QUEEN THE PROPHET – The First Lady, Vol 1

Queen_the_Prophet_Hell_Razah_Judah_Priest_Grand-front-largeSeems like December is Wu-Tang’s month… first Inspectah Deck releases his mixtape entitled ‘Cynthia’s Son’, a compilation of Deck’s tracks over the course of his career with some new tracks inspired my his mother. Wu-Tang formed like Voltron to ensure A Better Tomorrow, one week later, the masked avenger known as Ghostface Killah returns after 36 Seasons to clean up Stapleton Projects, and now the First Lady of Hell Razah unleashes her final project from the Hell Razah Music Inc/Ghetto Govt Officials (HRMI) label.

Christian Gospel inspired Hip Hop is a hard market to turn heads. People walk past artists rhyming for the most high in city centres without batting an eyelid or even dropping a dime in the basket. If it’s not DMX on the mic, most hip hop heads don’t wanna know. Queen The Prophet wants to help change that. Under the guidance of the Wu-Tang Clan & Sunz of Man, QTP sees victory at her end of the tunnel.

Her final project under this label is not an end, rather a new beginning. ‘The First Lady, Vol 1’ hosted by DJ Flipcyide boasts guest appearances from Judah Priest, George Yung, Anthony Hamilton, Yung Razah, Hell Razah himself and more. Production credits go to Brandon Heat, Mackin Beats, Miverson and more.

Some highlights on the mixtape include ‘Samurai Jack Freestyle’, Where QTP goes in lyrically sword swinging like Mortal Kombat… In ‘Lois & Clark’, QTP & George Yung become a tag team over a frantic beat usually dismissed by hip hop heads, but their ferocious super heroic delivery is undeniable. Trust in Anthony Hamilton to bring that zoning out flava in ‘Ain’t Nobody’…

QTP has a unique way of keeping her music current to the young fans while spreading the good word… letting them know the true meaning of the word S.W.A.G. in Black Dragon Rose, and for those Wu-Tang Fans who love that Wu-Tang sound, she visits that chamber along with Hell Razah in the epic ‘Keeper of The Flame’.

Peep the mixtape below or hit the free download after the jump…

2015 will mark a new beginning for QTP, as she takes the knowledge instilled in her from Hell Razah and branches out on her own, bringing in a new wave of Christian artists impatiently waiting to break out: “I’ll still be a part of GGO I believe very strongly in the GGO mission & vision and falling back to the business end of HRMI. I will be handling the majority of Razah’s contracts & releases from a business / management stand point. I will also be changing the face of my company Battlegrownd Entertainment under a new name for 2015, “Street Prophet Entertainment” and launching my own independent label “Street Prophet Music Group”. I’m very excited about this project because my passion has always been gospel music and the artists represented by SPE/ SPMG are going to be more conscious/ positive / revolutionary style emcees, Christian hip-hop emcees, and gospel artists. I have a handful of GGO’s lending their skills & talent to this project such as Sneak Vandel, Judah Priest, Rah Dolla & DJ YELLO. The only emcee SPE/SPMG will represent folks have met before will be Grand Giovanni who’s been with me since Battlegrownd Entertainment”.
“I also have two brand new artists I’m going to be pushing “Joseph SD” who recently released his first single “Save Me” Save Me by @_joseph_sd and will be launching Pain for Glory Productions very soon, and his brother “IEZY” whom you’ll hear a Queen the Prophetsingle from shortly. Both are amazingly naturally talented and I honestly can’t wait for the world to hear them. As for me personally as an artist, it’s very important for my music to be defined by what’s in my heart. Upcoming projects for 2015-2016 will be my next mixtape “The New Testament”, my album “The Gospel of Q” and I’m working with GGO RI producer Miverson on a full project since “Standing Ovation” & “Black Dragon Rose” seemed to be the fans favorite singles”.

The truth may hurt but does it kill you to listen? Queen The Prophet is about to bring a flood of good music… there’s no need for an Ark to be built here… become immersed in the moment.

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    Honoring, QueenTheProphet (QTP) celebrating our season of “Good News.” Download “The 1st Lady Volume 1” album and support gospel hip-hop, presented by HELL RAZAH MUSIC, Inc. Long live the #Queens of this generation. #SOWL 💜


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