L-Jay – Trayvon Martin

L-jayNO JUSTICE, NO PEACE. Lee Rigby, mercilessly killed by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. Both got life in prison. They will never see the outside ever again.

Troy Davis, found guilty of murdering a police officer in 1989, was executed in 2011.

However… Mark Duggan, killed by police in 2011 because they thought he had a weapon on him, was deemed a lawful killing,

Most notoriously, Trayvon Martin, killed by George Zimmerman for having a hood on and having a pack of skittles and a drink in his hand, George was acquitted of all charges and has caused an outrage the world over continuously appearing in the news. One must think of the poor family that is forced to see this in the press.


This is the latest visual tribute by a young MC by the name of L-Jay, who can relate as he is around the same age as Trayvon and gives his heartfelt thoughts but with a light-hearted twist in where he doesn’t want to have to live in a world in fear just because he’s wearing a hood and consuming his favourite sweets, crying out to the ignorant, “I got my hoodie on late night please don’t Trayvon Martin me”… It’s also thought-provoking for the older generation who now have nephews and sons that are growing up as we become increasingly concerned for our future.

Peep the video below directed by Dubekid.

In a world where Kendrick Lamar tells his fans ‘F**k Your Ethnicity’, does the justice system feel the same way? If someone murders somebody, there should be justice, so in the case of Troy Davis and Lee Rigby, that holds true, but if a black man gets killed by a Caucasian, he gets away free? And go as far as challenging anybody in a boxing contest? Thank goodness that never went ahead.

L-Jay’s single ‘Trayvon Martin’ is taken from the 5 track EP – Construction and is available now.

Download HERE or on the link below …











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