REDZEL & VYRUS – Stay Alert

If somebody tries to tell you on road that Hip Hop in the UK is dead, and is more ‘grime’ orientated, you are entitled to punch them through school buses. And on the subject of school buses, here is a new exclusive track by a Leicester duo whose education has already far exceeded those at GCSE and A Level..

Redzel & Vyrus want to tell you to ‘Stay Alert’, as their subject focuses on the Illuminati and their grip upon the world. But where this track lacks in charisma makes up for in content and lyrics that is reminiscent of Wu-Tang, Talib Kweli, Ras Kass and the like.

Click the video and listen on…the Illuminati is everywhere people, don’t act like it doesn’t exist. Wake up, rid yourself of your ignorance and keep your third eye open. Redzel & Vyrus have.

CLICK HERE FOR THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL for an exclusive Redzel freestyle, and a track by Dondon featuring C4 and Vyrus entitled ‘Can’t Wait’. Watch out for more from this duo, they are out to spread a Vyrus…full of greatness!!!


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