Vers'tyleHip Hop has celebrated 40 years of its culture, lifestyle and art form… then suddenly Kendrick Lamar, a Compton bred MC, claims that he is the King of New York and everybody else must step their game up. Clearly that has touched a nerve in the hip hop community! Ever since Lamar laced that verse in Big Sean’s Control, few MCs have stepped up and challenged the outspoken MC,  from established stars like Papoose and Joell Ortiz to lesser known artists including this one… and he goes by the name of Vers’tyle reppin’ New Jersey. The name speaks for itself, showing versatility of his rhymes on any beat, and he shows it here on the No I.D. adrenaline rush produced track.  Other MCs say Lamar has ‘Lost Control’, or Lamar has gone ‘Outta Control’, but Vers’tyle is simply looking for an ‘Evolution’…

Vers’tyle also shows his love for WWE wrestling as he explains his competitiveness in the rap game:

“I’m all about being a competitor,” says Vers’tyle of his decision to rap over the “Control” beat. “I did it for the sport. For the music. I think a lot of people are just rich and comfortable. That hunger is hard to maintain when you’ve got your feet up and you’re chillin. I see it like those old WWF hardcore champ matches. You gotta defend your belt 24/7 when it comes to other people in your weight class. When you move up in the ranks, and your headed to the hall of fame, then you can take a breath. It’s just more fun to me.”





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