It all started with the misunderstood Wu-Album – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin…Cilvaringz is now the fans’ public enemy #1. Method Man initially got wires crossed about the 88 year concept, then with an NY Fitted, driving glasses, office shirt and a cardigan, Meth blazed the airwaves earlier this year. The attire doesn’t seem to match, but charismatic Meth made it look cool. Not only does he put Cilvaringz on blast, but he calls out fake Wu-Affiliates…

Listen from 16:00…

“Killarmy, because they have blood brothers in there…you know, like 9th Prince – that’s RZA’s blood brother right there, and Killa Sin – that’s Power’s blood brother right there you know…direct ties plus we watched them grow up…

…Sunz of Man, those brothers are on Dirty’s side, because Dirty grew up with 60 Sec (60 Second Assassin) Prodigal Son been around since day 1 when we was recording the album (36 Chambers), Hell Razah, those brothers I consider true…”

That interview along with a few others at that time made Wu fans (and affiliates) think ‘Enough is Enough! And it’s Time For a Change!’

BuddhaMonk_Interview_111108Buddha Monk of the Zu Bulliez (best known for his hit ‘Gots Like Come On Thru’  took to YouTube and delivered an 18 minute assault on those who are claiming that they are Wu-Tang, which is funny because RZA (or anybody else in the clan) has never mentioned them in interviews, while Rest Rico is on Skype in the background laughing his @$$ off but knowing what a serious situation this is.

Highlights include telling Young Dirty Bastard to straighten his act up and stop riding with guys who are talking in his ear about the Clan not doing anything for him, exposing a ‘Tyler Simpson’ for his music and acting like he’s Jamaican, he calls out ‘groupies’ claiming they are Wu by throwing pictures of them posed with clan members on social media. I suppose that makes me a Wu-Tang affiliate by posing with Ghostface Killah in London last year huh????!!! And he addresses the controversial scene at Sean Price’s funeral where Popa Wu confronted Action Bronson.

Buddha Monk continues to tell those exposed to contact him should they have issues. The truth is, had Ol’ Dirty Bastard not passed away in 2004, he would be the guy to put these guys on blast.

This video is a must-see for all Wu-Tang fans worldwide. Even with this, Buddha Monk may have merely scratched the surface of so-called affiliates and promises to get them all on his upcoming album… I hope they enjoy what’s left of their summer.






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