Smack Talk Centre – WWE Slammy Awards 2015!

Now usually, I don’t support awards… simply because my favourite doesn’t usually win. What I don’t understand is.. why do people watch these sh!ts, and get angry and complain on Facebook. Like I said, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t give a f**k, he can’t overturn the decision for you, like Lady Elouise, HE HAS NO POWER!

Now, this year I actually voted on the twitter (check my page at @MZATheInfamous if you don’t believe me…) I don’t expect my picks to win but what the hell, it’s just a tweet right?



Did they just call this the most prestigous awards show on TV?? Better the grammys? The Oscars? Ok WWE you are truly up your own arse!!!

Stephanie is in a good mood…. I wonder if I can ask her for some pu$$y…???

Oh hang on I might have to wait in line… Roman Reigns is coming down the stairs!

He’s in a good mood, she’s in a good mood, maybe Stephanie wants some Samoan cuisine?

Maybe not – she’s ordering Roman to get out of her ring! She’s going Vincent Kennedy on him!!! Roman is just laughing in her face!

Watch the twist – Roman turns his back give Stephanie! DISRESPECT!!!! BUT I LIKE IT!!!! He’s going back up the stairs! Stephanie’s yelling at him! Even after she announced that the Usos are taking on the New Day and Deano gotta fight Sheamus in a Steel Cage, Roman is laughing about it, going up the stairs and interacting with the fans!

I thought you was in a good mood Stephanie? You told him to leave the ring… he left didn’t he? Why you so mad girl? You need somebody to chew through your lemon panties!


Let’s start this sh!t! Here are the nominees for Breakout Star of The Year!

Kevin Owens



Tyler Breeze

Braun Strowman

I’m backing Kevin Owens here…he destroyed Machine Gun Kelly – can’t get better than that!

WHAT! Neville wins???!!! Hey I’m not complaining! That’s not what I do! Congratulations Neville! He didn’t expect this… and neither did I!

Oh no Kevin Owens is bex!!! This is the guy I backed… uh-oh….

Kevin’s complaining like he’s the IWC! Oh shuddup and hit the treadmill you pub loving fool!

Ziggler’s laughing about it, but Owens calls him a has-been… well Owens is right! Fight brukk out between Owens & Ziggler! Now look! The Wyatts have appeared in the ring! My hero Kane is here! But him one can’t fight all four of em? Oh he’s fighting Wyatt… when you fight Wyatt you fighting the whole fam… I don’t xpect the don of dons coming out…. and look here now, the Wyatt bwoy are rushing Kane… wait a minute… The ECW crew are here! Where Rhyno at? I guess he mash up after being put through tables!

HOLD ON A MINUTE PLAYAS! we gonna have ourselves a 8-man Tag Team match! ECW & Kane Vs the Wyatt man dem!

No No Teddy Long didn’t appear… he’s overdue for a Hall Of Fame ring! He’s been in the game since Undertaker was in the WCW! Maybe even before that!

Teddy & Taker WCW

The Wyatts got them again??!!! Sh!t!!!! They are not playing!!!!

Rude boy! I haven’t seen Santino since I buss up his blaow wow on WWE2K16! Nominees for the LOL Moment of the year!

New Day vs Edge & Christian music instrument sound off

Bushwackers HOF speech

The Miz promoting erectile disfunction!

The New Day dropping two foot with Steph & Triple Teef!

R-Truth forgot he wasn’t in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match!

I gotta back Triple Teef dancing… I mean I expected it from Stephanie… I can say this – if Stephanie was dancing with me and my brothers, we would be hollering – FLIPMODE!!!!

Dawn Bayley you get me though right? GRANT BODY-P!

R-Truth won the award!!!! What is going on here!!!! Hey I voted on the twitter – so I GOT BARS!!!

Paul Heyman announcing the Shocking moment of the year award!

