E Major – Outrageous

E-Major Baltimore BruinOk put a hip hop music video in your head, what’s the first thing you think of when it comes to location? New York? Compton? Chicago, Philly, Detroit? Most likely. If you think more internationally, you start thinking of the Caribbean, Brazil, Europe…

But it’s not every day you are going to see a hip hop video shot in India, and that’s what exactly Baltimore-bred & LA raised emcee E Major has done. He self-directed the video for the new single ‘Outrageous’, from his new sophomore album ‘Baltimore Bruin’ that has dropped this week, the follow-up to his critically acclaimed ‘Better Than Yours’ album that made the top 10 albums of 2011 in the Baltimore City Paper.

Heads will recognize the Madlib produced instrumental for Mos Def ‘Auditorium’ from his 2009 album ‘The Ecstatic’ and has also appeared on Madlib’s own ‘Beat Konducta In India’ project, so it was only right that E Major, whose wife’s family come from India, combined with the feeling and the atmosphere of the track, the video needed to be shot there. E Major explains how it all came together;

“My wife’s family is from India and I’ve been there three times,” says E of the video. “It was just the perfect thing to shoot while on one of my trips there. I was able to rope a bunch of family members into helping me out and we hired the auto rickshaw driver and we went guerrilla style around the e-major-outrageous-1024x576city of Cochin. The video is more about the feeling of the track than any of the content. I was trying to capture what it’s like to be in a totally different world like India.”

E’s common sense lyricism and with that relaxed, persistent flow has him opening up shows for Lupe Fiasco, Little Brother among others, and has been featured on MTV & VH1.

Baltimore Bruin is out now on Under Sound Music. CLICK HERE to view the website.






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