CD101Controversy is such a crazy thing, and we as a society fall for it all the time. Most artists these days will deliberately use controversial tactics to boost their record sales, particularly those we don’t support. They will do things and it will appear on Worldstar or TMZ, we go and share the links on our social media. So while their attention seeking antics start trending, it is a distraction to the real picture and the real issues going on. Some social media users try to do that and open people’s eyes, and only like-minded individuals will pay attention.

Wu-affiliate Cilvaringz has a record out there entitled ‘Death to America’, a controversial track making people aware of what is really going on, but he has become the villain of Wu fans worldwide recently because of the Wu-album that won’t be available to the public for 88 years unless purchased by the most die-hard wealthy Wu fan. But iNTeLL, son of U-God wants to take controversy to another level by unleashing his album ‘Awakening’, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, worldwide terrorism, Christians murdered in a church, and the police brutality which seems racially motivated. Meanwhile America wants to remind the whole world that they are the greatest country, iNTeLL has 14 reasons why that’s not necessarily the case.

After a startling intro from Jeff Daniels stating such a claim which may make listeners jaw drop or those in the knowing ‘not surprised, iNTeLL kicks off with the album’s title track. He’s out to awaken his listeners’ sleeping mind, at the same time join the war with the real hip hop artists that’s been doing it to restore hip hop in its purest form.

Those who have followed iNTeLL know that he was shot at a very young age. He goes into detail on the fateful day in question: March 13, 1994.

The Squeegie O featured ‘Karma’ takes the same sample 9th Wonder used for Little Brother’s Sincerely Yours from 2005’s The Minstrel Show. Both MCs go in on their real life tales of Karma, then iNTeLL feels he needs to ‘Preach’ the truth to his people about the meaning of Memorial Day while at the same time reflecting on Eric Garner, and feels as though America is supposed to be the Land of the Free, he still feels enslaved. This is followed by Jeff Daniels breakdown statement of America’s false claims and tricknology backed up with figures and stats.

iNTeLL continues in ‘I Rap, Therefore I Am’, where he pledges his allegiance to Hip Hop as opposed to the flag that he has displayed on his album cover engulfed in flames, the next track, Land of The Free, Home of the Slave could well be iNTeLL’s 5 Stages of Consciousness. Here he is joined by Lyrics, SiTH, Cha$e Green, & Dru Gunn$. iNTeLL gives a disturbing picture of how police kill college kids because they are ‘bored’ on duty, this is followed by a list of the known victims of police brutality and the dates these atrocities happened right up to June 25, 2015.


iNTeLL has learned a lot from his Wu Brethren, whether intentional or not. American Crime Story sees the son of Golden Arms try his hand on storytelling, and Jeff Daniels statement on Freedom is arguable, he claims that almost every country has more freedom than America.

That statement flows right into ‘Prison’, SiTH and Cha$e Green return on the frantic DJ Homicide produced track. The three assault the beat with harsh reality of being blessed to even make the next hour, let alone the next day. Amidst all this, the world will bear Witness the Strength of iNTeLL’s words, here he admits that he’s sick of the media asking him about the Clan’s movements. He was never in this for the money, and the quality in this album shows that in his rhymes and political views.

The album closes out with ‘When I Dream’ featuring the beautiful vocals of Anny Jules. The thing about this album is, iNTeLL and SiTH were led to believe that America IS the greatest country… and it’s all they dream for. But can they make that happen when the government continues to brainwash the easily gullible? Jeff Daniels argument is that America was ONCE a great country and wants it to return to that.

iNTeLL U-God Son2

iNTeLL fears that he may get hate from the album’s content, but his real fear is that this wonderfully crafted concept of work may fall on deaf ears and a lot of people more concerned about the latest goings on with the likes of Iggy, Drake and the like on their social media as stated earlier in this review, hence the album’s title having multiple meanings. If anything, if he does get hate, that can only mean a good thing. Because people actually paid attention and as Keith Murray says, “The Truth Hurts and it Kills You to Listen”. Controversy was what iNTeLL wanted, and Controversy is what iNTeLL will get, and with that – Mission Accomplished.


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