Special Feature: Phace


Here at RePPiN 4U we like to showcase some of the unsigned and up and coming artists that you should watch with extreme caution. If these artists feature here, rest assured that they will be a problem in the rap game.

New Jersey born Phace unleashes his new mix tape entitled ‘Pisces’, a 14 track showcase of his hottest freestyles and joints. ‘Pisces’ is so aptly named because his flows are like that of his astrological symbol, the fish, free to roam in a sea of music.

Phace is a member of multiple groups, Dark Force Squad, No Name Society, F.G.C. and Wild Ninjaz. here he goes out for dolo, and on first listen of the mix tape, you can hear influences of the Wu-Tang and MF Doom with the beats he selected and his flow reminiscent of the Wallabee Champ himself Ghostface Killah.

Phace comes straight with heat with the ‘Let It Out’ freestyle, where he does what it says on the tin over a Fat Joe intro beat from the album All or Nothing. ‘More Smoke Signals freestyle features fellow Jersey artist Rich Mahogany & Poet. The track starts with the familiar sample that featured in Ghostface Killah’s ‘All That I Got Is You’ as these guys go in for a smoke session with the King Solomon Caine ‘Mary Jane’ inspired instrumental, and they don’t wanna be compared by any Slim Shady like comments. Expect future feature articles on Rich Mahogany in RePPiN 4U.

Another track worth mentioning is the epic colossal Dark Force Squad posse cut ‘Awoof’, John Witherspoon makes a cameo appearance with the famous Friday quote about dogs catching people’s asses, Dark Force translation, they are the dogs let loose ready to take out all wack artists. All Emcees go in hard as if it was Black Jesus 2012. The whole mix tape bangs hard from the jump, no room for any slowing down for the women for a few r&b tracks like a lot of artists do these days.

‘Pisces’ is available now free download. Highly recommended by RePPiN 4U. How can hip hop be dead if a new generation of artists have the rawness like Phace?






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