Stranger Day – You’re Welcome

stranger-day-3-500x250For an artist who calls himself a ‘stranger’, he’s no stranger to the rap game, or maybe heads still regard him as a stranger even though the North Carolina MC has dropped mixtapes in the past (‘Young, Dumb & Dope’, ‘Barstool Bounce EP’) and his first full length album ‘Vice Matters’ in 2012, The man born Shane Coble a.k.a. Stranger Day is back with a new album entitled ‘You’re Welcome’. Not to be confused with WWE wrestler Damien Sandow, the new album mixtape features a plethora of producers, usually too many cooks can spoil the broth but Stranger Day has crafted a unique way of making the album flow together yet giving elements of surprise…

“The idea behind the mixtape as to make something that is interesting from start to finish that will keep the listener guessing what’s next… in true mixtape fashion,” says Stranger. “You’re Welcome showcases what I can do as a rapper and what my DJ can do as a DJ.”

‘Shut Up’ is the politely named new single from Stranger Day. He just wants no trouble while he’s out doing his thing, rocking his shoes styling & profiling Ric Flair style. Can he not party without some no gooders trying to mess up his day?

The new 19-track album is available now as a free download on soundcloud. If you are that head that likes to play an album without having to skip tracks, this just might be for you….. YOU’RE WELCOME!




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