PHZ-Sicks – Black Women

PHZ-Sicks-Black-Women-ArtworkEvery now and then I get asked this question from my family members, sometimes even my sisters friends, it is as irritating as hell, because I feel it is a misunderstood question: “Why do you black guys ALWAYS date white girls??? What do you see in them? What about us sisters?” It has been debated for decades… There is no true answer. For me personally, It matters not who I date, I like all sorts of women, however there are some brothers who do date strictly white women, their reasons are lame and it has a knock-on effect on brothers like me.

I guess Northern Virginia rapper PHZ-Sicks (Pronounced ‘Physics’ is also victim of these accusations, and his new single entitled ‘Black Women) hits back at the brothers who are guilty of interracial relationships (which isn’t a bad thing,) but not acknowledging their black women in the process (Which IS a bad thing). The frantic beat that he lays this assault over is not for everybody, instead, he cleverly aims the track at the young fans, giving them a 3:49 history lesson on black women and how they should be cherished and known for so much more, even as far as mentioning Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks and Josephine Baker.

PHZ-Sicks explains why he took this risky move to make a track over a trap beat that is usually played in the clubs:  “The song was created because I wanted to take the whole trap beat style and turn it on its head for something powerful and something I believe,” says PHZ. “It’s nice to be in the club and when you hear this, you can feel the love and power that’s behind it.”

The Trap Beat/Thought Provoking ‘Black Women’ appears on the new album ‘The Moment’, which is produced by D.C. duo Best Kept Secret who also produced the previous single ‘Coming Down’.

‘The Moment’ is slated for a November release. Be sure to keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, check the video below for the making of ‘The Moment’ mini-documentary!







2 responses to “PHZ-Sicks – Black Women

  1. PHZ-Sicks here. Nothing wrong with dating outside your race. I’ve done it plenty of times so it wasn’t acknowledge at men that do that. I will say the hate towards black women especially if you’re a black man is a bad thing. Also, for others that are not in our community to notice that, “Hey, Black Women, aren’t just the ones you in see on reality TV and video.” They are well more rounded than that and this is just giving love to that.


    • Peace: I agree there’s nothing wrong with dating outside your race, it’s just that I’ve had black women come at me like that like that’s what I do. Best of luck with the single, it could catch listeners off guard as a lot of listeners check for the beat first and that’s all thy hear and not take n the lyrics and your message.


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