Feudal Lords’, Iron Wind is joined by Primordial Emcee, as they break down the life of a Daimyo, who is seen as almost god-like. Iron Wind goes into detail in the interview he had on our RePPiN4U HIP HOP SHOW earlier this year. Check it out below.

Another unique highlight on the album is the track ‘Lady  Snowblood’. This is a breath oflady snowblood fresh air as your usual rapper may have a track or two dedicated to the ladies in a forced attempt to get a radio hit by record companies, Iron Wind chooses to base his desires on one of Japan’s most famous femme fatale.

Iron Wind also has a knack for keeping a good thing going and keeping a promise of a promise as he brings forth part 2 of ‘Bushido Blade’. Samurai storytelling at it’s best displayed here which is begging for a video to be created.

‘Knuckle Up’ is a straight no-nonsense banger which sees Iron Wind lay down his swords and opts for his lyrical fists to crush any challenger in a good ol’ fashioned rap battle. He would wear ‘Samurai Banners’ on his back if he could while performing on stage.

When you find a time to stop trashing Iggy Azalea, check for ‘Wind Chill’ which features a

queen eyelysee

Queen Eyelysee

real female MC in Queen Eyelysee from Berlin Germany. The problem with some hip hop heads is they allow themselves to be more concerned with what’s happening commercially while gems like this are often overlooked. Then in ‘Kill Em All’, Iron Wind, Knowledge Born & Sammo Heung go all out pillage mode. But it is Knowledge Born who steals the show here with a scathing verse about how corrupt the American government is and us as people go the wrong way about trying to get justice.

…and no, that is not the same Sammo Heung you saw in Ip Man 2 that’s on this album.

‘Iron God’ is the album’s major posse cut. Iron God, Jux Diamonds and Ern Dawgy go in over an epic backdrop reminiscent of the Clan’s ‘Heaterz’ from Wu-Tang Forever.

Iron Wind & Primordial Emcee shows creativity in the tune call ‘S-word Skills’. Not only do they quote many fighting video games such as Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat, but just like Durrty Goodz did with ‘Bout my Ps,‘ they are Bout their S’s. ‘Wind Chimes’ sees Iron Wind & KillaWynd come together in a haunting track with those same chilling chimes throughout, coming with rhymes cutting swiftly like Ryu Hayabusa.

It’s evident here that we are seeing a more focussed Iron Wind who has stuck with the concept throughout, brought production, storytelling and creativity and took his skills to another level and is on his way to becoming a Daimyo, so to speak. When you listen to the content and the interview he had with us, you will find he has a deeper understanding than we could imagine of the Japanese martial arts. In this day and age not many projects go past 15 tracks and maybe this album could have done without a few, but saying that, this is a body of work which is deserving of the Clan logo of approval. All this album needs is some videos to bring out the visions displayed in this project. If GZA’s Liquid Swords was the Wu’s winter album, consider this the summer equivalent.

IRON WIND – Storm Of The Century

What I wanna do is go back. WAY BACK. BACK INTO TIME!!!

Iron WindI’m not talking the intro to Blackstreet’s 1997 hit ‘Don’t Leave Me’, I’m talking 1998. Just before the digital age. We walked into our record stores, you saw rows and rows of No Limit/Cash Money albums looking almost identical to each other dominating the hip hop section….and BAAAM! There it was. A mysterious looking album that caught your eye and curiosity immediately struck. Unless you used to read The Source back then, this album had hardly any promotion and advertising, and all you saw was a striking purple Wu logo with what looked like ninja eyes in the middle. Curiosity got the better of you and you took a chance and copped the album. The album I’m speaking of was La The Darkman, Heist of The Century. To this day, die-hard Wu Fans will tell you that as far as Wu-affiliates, good chance that album would be in their Top 5.

Fast Forward to 2015… and it feels like another moment like that is about to emerge again. Wu-Tang Affiliate Iron Wind from the Protect Ya Neck Records camp. This man, along with a fierce army of guests and producers are about to bring the Storm of the Century.

Originally scheduled for an October release but now pushed back for a January 14 release, Iron Wind is looking to set the new year off by preserving the trademark Wu-Tang Sound that fans love, which was evident in his first single ‘Black Sand’ from the album featured elsewhere on RePPiN4U. If this track is any indication of what the album will be like, it’s gonna be a problem for the underground hip hop scene: “MY GOAL FOR THIS RECORD IS TO BRING BACK THAT REAL Iron Wind Photo ShootUNDERGROUND SOUND WITH THAT WU TANG FLAVOR OF COURSE. IT’S ABOUT HITTING PEOPLE WITH A FURY OF HURRICANIC FLOWS, RAW LYRICS AND A POWERFUL MESSAGE. AS YOU LISTEN TO THE ALBUM IT RESEMBLES THE STAGES OF A STORM THE EYE BEING THE HYPE OF THE ALBUM.”

Storm of the Century will have features from Young Dirty Bastard, ScrollGodz, Righteous Da Goddess, Solomon Childs and much more with production by the Scratch Cat himself among others.


Check out the official website HERE and join with the official countdown to the album’s release!

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IRON WIND – Black Sand

Iron WindThe road to A Better Tomorrow continues…. The RZA has now announced the album’s release date: December 2, 2014… suddenly the holiday season has come early. Call it the calm before the storm… The Storm of the Century! The name of the new album coming by Protect Ya Neck artist, Iron Wind a.k.a. Scratch Cat: member of the hip hop crew – Faction and member of Ol’Dirty Bastard’s Dirty Clanzmen!

The Ontario, Toronto Emcee/Beatboxer/Producer/Graphic Designer unleashes fury with his new single – Black Sand, produced by The Heretic, who has emulated the Wu sound to perfection like he snuck into the 36 Chambers studios and familiarized himself with RZA’s boards while Iron Wind scales buildings, throwing ninja stars and sword swinging at his foes lyrically. Their sole purpose is to keep the legacy of ODB alive, and they do not disappoint here.

Listen to the single below after the jump:

If you are still impatient for A Better Tomorrow, then allow this to be an appetizer. If you have that hunger for that Wu-Tang sound, this is for you! If La The Darkman’s Heist of the Century is anything to go by, then this album should be a banger when it drops October 7. The Single is out now… check out the video below… it’s got that classic Shaolin Kung Fu flavor that Wu-Tang fans know and love!