Inspectah Deck LIVE @ The Rainbow, Birmingham UK Oct 9, 2012


Currently on my Wu-Tang solo live list that I have crossed off: Raekwon. Ghostface Killah. GZA. 3 down. 5 to go (6 if you count Cappadonna, and ODB well…my eyes are watering at time of writing this. But my tears of sorrow for ODB quickly turn into tears of joy, as Inspectah Deck chooses to go for dolo in the UK! Originally going to land in London for October 8, the Rebel INS is a man who reaches out to his fans (The only Wu member who responds to his facebook fans) and adds another date to cater his fans in the Midlands!

Wu-Tang’s Fifth Brother touches down at The Rainbow Warehouse in Digbeth, Birmingham October 9, 2012 (Mark that date in your calendar – that is a big day for hip hop as Skyzoo also releases his album A Dream Deferred.) The usually laid back cat will be performing his bangas such as R.E.C. Room, Get Down Wit’ Me, The Movement, Semi Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket and The Champion (featured below).

Commonly dubbed as the ‘underrated’ MC of the clan, Inspectah Deck’s lyrics and wordplay are up there with the best of em. He’s usually the clan’s posse cut starter on tracks such as Guillotine (Swordz) and House Of the Flying Daggers, but it is his classic verse on C.R.E.A.M. and arguably the most popular Wu verse of all time “I bomb atomically, Socrates, philosophies and hypothesis can’t define how I be dropping these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery, flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me…” on the colossal Wu anthem ‘Triumph’ that makes him stand out.

He has also tried his hand at producing beats, and has made memorable cameo appearances on tracks with Gangstarr, Big Pun and Fes Taylor to name a few.

DJ Psykhomantus from multi DJ award-winning ‘A Few Good Men’ will be hosting the event, On The wheels of steel will be Miss C Brown representing the Ones & Twos, and Moorish Delta 7’s very own DJ Mega Stress. Big V & Amnesia are the supporting acts so don’t sleep, (you know RePPiN4U won’t..) before Rollie Fingers himself and DJ Timmi Handtrix bomb atomically on the stage. There may also be a preview from Deck’s next (and reportedly last album) The Rebellion!

RePPiN 4U will be there so expect exclusive footage from the night and a full review of the show soon after. Tickets are £10 in advance and £15 on the door plus booking fee… and with a price like that, you would be stupid to miss this!!!!! Glory is when the wings are down, War is when the WINGS GO UP!!!




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