Y-Roc – ‘GITC’

Y-Roc3“The streets is deep son everyday is like a re-run, so I gotta go out and try to teach one…” (Street Life: Hells Wind Staff, Wu-Tang Forever 1997)

If this generation continues this trend and message to the next generation, it will make sure that Hip Hop will continue to dominate for at least another number of decades.

This artist deserves to be featured here, for a number of reasons. One, his name doesn’t start with ‘Young’, or ‘Lil’, that is so played out and cliché. Two, his dress sense is sensible. His jeans doesn’t go halfway down his ass and he knows that he is still a regular 16-year-old kid that is still at school. Three, and the most important, he doesn’t rhyme with a high-pitched voice or abuse autotune. You see a lot of kids his age are caught up with what’s played on the radio, but not Y-Roc.

His new video ‘GITC’ (Girls In The City) sees him seeing his admirers in a different light now that he is making it as a rapper, a case of ‘Could It Be?’ by Jaheim one might say. You will recognize the beat from Group Home’s ‘Up Against The Wall’. The 6-track EP ‘Livin Proof’ 13′ is actually an ode to that where Y-Roc rhymes over his favourite beats from that classic Group Home album.

Director Nick Everhart carefully captures the 90s type feel and provides a backdrop reminiscent of ‘Nas Is Like’…Y-Roc explains how the track and video came about:

“The song came first about in my head when I was watching this old film where a guy was going allY-Roc around New York and had girls all over the place,” says Y-Roc. “As he started getting more known as a player, the girls all figured it out and that’s when the trouble started. So I tried to write the song form the guy’s perspective and that’s how it came about.”

Y-Roc has learnt well, absorbing the sounds of his father’s record collection such as Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’, A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘The Low End Theory’, and AZ’s ‘Doe or Die’. This is a track that those who are ‘trapped in the 90s’ so to speak, will truly appreciate.

Y-Roc’s EP – ‘Living Proof ’13’ is available free download NOW. CLICK HERE!!!




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