Sean Price Mic TysonThere is an unwritten fundamental in hip hop that artists can’t help but do, and shouldn’t really do it and that is, promising your fans that there is a new album coming and there is a title for it. What happens next is that the fans get hyped and then their patience is like the countdown clock… it ticks down quickly. Every time an artist would bring out a new track, guaranteed the fans would post a comment on YouTube that would go a little something like this: “Drop the album already”. There is also a saying that ‘good things comes to those who wait’. This worked out a success for Raekwon (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II), or turned out to be an epic fail (Dr Dre – Detox). For Sean Price however, he went out and admitted on an interview that he doesn’t give a f**k about the fans, and his album will come out when it’s ready. The man who is also known as Ruck promised the fans a new album entitled MIC Tyson shortly after his sophomore album ‘Jesus Price Superstar’. The thing with Sean P is that the more ignorant sounding he is, the more the fans love him, and so he has played on that throughout his particular solo career, and has become the star out of the Heltah Skeltah duo.

Finally the album is here. Not to be confused with the boxing legend Mike Tyson, there is a similarity between the album and the’ baddest man on the planet’: They both hit hard. If you think P-Body had ignorant beats and lyrics in his past solo efforts, think again, this album the mic is his weapon and proceeds to beat down apes and punches through school buses and pizza shop windows.

‘The Genesis of the Omega’ is the intro produced by the album’s dominant producer: Alchemist. This is Sean P’s Start of Your Ending, and the last album that said that (Mobb Deep – The Infamous) turned out to be a classic through the ages. Is this a sign of things to come?

Now Sean becomes the ‘Bar-Barian’, this track does what it says on the tin, Sean straight slaying commercial rappers with these bars check it: “Studied under the understudy the one-twenty – P!/Young dummies can’t spar/No life, my flow tight, like your pants are/You don’t got a chance, Pa/Ansaar community, Malachi York fricasse, yo f**k a eulogy! -P!” Sean P has already warned fans not to put him with commercial artists on their playlist as the album continues on its haunting pace on the DJ Premier inspired ‘Pyrex’.

Ruste Juxx joins the fray as Sean becomes ‘Price & Shining Armor’. No need for a record deal now that they got their own Duck Down label that has churned out nothingSEAN P but quality albums. It is safe to say that Duck Down is the new Rawkus, and the ‘Title Track’ has a catchy screw face type sing-a long beat and has another classic Sean Price line that will have the listener disgusted but amazed by his point-blank delivery – “You n!**@$ know the flow is wicked/you b!tch suck d!ck for show tickets –P!” You can actually picture P at this point leaving the booth with his arm raised in victory not realising that he has another verse to record!

9th Wonder just makes ‘Straight Music’ here. He actually takes Sean’s trademark “P!” and loops it up into a sadistic beat. Sean’s punch lines have the listener shaking their head and hands covering their face in disbelief: “I will f**k a n!**@ up but if cash is given/I will split a n!**@ head call it bad division…”

Usually when MCs create sequels to one of their signature tracks by fans request, it is not usually as good as the original (except Redman and his Soopaman Luva series.) Sean Price breaks that mould, with ’STFU Part 2’. Sounding like a cross between Pharoahe Monch’s ‘What It Is’ and Sean’s own ‘Figure Four’, Alchemist has come with a winner here, and he wonders why he won producer of the year. Other producers have no alternative but to simply STFU now.

Ever heard the Bernie Mac of the rap game sing a lullaby? No? Well in this album you do in his version of ‘Hush’ little baby. The album shows no sign of slowing down as P teams with Ill Bill for the medieval sounding ‘Solomon Grundy’. In this track it sounds as if P and Ill Bill are in the lab creating a monster named ‘Frankenberry’, and when it is unleashed, the world will be at the mercy of P and Buckshot.  Trust in P and Buckshot to humorously convince you that they are one of the rappers that can actually rap…

Unwritten rule in everyday society, if you tell someone not to do something, they will do it won’t they? So what was Evidence, P and Pharoahe Monch thinking when they tell white people not to recite a chorus that has the word n!**£r numerous times?! Let’s put it like this: Sales of mouthwash will significantly rise across stores worldwide, and Sean P will have their moms sucking his d!ck with ‘BBQ Sauce’….why? Because he’s MIC Tyson!

He’s the bully to end all bullies, he’s the bully that even bullies fear, and now he’s coming with that ‘Bully Rap’…and he voted for neither Obama, Bush nor the other guy!!!! And ‘By The Way’, this album has the punching flows of the Fist of the North Star with punch lines that will blow your mind away! Sean is not done ‘Battering Bars’ with Pumpkin Head over a 9th Wonder inspired amplified beat, and with this, he has proved that he is ‘The Hardest N!**@ Out’, because throughout the album he has bodied all the wack MCs by ridiculing their dances and their tight pants…they know who they are!

iTunes is the new CD, now they have the bonus tracks… this album has two: ‘I See’ and Haraam. The former is another of Sean’s annoying tracks in the way that it ends too quickly and leaves you wanting another verse from the big man. The latter is a straight assault featuring a upset Jamaican to say the least who is fed up of all the nonsense he hears on the radio, sounds like a family member of mine!

This is Sean Price’s most relentless outing to date, and probably just falls short of that album of the year by not including a twisted track like ‘Heartburn’ or  ‘I Love You (B!tch)’ . But that is a minor. This is an album that is absolutely not for baby making, unless of course your partner is into that ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ type affair…this is that music where you can screw your face and by passers don’t actually realise that you are in a good mood. Sean Price is that n!**@ that as soon as you see him you start laughing as he makes being ignorant look cool because it is genuine to him and turns that into entertaining hip hop. All he needs now is his own comedy show. His hilarious skits on YouTube are fast becoming hip hop moments, particularly his Sean Grinch music video which many think is the greatest Christmas song ever. Mariah Carey move over, there is a new star in town, and his name is Sean P!


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