YO! MTV RAPS/Psykhomantus Birthday Party

SPECIAL FEATURE: Yo! MTV Raps/Psychomantus Birthday Party Preview

  The year 1988 is remembered as one of, if not the greatest year in hip hop. Full of fresh artists with original concepts and flavas, a new level of expression and meaning. I was but an 8-year-old watching Top of the Pops, Whitney Houston, Madonna , Michael Jackson. I wasn’t exposed to this art form until I was about 10. That’s when my moms would first install SKY TV for the first time, blown away by these new channels, particularly MTV. Before this I would only hear these artists on the radio and my cousin would record these tunes on cassette tape. He still has them to this day.

MTV would present many shows, like Hitlist, Soul Of MTV (damn I miss Lisa I’Anson…) or even non stop music. But it was in August 1988 that MTV had an unknown winner on their hands, entitled Yo! MTV Raps. Premiered in the states and hosted by Doctor Dre, Ed Lover and Fab 5 Freddy, this show featured the latest hip hop videos, and exclusive in-depth interviews with the artists. Videos were so unique and scarce that hip hop fans including myself would invest in blank video cassette tapes and record these videos and interviews each week. Some hip hop fans STILL have the video tapes locked away in our homes for sentimental value.

The show ran for seven years uninterrupted until August 1995 where the show closed out featuring the well-known party freestyle by the game’s most prolific artists. It would be a sad time in hip hop. Cable viewers were still able to catch hip hop videos on a music channel called ‘The Box: Music Television You Control’ but it wasn’t the same as heads would be sitting by their TV and video set waiting for a video to come on at any time. MTV continued to keep the show going, but shortened the title to ‘Yo!’ which had an hour of non stop videos, but with no exclusive interviews captured the essence of the original show, but the Golden Era had already phased out and it wasn’t the same. MTV began showing more commercially driven videos in the late 90s, and then ultimately ‘Yo!’ ended in 1999.

On April 28, 2012, Midlands DJ crew A Few Good Men pay homage to this unforgettable show, at the same time celebrating the physical degree born day of member Psychomantus down there at The Hare And Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham. This will be a night for all the ol’school heads to reminisce over with tears in their eyes, where the new school heads are welcome to learn of their origins and join the rest of the crew down memory lane. Roc 1, Rhize, and Psychomantus will be on the wheels of steel hitting the crowd with the classics while E Double D will be presenting the visual segment. For sentimental value sake I hope the videos are in its purest form on the screen: By that I mean with all the old VHS static and the volume being turned up that was found on the original recording!

RePPiN 4U will be there and will bring you exclusive footage and a post review of this unique event.

The Hare and Hounds is the place to be on Saturday April 28, 2012. BE APART OF GREATNESS!!

‘LIKE’ A FEW GOOD MEN ON FACEBOOK and check out the Yo! MTV Raps Remembrance Mixtape featured to give you a little taste of what’s to come!



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