GHOSTFACE KILLAH – Ghostface Killahs

RELEASED: September 6, 2019 (, September 13, 2019 on all streaming platforms Now Generation Music Corp, review written by Michael Grant, C.E.O. of RePPiN4U & UK Ambassador for Wu-Worldwide DJ Coalition

Ghostface Killah has a unique gift. One which he shares with the likes of mainstream Hip Hop’s Mount Rushmore (Jay-Z, Biggie, Eminem, 2Pac, Nas) and that is, anytime any of these guys release new music (yes I’m including Big & Pac) the world stops, and they are subject for either praise or total music assassination. Thankfully for Ghostface, he’s the one who does the assassinating!!!! 13 solo albums deep, and no one dares say anything bad about him… last time that happened, well actions speak louder than words…

I’d like to think that 10% of those views were by me! I can tell you from experience, that Ghostface Killah is one of nicest dudes you will meet…

You know what that is right there? The Art of Fighting without fighting!

GHOSTFACE KILLAHSThose fans in Texas were indeed your – GHOSTFACE KILLAHS. We are gonna get into the latest project like this. – Yes the title is not as imaginative as say Bulletproof Wallets or The Big Doe Rehab or 12 Reasons To Die, yes I know it’s not the long awaited Supreme Clientele II: Blue & Cream, but the man has promised us fire…

“Do You Recognize This Technique? (5 Elements)!”

Knowing that the album kicks off with the famous kung fu villain who throws his killing plates at his victims, Ghostface is showing that he means business, and if he is the true heir to the Abbott throne, he feels he must set an example with Cliff & Darryl. Those signature soulful bangers he specializes in never fails… but then he sends for the mosh pit in ‘Burner To Burner’… trading those soulful sounds for guitars to provide a rock style backdrop, in fact it does remind me of what happened to that imbecile in Texas in the video posted above…and doesn’t mince his words either… “My Favourite 2Pac song, I Ain’t Mad At Cha/Skinny jean faggot, you ain’t man enough!”

Then just like that, Ghost quickly brings the soul back in Flex, and just like Mad Cobra in the 90s, it’s time to have sex, something Ghost will indulge in with these Geishas except eat them out…

Three tracks in and Ghost could have chosen any of them as the first single and have the fans in a frenzy…but THIS, demonstrates no matter what era of Hip Hop, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, not many can test him and indeed have them stuttering – I-I-I-C-C-Can’t Believe, Ghost Is Still Gutter! You gotta also love some of the other lines in this such as ‘Twelve eggs and my coach is Anderson Sil’… showcasing his strength that his known for and his status in the game.

Fly Everything sounds like a triumphant return to that Pretty Toney/Fishscale era circa 2004-2007, and just when you thought Ghost forgot about the Theodore Unit, Shawn Wigs and Sun God let you know they haven’t gone anywhere.

With the re-emergence of Theodore it’s time to pop bottles. It is well needed for them right now to bring more balance over the garbage hip hop that radio wants to ram down our throats. Ghost does make me chuckle with his bars in this, “I wasn’t born with a slit between my legs with a hole that’s pink?”

Where you find Sun God & Shawn Wigs, Solomon Childs is not far behind. Hauntingm threatening sonics and his signature ‘GET EM!’ catchphrase gives you that screwface head nodding satisfaction.

Ghost may be accustomed to bustin’ his gun and taking what is his, but at the same time the yin and the yang comes into play with New World and joining him on the hook is Eamon. He has worries for this generation: “The babies got it harder then ever
They calling them the internet babies/Microwave cell phone towers, fake food
Red meat makes the state of mind crazy/Police killing brothas like it’s okay
It’s like a modern-day slavery/Everybody stand up – Man Up!”


The next track is a video waiting to happen surely… you can call this the third instalment to the classic Cuban Linx ode to the French Vanilla, Butter Pecan Chocolate deluxe and Caramel Sundaes who love the Wu-Tang (you may or may not remember Raekwon revisiting this in the Lex Diamond Story)… it just a shame this couldn’t go on longer though… he keeps the revisiting going with ‘The Chase’, of course I’m making reference to his Pretty Toney hit – RUN… difference this time, is a car chase from the po-po, with Sun God playing passenger seat. Finally Ghost closes out the album the way Masta Killa ended Made In Brooklyn and this maybe the first time Ghost injected a bit of reggae sauce in his music, and he made sure he brought the Jamel Irief himself with him to make sure it’s right!



13 albums in and Ghostface Killah still holds the title, and his eagle. How does he do it? What’s his secret? Only 33 minutes though… some of those tracks could have added some Raekwon but that’s just nit-picking. It’s also a nice welcome return of the Theodore Unit (even though they will tell you they never left). The only worry from here is, will Supreme Clientele II become one of those albums that never was? Could it be time for us to move on from that and just look forward to more great music from this man? Or is it that Supreme Clientele has been held in such high standard that even Ironman is not confident enough that he can match it?




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