Lowkey, an artist RePPiN from London UK, is clearly not afraid to speak his mind, after all hip hop is about freedom and self-expression. His political and cultural views hit hard and fast, and he is the type of artist that ‘knows too much’ and the commercial media will try to hold down, unfortunately for them, the more the media tries that, the more Lowkey will fight his way like a battering ram. The likes of Westwood and Mista Jam may not support and promote his music, but we will, and that’s where RePPiN 4U comes in. He is infamously known for speaking on Obama, Cameron, and being ridiculed by MTV.

Lowkey is currently working on a new studio album. This is another artist to take notice. His album ‘Soundtrack To The Struggle’ is out now on iTunes.

Lowkey will be on support for Talib Kweli next month in Manchester UK. Click here for ticket information. Do not sleep on this artist, Lowkey is truth.


All artwork and video content used courtesy of Lowkey.


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