GOTHAM GREEN – Cross Island Expressway Ft. Kool G Rap & Nature

Child of an ImmigrantIt’s refreshing to hear a NY rapper come with some fresh new heat without having to complain about hip hop’s current direction, and does what he does best, focusses on what he does best.

In the case of Gotham Green, he teams up with veterans Kool G Rap & Nature on the powerful new single – Cross Island Expressway. The three take on real life stories from the real and explain what you would do in that situation hence the song’s title, including a disturbing scenario: “shorty on the corner prolly made more than his pops/he don’t understand the risk/he just run from the cops/I seen this pregnant girl stabbed right in the gut/baby daddy didn’t care/and he ain’t give a f**k/I looked at her like ‘damn I wished I could help/this sh!t is rough/she looked back/her eyes spoke/said I can’t do much…”

Listen to the K-Salaam & Beatnick produced track below after the jump:

Featured on the album ‘Child of an Immigrant’ which features a plethora of artists like Jojo Pelligrino, Wax, Marika, Jes Hudak and Hit Screwface, boasting production credits from Quickie Mart, Josh the Goon, Blessed by the Beats, DJ Hush, Rob Victum & Twigg, Gotham Green explains his assembly: “I grew up in New York during a time where lyrics and talent ruled hip hop,” says Gotham. “As a result, I gravitated towards artists who could verbally amaze listeners such as myself. Two artists I admired for their lyrical prowess were Kool G Rap & Nature. As I was beginning to work on Child Of An Immigrant I put together a list of artists I would want on the project. When both KGR & Nature’s name appeared on that list, it was only natural to put both rap titans on the same song.”

Child of an Immigrant is out now. If you like what you heard thus far, be sure to cop that!!!


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