Here at RePPiN 4U we don’t just check the biggest and most anticipated hip hop albums, we don’t just showcase the hottest gigs and jams around, but we also keep a keen eye on fresh talent…and this group has nothing but raw talent. Forget Britain’s Got Talent, this is the site where they are all at!!!!

Enter Hood Thrree (pronounced ‘Hood Tree’), Three guys from Leicester UK who share a passion for great music have met by fate to merge their musical talents and bring together a unique sound, combining Hip Hop, Reggae/bashment and Gospel, bringing a concept which is hardly seen in the game today.

Billy D is the founder of the group, who is Singer/MC, song writer musician & producer put the trio together. Real Sal is also an MC, and produces his own beats. Then we have D.Dog, who lends his reggae chattin’ skills to the mix.

Their latest single, ‘I Want You’ tells of their desire for their significant other over an infectious riddim.

Faith In You‘ Finds Hood Thrree on the flip side, showing their love for the most high and having faith in him as well as themselves to make it big. These tunes are a little taste of the diversity that their upcoming album will have.

These tunes and more are now available from iTunes. Hood Thrree are out to take the UK by storm…and eventually, the world. LET IT BE KNOWN.



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