Jon Pepperell Interview

Insightful Interview from the bossman of Cage Amateurs UK, proud partner of The Infamous Informer WWE Blogs!

Charity Wrestling Alliance.

This is the first interview for the CWA website and we are not starting with the World Champion, the B.C.M, Johnny Storm or Johnny Kidd, we are starting with a cameraman. Jon Pepperell was joint promoter for the White Collar Fight Club, web manager and cameraman for White Collar Fight Club and Cage Amateurs UK. Jon has worked with CWA as a cameraman and conducted interviews for his website CAUK with both myself and Grant Mitchell.


Hi Jon, thanks for joining me.

Hey Karl this is a bit odd I’m used to having the boot on the other foot and doing this from the side you are now. Thank you for asking me there are some great names in the CWA so to be asked to kick things off is an honour. I will try not to waffle on too much.

How did WCFC & CAUK get started?

That was all down to my friend…

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