Rollins Cash in at WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar destroys everyone next day

TLC Match Usos/Lucha Dragons/New Day

Wyatt man dem f**k up Undertaker

Sheamus Cash in at Survivor Series

I’m gonna back… the Rollins Cash in… fans were prepared to be bex after WrestleMania if Roman won, they wanted Rollins to cash in, but they never thought it would actually happen… Rollins – He Has To Win… YES WARDLE!

Kalisto won the OMG moment! Yeah man I applaud that one! That move off the ladder was OFF THE HOOK! I can feel it – these teams may turn it up in a future Part 2 of that match… Remember I told ya!

Kevin Owens just proved that Ziggler is a HAS BEEN! They had a wrestling contest to settle that dispute at the beginning… pop-up powerbomb to Ziggler – BLAOW!!! BALL GAME!

We going to the Superstar of The Year award already! Well at least we get to see her sexy @$$ again… every single Superstar is eligible here! I voted for The Undertaker! I don’t think he will win but hey… I VOTED SO I GOT BARS! Have you? Bet you haven’t…

Stephanie is smiling again… I’d laugh if Roman Reigns won again… it would be funny as f**k!

To be honest I think Seth Rollins should win….

YES!! The right man won!!!! SETH ROLLINS!!!! Crutches and all!!! What he has to say might be interesting though…

He still spoke in character… heel form as well… I don’t think it matters though! Yes he will be back… and my instincts say that WWE will keep the belt on Reigns until that time…

Are the League of Nations out here to end Wack Swagger once and for all? I hope so… he no longer serves a purpose… Global Force is calling you Swagger!


All Swagger got was a Brogue Kick from Sheamus… I suppose he lives to fight another day…

Next award… the ‘Hero In All Of Us’ award… I’m not to sure what this one is about…


Roman Reigns

The Big Show

Titus O’Neill

John Cena

Oh I get it… it’s all the charity work they do… I think Cena got this… I think ALL OF THEM SHOULD WIN. EVERYONE who does charity work and represent the WWE should win. So I have no qualms here.

John Cena wins, and Mark Henry is spot on. It’s not something to win an award for. They don’t see it that way. RESPECT.

Other awards won, Damien Sandow won the double cross award, well… ok… and Brrrrrocccck Lessssnar Vs The Unnnnndertaker won Rivalry of the year! And RIGHTFULLY SO!

Next award – the Surprise Return of the year.. hosted by Bo Da- I mean Santa Claus!

Dudley Boyz


Alberto Del Rio a.k.a. BERTIE!



Word up – I never saw the Dudley Boyz coming… it wasn’t reported on any devil dirt sheets so Dudley Boyz should win.

STING got the award!!!! WHOA!!! He doesn’t win matches, but he won an award! Well STC’s Shadfather will be happy about that!

Say word? The Usos won the best tag team? That is a travesty! It is an OUTRAGE! Total ABOMINATION! The New Day are ready to spoil Star Wars!!! Apparently something happens to…. F**K that – I’m not spoiling sh!t either! I don’t want anyone to spoil what happens in Ip Man 3, so why would I wanna deprive the Star Wars fans?

If New Day are so over with the fans how come they didn’t win? Something wrong there surely? All that UpUpDownDown sh!t, the trombone, all that booty, their interaction with Team BAD, and most importantly, the Save The Tables Campaign… I think the WWE App is broken! Either that or the votes are rigged! (More likely the latter Grant!)

R-Truth gonna present the Diva of the year! As long as any member of Team BAD wins… I’M GOOD!!! Ok R-Truth… don’t do a Steve Harvey!!!

Epic Fail Steve Harvey


Nikki Bella



Sasha Banks


Now just like the Superstar of the year… every diva should be eligible… that’s not equal opportunties WWE!!!

WHAT?!!!! That pale tippex looking b!tch won the award? HOLD ON! R-TRUTH DID A STEVE HARVEY!!! Ahhh I was ready to cuss then! WWE you are savage for that one!!!!!

