IRON WIND – Storm Of The Century

What I wanna do is go back. WAY BACK. BACK INTO TIME!!!

Iron WindI’m not talking the intro to Blackstreet’s 1997 hit ‘Don’t Leave Me’, I’m talking 1998. Just before the digital age. We walked into our record stores, you saw rows and rows of No Limit/Cash Money albums looking almost identical to each other dominating the hip hop section….and BAAAM! There it was. A mysterious looking album that caught your eye and curiosity immediately struck. Unless you used to read The Source back then, this album had hardly any promotion and advertising, and all you saw was a striking purple Wu logo with what looked like ninja eyes in the middle. Curiosity got the better of you and you took a chance and copped the album. The album I’m speaking of was La The Darkman, Heist of The Century. To this day, die-hard Wu Fans will tell you that as far as Wu-affiliates, good chance that album would be in their Top 5.

Fast Forward to 2015… and it feels like another moment like that is about to emerge again. Wu-Tang Affiliate Iron Wind from the Protect Ya Neck Records camp. This man, along with a fierce army of guests and producers are about to bring the Storm of the Century.

Originally scheduled for an October release but now pushed back for a January 14 release, Iron Wind is looking to set the new year off by preserving the trademark Wu-Tang Sound that fans love, which was evident in his first single ‘Black Sand’ from the album featured elsewhere on RePPiN4U. If this track is any indication of what the album will be like, it’s gonna be a problem for the underground hip hop scene: “MY GOAL FOR THIS RECORD IS TO BRING BACK THAT REAL Iron Wind Photo ShootUNDERGROUND SOUND WITH THAT WU TANG FLAVOR OF COURSE. IT’S ABOUT HITTING PEOPLE WITH A FURY OF HURRICANIC FLOWS, RAW LYRICS AND A POWERFUL MESSAGE. AS YOU LISTEN TO THE ALBUM IT RESEMBLES THE STAGES OF A STORM THE EYE BEING THE HYPE OF THE ALBUM.”

Storm of the Century will have features from Young Dirty Bastard, ScrollGodz, Righteous Da Goddess, Solomon Childs and much more with production by the Scratch Cat himself among others.


Check out the official website HERE and join with the official countdown to the album’s release!

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