One MC has come with a PURPOSE: To continue providing that good music what heads like to hear…the radio won’t play it, but WE WILL. The producer has CONFIDENCE that they will continue to gain credibility and make heads bow in respect.

‘Rain Drops’ is the new single from Purpose & Confidence taken from their conceptual album ‘The Purpose & Confidence’… this shows Purpose taking heed to the message Nas spoke on his hit track ‘Daughters’ from this years sure-fire Album Of the Year ‘Life Is Good’ as he features his talented daughter Alize Lugo on the hook.

The more you listen to this, is the more you appreciate the quality put into this track. Purpose speaks on the pressures that people have in life and if they are weak enough they will do practically anything but it is having the strength and confidence to rise above negative measures and be better than that.

Why seek out an established female vocalist when your daughter can accompany the Confidence produced track beautifully? Under her father’s watchful eye and guidance, and the music that flows through the family, Alize Lugo could well be a hidden gem to watch in the future.

It seems as if every great hip hop track where the track is associated with the word ‘Rain’ has such a powerful vibe, such as Raekwon (Rainy Dayz), Beanie Sigel (Rain (Bridge), Evidence (Falling Down) and Ghostface Killah (Wise – In The Rain), even Mary J Blige (Everyday It Rains)… I have the Confidence to say that this track from Purpose and his daughter can also be added to that list.

You can buy this single and album by CLICKING HERE.


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