Nikki Bella – the true champion! Muthaf**k – she looks fine in that see through dress with her panties showing! Cena move over I need to go Grantington Steele on your girl!

Nikki slammy

Photo courtesy of STC’s Anthony Cardenas


You know what, lets get a pic of Sasha Banks…. for NO REASON AT ALL!


Hey – I voted… so I got bars… have you voted? No? Then shut the f**k up!!!

Rusev and Neville in an exciting contest! Again, the League of Nations are present…Neville doesn’t score with the Red Arrow and Rusev gets the accolade super move…and Neville gets the same treatment that Swagger got… a brogue kick to the face – BLAOW!

The Miz presents the ‘This is Awesome’ award… this should be good…

Brock Lesnar brukking up the car

RKO to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31

Divas Revolution

The Shield reunite at Payback

The Rock/Ronda Rousey put Steph and Triple on Blast

Ooooooh this is a tricky one! All of them are good! But Stephanie slapping The Rock, then The Rock sending for Ronda to strong arm Stephanie and Triple was crazy… teasing both matches for WrestleMania 32… that’s gotta be the one right there!

WWE insist on calling this the most prestigious awards show on TV… SMH!

YES!!! The Rock & Ronda win!!! Well done guys!!!! Now shut up and make these future dream matches happen!

Now let’s see where this storyline is going as far as Becky and Charlotte… Becky is competing against Brie Bella in a wrestling contest… watch Charlotte teef though…

WHOA! I’m quite surprised! Becky Lynch defeated Brie with the Disarmour super move! and Charlotte didn’t teef either!!!

AAAAH SH!T! Guess who’s hosting the match of the year! RIC FLAIR N!&&@!

Triple Threat Match at Royal Rumble

Sting Vs Triple Teef (They can’t win surely!)

John Cena Vs Kevin Owens (Elimination Chamber)

Fatal Four Way at RAW (Reigns/Rio/Owens/Ziggler)

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker (Hell In A Cell)

Before you jabronies start on Cena’s open challenge not nominated… they got it’s own category… put the kleenex tissues away! My biased mind says Brock Lesnar Vs Undertaker… but I think John Cena Vs Kevin Owens should take it.

WHOA!!! Brock Lesnar Vs Undertaker??!!!! Yo I’m not complaining! That simply means my boy did it again! How many times does Undertaker have to show these young cats how to do it? He’s 50 years old people!!!!

Oh no – TEEEF! The League of Nations took out the Usos too! That means they only gonna get Ambrose.. inside the steel cage, and all four will rush Ambrose and beat him! Check it – Roman Reigns will try to save the day… then an angry man wielding the hammer will appear… AAAAAH SH!!!!!T!

The match nah start yet and the League of Nations got a headstart! They beating on Ambrose! Brogue kick to his grill before he even got in the cage! This is not good at all! All the allies eliminated!

Damn I was one of 1.34 million people who voted this year! Overall I feel great… some of my favourites didn’t win but the results wasn’t too bad, probably surprising in places.

Sheamus hit the White Noise from the top ropes! Ambrose kicks out! This Lunatic doesn’t realise that he simply cannot win! The League of Nations outside the Cage.. there is no way he can win!

Ambrose, realising Rusev and Bertie were setting for him, hits an elbow off the top of the cage to Sheamus!

Roman Reigns has seen enough! He just cleaned house! threw the chair into the ring! Ambrose brukk up Sheamus blodclart with the chair! What a turn around! I really thought that Triple Teef was gonna appear with the hammer…

Yo Todd Grisham… why the rarse would you ask Stephanie for her reaction? She slapped you up like a P.I.M.P. to a b!tch! Can you sue her? It’s worth a try!



Didn’t like the awards? click on the BDSIR NETWORK Logo below and listen to the Smack Talk Centre Slammy Awards! I think you’ll find it is fair and just! As well as HILARIOUS!