CELL PLAGA – Mr Blue Sky

Cell PlagaOne of the most anticipated albums of 2014 is Common’s ‘Nobody’s Smiling’, entirely produced by No I.D. and will feature the hit single ‘Made In Black America’ featuring Ab-Soul. Expect an exclusive review on the album by RePPiN4U later in the year.

‘But what does that got to do with this article?’ I hear you ask, well the answer is in the title: Mr Blue Sky, which Cell Plaga has made his own rendition of over the No I.D. produced smash from Common’s last classic album ‘The Dreamer, The Believer’. Plaga makes reference to the ‘mystery god’ while reaching his goals in the name of Allah: “Smoking like Redman/everyday his How High/man I’m so high I could shake hands with Allah/No lie/man I’m indestructible/why try?/ that’s just suicide/I’m the next/you decide to step in my lane/that’s when you get crucified/what you know about a crucifixion?/Oh you higher than me?/Yo that sh!t is fiction…”

Peep the video below directed by Ola Mulla.

‘Mr Blue Sky’ is the first single from the forthcoming mixtape ‘Uncontrolled Substance’ coming soon.



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