BRIAN ASHTON – More Money Power

brian ashtonJust like the Nas line in Loco-Motive – This is for my trapped in the 90s n!**@$, this video and track resembles that classic 90s sound that fans crave back.

Brian Ashton sounds like another greedy MP in parliament, he doesn’t sound like a talented MC from LA does he? This is his new single – ‘More Money Power’ featuring vocals from Lil Ms of The Milky Way, in this track he explains you can get that money, gain power but if you abuse that power you don’t always get that respect.

Case in point is in the lyrics: “Biggie said it before and I believe him it’s true/he said Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems/No Money More Problems/and that’s the f***!n problem/and that’s why n!**@$ robbin’/for money or respect/always down to get it poppin…”

“The song’s meaning relates to how the world operates”, Brian explains. “The ones with money get to reap the benefit of its power, such as more clothes and more girls. My meaning behind “More, Money, Power” is to make money doing what it is you were set on this earth to do. I know talented people working harder and making less than people that aren’t nearly as talented. I know extremely talented people that are struggling to get by on a daily basis. I’m tired of the struggle and those that abuse what power they have.”

Check the video above, directed by Muttjob Movies. It gives viewers that BoogieMonsters type feel in the setting. The video continues the flow into another money related track entitled ‘Time Equals Money’ but don’t mistake this MC that money is all he rhymes about. Check out the rest of his catalog in the link below.

‘LIKE’ BRIAN ASHTON ON FACEBOOKMore Money Power   Brian Ashton feat. Lil  Mis of the Milky Way  prod. by Matt Mega    YouTube





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